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May25-09 10:31 AM ZapperZ 

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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
Apr8-14 10:13 AM
166 160,468
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 63,715
I'm trying to find out what actually is the "Dirac Point"?! I've Googled it and searched around on the internet,...
Aug4-12 09:27 PM
3 12,746
Light requires some medium to pass through, whats the medium in the space, and How does sunrays enters in to the...
Aug4-12 02:53 PM
3 992
I'm doing this for a home project over the summer. So lets say I took a small laser and passed the beam through...
Aug4-12 02:11 PM
18 2,612
Okay i know that energy is the ability or capacity to do work. But how do you define work, as like the isnt work just...
Aug4-12 08:17 AM
5 883
Say i drop a 1kg rock into a pond from a height of 2 meters.i want to find out how high the water wave will be. how...
Aug4-12 07:54 AM
1 630
I am new here and asking question for the first time of course. My question is very simple. Does electric field...
Aug4-12 07:18 AM
1 2,385
Hi guys, i know that if we were to have one water wave passing through two slit, an interference pattern would be...
Aug4-12 04:21 AM
2 675
Hi, I remember that long long time ago, I got that the time will slow down when one object does accelerate to be in...
Aug4-12 03:30 AM
1 482
why does the spacing decrease going down the neck of a guitar? using physics concepts how would this be explained?...
Aug4-12 02:24 AM
6 1,649
hello guys, i'm having problems understanding why if we were to have a tuning fork that vibrates at a particular...
Aug4-12 02:05 AM
2 692
I am quoting a text from a web sight before my question. "Let's assume we have a 5 kg box on the floor. Let's...
Aug3-12 09:32 PM
1 637
I'm trying to build a small electromagnet of a 5v breadboard i had set up, but I've run into some troubles. It doesn't...
Aug3-12 08:39 PM
1 649
Ok so my teacher has recently covered this chapter, but one of the concepts that has been bugging me for ages. Fr an...
Aug3-12 08:27 PM
34 2,707
Why phosphor drops off in efficiency during use? By what mechanisms? Thank you Regards
Aug3-12 06:55 PM
3 477
Does " Chaos " really exist, i think not, there is an understanding of every situation, no matter how small, and a...
Aug3-12 05:21 PM
20 2,327
Think of two torus-shaped tubes. Each tube is filled with electrically-charged ping pong balls. The inside of...
Aug3-12 12:35 PM
21 1,751
Hi, I am an Engineering Student and my professor is insisting that we read about the different types and...
Aug3-12 11:10 AM
11 1,862
What is more efficient to bring water to a boil? 1. Using the low setting on heat 2. Going full blast to get it to...
Aug3-12 09:13 AM
6 1,005
I'm trying to apply the equation from Wikipedia ( to find the impulse...
Aug3-12 09:06 AM
12 1,185
I have just recently completed a lab in Conservation of Energy. My course is through correspondence, so my labs are...
Aug3-12 01:23 AM
4 1,817
Physicians Physicists oftenly state that it makes no sense to say that a certain object is moving at a certain speed...
Aug2-12 07:26 PM
4 1,016
I have looked around several internet Physics sites and information sources, and even asked questions here and in...
Aug2-12 05:50 PM
9 3,461
My questions is about the bar (not specifically) in this video: I...
Aug2-12 05:37 PM
4 977
Dear fellows I have three questions related to the topic “Lifting an object against gravity”. If we lift an...
Aug2-12 05:35 PM
3 1,960
After watching a few rowing competitions of London Olympics 2012, a question came to my mind. In the competitions...
Aug2-12 04:21 PM
8 1,322
So I've been looking at magnetic sensor datasheets and I see the sensitivity is usually listed in units of mV/V/gauss....
Aug2-12 01:15 PM
4 1,943
Hello, I am reading this article in wikipedia about attenuation...
Aug2-12 01:02 PM
2 726
Can someone explain to me why a thicker pipe would have a higher pressure than that of a thinner pipe with the same...
Aug2-12 09:22 AM
4 855
By resolving forces horizontally and vertically and using Newtons second law, find an expression for the angle swung...
Aug2-12 07:19 AM
1 979
I understand that CH4 absorbs more long-wave radiation, on a molecule-per-molecule basis, than CO2. I also understand...
Aug2-12 05:29 AM
2 662
Let's say that we have a simple propeller, which consists only of two flat blades which is inclined at an angle of ∅...
Aug2-12 04:23 AM
7 1,893
I have arrived at the contradictory conclusion that a body can have a positive or negative velocity and not be...
Aug2-12 12:48 AM
5 835
So a battery to one of my phones got left in the car (just the battery) for an extended period of time during a Texas...
Aug1-12 10:35 PM
1 546
This appears to me to be a simple problem, but I am not a very big physics person- Though I do know that is the key to...
Aug1-12 09:48 PM
7 879
in an empty infinite space time, there lies the possibility that something came from nothing, since infinity...
Aug1-12 04:37 PM
29 2,038
Is helium miscible with O2, N2 or any of the other gases in air? If a container were filled with 95% helium and 5%...
Aug1-12 01:59 PM
25 1,498
Why do we require a current to voltage coverter at the output of a photo detector circuits?
Aug1-12 12:18 PM
1 725
I really feel like this is something i shouldnt be struggling with, but I am attempting to build a full-size...
Aug1-12 08:34 AM
0 707
I was reading the wikipedia page on laser light, and on a linked article, I saw this image: ...
Aug1-12 08:03 AM
7 647
Hi A person on a cart throws a ball with velocity V at angle θ to the ground. The cart is resting on a frictionless...
Aug1-12 07:59 AM
4 850

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