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May25-09 10:31 AM ZapperZ 

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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
Apr8-14 10:13 AM
166 159,965
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 63,530
How is it possible that the two relations i.e., v=(eE/m)t and v=(eE/2m)t both holds good? where e is the...
Jul31-12 08:30 AM
1 486
Hi, Those of you familar with dynamic light scattering (DLS), will know that a common method used to obtain a...
Jul31-12 05:34 AM
Steve Drake
9 1,006
How does one analytically estimate star formation rate in a plasma cloud? Could someone lead me to original references?
Jul31-12 03:45 AM
3 701
If the force applied on ab object due to gravity is -mg why is applying a force of mg give upward raise the object if...
Jul30-12 10:19 PM
8 930
Just a bit confused & I am in need of a simple explanation of how energy flows in a battery. This was my thinking: ...
Jul30-12 05:23 PM
15 2,238
Hi, I posted this earlier in what I thought to be the "General Physics" section, but since it got deleted and I was...
Jul30-12 05:15 PM
4 859
Hi, If there is really one way to go back the past, must the way be through light speed or not? If the answer is yes,...
Jul30-12 03:57 PM
44 3,241
An environmentalist friend of mine wants to cool a building on his property (something like a shed or workshop) not...
Jul30-12 12:19 PM
Sultan of Hel
0 221
When you kick around in a pool or lake, air bubbles seem to stream from your feet... But what causes this? Is it...
Jul30-12 12:14 PM
7 778
Xray in any matter have a slightly below one refraction index. Ultraviolet still have materials with above 1...
Jul30-12 12:00 PM
1 599
Can a venturi be used to calculate the flow rate of water out of a 1000ml bottle of water to determine an arbitrary...
Jul30-12 11:36 AM
8 1,675
Hi I came across a problem as below : 2 masses M1 and M2 are connected by a spring and kept on a frictionless table...
Jul30-12 11:30 AM
3 882
So, here I am again, and I have now built a strong laser which can set things on fire. Yay me. :D But, the second...
Jul30-12 11:05 AM
14 1,920
I mean even something tiny, like the seat-adjuster...would that electrocute you to death? Is it possible to touch...
Jul30-12 11:00 AM
38 3,289
Hello all, Superconductors are great, but obviously its tricky to keep them at such a low temperature for extended...
Jul30-12 10:52 AM
8 1,430
Hi all, I don't know much about physics, but I understand that when you turn on a light switch, electric charge...
Jul30-12 08:01 AM
13 1,360
If we Are moving an object on an inclined surface than shouldn't friction be in the same direction?
Jul30-12 12:59 AM
5 789
Let's say you have the mass of an object as a function of position, how would I go about finding the mass density as a...
Jul29-12 07:12 PM
11 1,437
Why do attractive force have a negative sign? The book says its because one must be moving toward the other. But how...
Jul29-12 02:17 PM
13 2,087
What is the molar volume of gas at S.T.P. (standard temperature and pressure) and S.A.T.P.(standard ambient...
Jul29-12 09:41 AM
3 3,980
I can vaguely remember a question i saw a few weeks ago, but it was multi choice and about identifying a hair follicle...
Jul29-12 08:18 AM
0 486
My apologies if this post hit the wrong topic. I was wondering if it's possible to "see" the wind by means of an...
Jul29-12 05:45 AM
12 1,075
What is meant by phase of a pulse? (Gaussian or sech or any other pulse) How can we mathemaitcally express it and...
Jul29-12 02:20 AM
6 2,227
Of course we all know the standard symbols to use when drawing electrical circuits, but is there an analog for optical...
Jul29-12 02:18 AM
1 950
in free fall without air resistance what is the force that causes the constant acc? Is it the object weight ? And in...
Jul28-12 07:42 PM
10 939
I am trying to calculate the output voltage for 1 coil in an axial generator/altenator I have 2 magnets with Br Max...
Jul28-12 04:55 PM
Simon Bridge
1 598
(I hope this is the right section). For those who play guitar, you might have noticed that plucking the open 1st...
Jul28-12 03:24 PM
96 5,474
Im interested in knowing what kind of sensors are used and it's overall execution, thanks.
Jul28-12 02:50 PM
3 665
If everything in the universe were getting bigger, would there be any way for us to detect that, or on the contrary,...
Jul28-12 01:44 PM
7 834
If work is done on or by a object. Is the force perpendicular to the displacement? For any object that is in motion or...
Jul28-12 11:12 AM
19 1,366
Why during charging a battery the terminal Potential Difference becomes greater than the EMF?
Jul28-12 10:52 AM
10 1,219
Lets say there is a experiment to set a stationary wave on a stretched string. If the length of the string is not...
Jul28-12 07:35 AM
8 823
hi everyone i m new to comsol .i m using comsol 4.2 and want to simulate a model of electric field in between two...
Jul28-12 05:26 AM
vipin pawar
0 400
If we had a cylinder rolling down a ramp, with scalar friction coefficient us and kinetic friction coefficient uc, and...
Jul27-12 11:59 PM
1 974
If a large, stable floating object is placed in the ocean, free floating, and the tides and currents act on that...
Jul27-12 05:11 PM
27 1,936
could a large 12ft model rocket be used to launch a probe into space, such as a telescope?
Jul27-12 02:44 PM
19 1,612
Hey all, I apologize if this question has a really obvious, basic answer, but I've done a lot of searching and haven't...
Jul27-12 01:24 PM
1 483
What affect does the temperature of a solar panel have on it's efficiency? I know they become less efficient at higher...
Jul27-12 01:18 PM
2 867
Photons seem to play an enormous role in not only our universe, but also our daily lives. from my understanding our...
Jul27-12 01:18 PM
15 1,511
Folks, hope someone can point me in the right direction. I've knocked up a perl program that pushes the planets around...
Jul27-12 11:17 AM
5 694

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