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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Quality answers to common physics questions
Jul24-14 11:39 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
May6-14 04:32 AM
168 186,384
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 69,435
I only dabble in physics, so a layman's explanation would be appreciated. My question is, can space-time be...
Jul4-05 01:06 AM
3 4,761
If a beam of electrons pass through a plane where the potental energy abruptly increases but not enough to classically...
Jul3-05 11:49 PM
2 1,029
The meaninglessness is based on the fact that remote clock comparisons can be dreamed up in many distinct ways. You...
Jul3-05 02:46 PM
41 4,004
My chemistry book says something like this: “Longer” electron delocalization is (at diens longer C atoms array),...
Jul3-05 12:07 PM
Dr. Nick
0 1,245
I am not sure if this is the right place for this type of discussion, but I am wondering if it is possible to suspend...
Jul3-05 07:57 AM
17 1,790
The idea of a Multiverse just passes the buck on to another order of magnitude of a cosmic scale. If we are simply...
Jul3-05 01:35 AM
Chaos' lil bro Order
6 2,216
I have conjured up a theory, which thanks to one of the great members here 'Infinitetime' showed me that it was...
Jul2-05 01:24 PM
Paul Wilson
0 2,324
Does anyone know what this might be lol. Someone said they used a "heat to energy converter" to make electricity. Is...
Jul2-05 11:50 AM
12 9,147
hi friends enybody there who know about CPH theori of Mr.Javadi (iranian physicist) ...
Jul2-05 01:33 AM
0 3,382
Why is there so much empty space in atoms, in solar systems or between galaxies? Why is mass-energy always so...
Jul1-05 10:58 PM
4 1,423
LOL! There are Thermoelectric Generators that work on gasoline and/or propane that seem to work quite well on those...
Jul1-05 09:10 PM
1 1,737
I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this. A couple us at my office were trying to decide if you have a...
Jul1-05 05:35 PM
5 1,054
What is gravational force? Is that every object with certain number of mass will have gravational force?
Jul1-05 01:50 PM
30 2,873
Although my notation is likely incorrect, Momentum = m\frac{{dx}}{{dt}} = m \cdot v Force = m\frac{{d^2...
Jul1-05 09:42 AM
6 3,113
Dimension, what does this mean?! and Has any one heared about 2-d matter?
Jun30-05 11:06 PM
3 1,428
Hi Could anyone help me?? i need websites talk about these subjects: interactions of electron beams with Cold...
Jun30-05 08:26 PM
0 711
I was out stargazing tonight in the middle of nowhere. Theres plenty of washes out in the skirts of our suburb and I...
Jun30-05 02:51 PM
8 1,767
The stars in the sky are all emitting their own light. The light is reflected for infinitely many times and part of...
Jun30-05 01:37 PM
10 1,406
hey all i am new on here and i have to say after searching for helpful websites with no luck i am gald i found this...
Jun30-05 08:02 AM
pete worthington
2 1,232
Hello I am a teachers assistant for a one week summer camp class entitled "Time Space and Einstein" and are in...
Jun29-05 11:09 PM
12 1,226
How much does the Earths Atmosphere weigh? Also let us know how to calculate that.
Jun28-05 06:04 PM
7 5,792
So, if I'm thinking of this correctly.... The faster we travel, the slower time progresses for those traveling. We...
Jun28-05 11:27 AM
40 6,284
If I push a rigid object at one end, the whole rod should move instantaneously. Would this mean that a signal has been...
Jun27-05 04:43 PM
5 2,943
Many people believe that the Centre of Mass Theorem is a powerful and useful tool in Newtonian Mechanics. In fact it...
Jun27-05 11:50 AM
Doc Al
54 11,410
are there any scientists here that have published in Nature ? marlon
Jun27-05 06:15 AM
0 793
Electromagnetism being mediated by space-time rather than particles or waves is based on the validity of the Minkowski...
Jun27-05 12:07 AM
11 3,140
I'm building an electric furnace using a coiled resistance heating element. The wire is a high temp alloy made for...
Jun26-05 11:42 PM
12 12,308
Please explain me:what is the main purpose to drawing the rectangular components of a vector and why we draw them...
Jun26-05 07:18 PM
8 1,367
could anyone please tell me what the caster effect is?or some links that give a good explanation?
Jun26-05 07:03 PM
5 1,761
What is the difference between a mirror and a white surface?What I know is: 1. A mirror reflects light such that an...
Jun26-05 04:56 PM
11 4,105
There are several scientists (including Stephen Hawking) who made calculations about our Galaxy rotation and mass.......
Jun25-05 11:24 AM
10 2,408
the source of all electromagnetic radiation is the acceleration or deceleration of charged particles, mostly...
Jun25-05 04:47 AM
8 1,533
Does anyone have an idea of an innovation i could design to assist astronauts in the contruction of a space station? I...
Jun25-05 04:40 AM
2 948
Hey, I've just been studying the Bohr model at school and have had a nagging thought in my head. If we have...
Jun24-05 10:16 PM
17 3,048
I know that they can do it, but what would it look like, or is it unseeable?
Jun24-05 04:16 PM
2 836
If some one could explain the concept it would be most apreciated.
Jun24-05 02:23 PM
2 3,159
I was thinking the other day, if motion in space-time greates a gravitational force behind it pulling things along...
Jun24-05 01:10 PM
0 2,669
what use would a nuke be in space? Other than EMP, the heat, and the radiation, there's nothing about the explosion...
Jun24-05 10:54 AM
4 3,032
From an ant's perspective, we are Gods. A human could dig up an ant colony and place it on the other side of the...
Jun24-05 10:52 AM
25 8,679
I just joined here and I also recently purchased copies of "A Brief Histeoy of Time" and "Parallel Worlds". I have...
Jun24-05 04:58 AM
2 1,516

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