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May25-09 10:31 AM ZapperZ 

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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
Apr8-14 10:13 AM
166 160,209
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 63,632
from 3 years i have heard that they were trying to detect the waves of Jesus's voice but since i have no info about...
Apr30-05 08:03 AM
0 849
Does an electron have enough mass to have any effect on the fabric of Space-Time? How ever small? And if so In theory...
Apr30-05 05:19 AM
6 2,364
Ok, this may seem a bit weird, and maybe it seems inappropriate for the physics forum... but eh, move it somewhere...
Apr30-05 12:23 AM
4 2,297
Kind of trivial result, but thought it might be interesting. This is part of a wider development which will be...
Apr30-05 12:05 AM
An Average Joe
1 1,335
Say I am out in space rotating with my arms extended. If I slowly pull my arms in, my angular velocity speeds up to...
Apr29-05 05:18 PM
13 1,130
I am in need of Noether's paper she wrote in around 1915 about variational symmetries. I need to know how she...
Apr29-05 01:36 PM
Doc Al
2 1,135 A look into the future of the arxiv, and the possibilities of reducing...
Apr29-05 11:37 AM
0 999
I am working on a computer program that determines the minimum time it will take for a subway train to go from one...
Apr29-05 08:37 AM
5 2,424
I'm trying to collect the 10 (at most, 7 optimum) most important concepts of physics in classical mechanics. If you...
Apr28-05 03:24 PM
6 20,467
you are stopped sat in a swing and move your feet forward, the swing will acelerate backwards you are rocking in...
Apr28-05 02:10 PM
3 1,673
im in a 10 m tower, a 1kg cannonball is shot underneath me horizontally at 10 m from me and im holding a cable that is...
Apr28-05 12:12 PM
17 2,184
This more of a maths question rather than a physics one, but I do remember doing something similar is my physics...
Apr28-05 08:07 AM
2 1,021
with lenz's law, if a iron ring is coming towards a separated magnet, so there is a magnetic field, and they obviously...
Apr28-05 07:18 AM
0 1,062
Moment of inertia for a rod along the x axis centered at the origin is : \int_{-L/2}^{L/2} r^2 \frac{M}{L} dr ...
Apr28-05 12:25 AM
6 644
I've been working on a program that simulates the chaotic action of a pendulum with magnets near the 'bob'. I...
Apr27-05 10:59 PM
0 867
I am reading an article on black holes and they state, "Now what kinds of waves are possible inside a black hole? The...
Apr27-05 06:48 PM
Claude Bile
5 1,334
I'm possibly being a little naive here, but if the universe and everything in it is expanding, does that mean that all...
Apr27-05 06:03 PM
19 1,590
pyschoacoustically is it important wether cos or sin harmonic components are used in sound synthesis ?
Apr27-05 05:57 PM
4 1,158
I am actually a philosophy student that is dabbling in physics, so the nature of this question may seem a bit strange....
Apr27-05 10:45 AM
6 1,253
i was walking along somewhere and i see this street lamp. ... lol anyway so this street lamp is like ish bright,...
Apr27-05 01:56 AM
1 1,441
My professor gave the equation: 2t + \frac{\lambda}{2} = (m + \frac{1}{2})\lambda How did he derive this..where...
Apr26-05 05:26 PM
3 1,571
im studyng electromechanics and this is a problem i found gived a fixed point A charged with Q1 charge, gived a...
Apr26-05 03:52 PM
0 1,319
this is what i would expect from a conical perspective on a flat plane that is how a basic camera works, the farther...
Apr26-05 12:34 PM
11 1,097
First off I should mention physics is not my expertise and the class I am presenting this argument to knows not much...
Apr26-05 08:22 AM
9 1,613
Hi thanks for taking the time to read this. I apologize in advance for the length. Anyway, at some point in my...
Apr26-05 07:13 AM
14 2,294
the mirror only reflects light and produce image of other objects. so what's the color of a mirror actually?
Apr26-05 02:30 AM
18 5,041
Hi: A couple of people on this forum have this formula reduced to a software program. As an object nears a black...
Apr25-05 09:50 PM
Samuel A. (Sam) Cox
2 2,725
Apr25-05 08:06 PM
6 877
Where can I find the different energy levels (in eV) for Li (2+). I can't seem to find it in my textbook or on the...
Apr25-05 05:25 PM
4 899
The energy density usually given for hydrogen is 142 MJ/kg, by which comparison is made to how much hydrogen would...
Apr25-05 03:20 PM
0 3,443
BBC's HARDtalk Extra has put up its interview with Dr. Michio Kaku (4/22/2005) for viewing at...
Apr25-05 01:40 PM
0 2,482
I know the function of gyroscopes and the way a disc always spin perpendicularly to a moving axis. My question is,...
Apr25-05 09:16 AM
10 1,518
this is just a thought ive been toying around in my head for the past 6 minutes after reading one of the posts. ...
Apr25-05 02:01 AM
28 1,708
I believe man evolved to invent the microchip. Communication is a natural self organizing principle of nature. This is...
Apr24-05 10:45 PM
0 1,125
If there is a circuit with--Emf -5V and one 5ohm resistor and one 20 F capacitor, what is the current of the circuit?...
Apr24-05 08:06 PM
1 765
Hi all, I have a question about the chemical potential \mu from statistical physics: Why is the chemical...
Apr24-05 03:54 PM
2 2,334
I have heard of two physical phenomena: 1. A photon travelling from one location to another, goes the path that takes...
Apr24-05 02:56 PM
Random Guy
0 1,140
It appears more and more people are challenging the traditional interpretation of the Compton/Photoelectric Effects. ...
Apr24-05 10:11 AM
17 2,261
Hi I just want to know....will interference FRINGES be observed when electrons are used instead of photons (light)...
Apr24-05 06:47 AM
16 2,210
is the wavelength of light the frequency that it sends out photons? i dont quite get it thanks
Apr24-05 04:42 AM
The Bob
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