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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Quality answers to common physics questions
Aug12-14 11:12 PM Simon Bridge 
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All physics courses. PDFs, tutorials and web links.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
Sep5-14 05:07 PM
170 192,436
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 71,259
Has anyone seen this form of a nonlinear equation with respect to X, but linear with respect to Y & Z? I provided a...
Nov24-12 07:09 PM
0 673
hi everyone! i'm very confused about inertia matrix... i searched all over the web but didn't find a concise...
Nov24-12 06:33 PM
1 560
Lets say I have a superconducting pipe that is infinitely long. Now I place a magnet in the pipe, will the magnet...
Nov24-12 04:59 PM
2 669
Sorry to be so ignorant! I have heard that light is a type of electro-magnetic radiation but I was also under the...
Nov24-12 11:59 AM
7 869
I am a physics teacher and am wondering something about the range equation. Wouldn't that equation work for...
Nov24-12 11:04 AM
5 1,152
In a class at OCW 8.01 Professor Walter Lewin said... "...there are very prestigious physicists who even nowadays...
Nov24-12 09:42 AM
2 648
Does Snell's law apply in refraction when the light ray is along the normal line? Utilizing snell's law, the index of...
Nov24-12 07:40 AM
2 670
Hai, I am doing my masters degree in physics. can somebody help me in which formula to use for calculating...
Nov24-12 01:55 AM
7 1,357
If you lie on the ground at night with no cover, you get cold rather quickly. Much of this is due to energy loss by...
Nov23-12 07:24 PM
1 1,867
My friend bought a new chair for the living room. He says I sit in it with too much force and claims I basically free...
Nov23-12 06:56 PM
cosmic dust
2 656
I just read a couple articles on angular momentum and spin... So what is the difference between the spin of a planet...
Nov23-12 05:01 PM
3 842
An electromagnetic plane wave has an electric field and a magnetic field. Each component contributes equally to the...
Nov23-12 04:49 PM
4 1,012
I have a problem with physics when it comes to relating new ideas with new formulas. Like right now I'm learning about...
Nov23-12 12:52 PM
1 713
A 0.8 kg ball is whirled on a string r = 0.4 meters long in a vertical circular path. At the bottom of the circle, the...
Nov23-12 12:44 PM
2 678
Hi I'm trying to throw together a concept design for a swing set which can convert kinetic energy into mechanical...
Nov23-12 11:19 AM
6 735
Why is it the difference in gravitational potential energy is given by U grav 1 - U grav 2 whereas for the same...
Nov23-12 10:18 AM
8 745
Is power a quantity defined by: \frac{dU}{dt} and \frac{dW}{dt} Is it just defined to be it, or can it be derived in...
Nov23-12 09:23 AM
8 938
Hi guys, I got a question in the solid state physics book writen by ashcroft and mermin. This question is about the...
Nov23-12 08:36 AM
9 1,081
Can anyone please clarify me a questions that I am unable to find an answer or understand in broader perspective: ...
Nov23-12 06:41 AM
6 753
Hello physicists, I am taking calc-based physics next semester, but I have a really bad background in high school...
Nov23-12 03:28 AM
1 657
Because obviously too much density gives terrible sound quality, like in water. So is the answer simply the density of...
Nov23-12 02:53 AM
6 868
Ok so I have got the right answer to my calculation however I do not understand part of it, here is the...
Nov22-12 06:31 PM
Simon Bridge
8 1,214
En and Ec are the non-conservative and conservative electric field respectively. I've quoted this from the textbook...
Nov22-12 02:11 PM
4 817
Hello, What would be the best method to "collimate" light from a LED with an emitting area of 12mm^2 and a maximum...
Nov22-12 02:05 PM
7 1,906
Hey all, just wondering over a very naive question but I couldn't really find the answer by looking through the...
Nov22-12 01:50 PM
Simon Bridge
1 1,304
I was thinking about refraction of waves and Im a little unsure. I wanted to run my understanding through you guys to...
Nov22-12 08:54 AM
9 1,311
It is known that Gauss's law for magnetism is ∇ ⋅ B = 0. If we write this in component form it becomes (∂Bx/∂x)i +...
Nov22-12 05:30 AM
3 840
Hi all, I was wondering whether someone might help further understand the following equation for current. I mean...
Nov21-12 07:49 PM
5 1,771
Hi, I am a biologist and I do a lot of experiments on cellular electrophysiology. I keep my preamplifier and the...
Nov21-12 05:36 PM
9 974
I've read the forum rules where it says that graphical/violent content cannot be posted on the forum and I completely...
Nov21-12 04:09 PM
6 1,028
First of all am I right in thinking that ( comparitivly ) low orbits such as the ISS need very high velocities (in...
Nov21-12 01:51 PM
10 1,069
Hello there , could you please explain to me what would happen to an inviscid/viscous incompressible flow...
Nov21-12 12:51 PM
2 595
What makes, for example, blue color appear darker or lighter? Is it just amount of photons (intensity) or is there any...
Nov21-12 11:06 AM
111 9,439
Hi there I have a practical physics question. I'm an industrial abseiler, and on the course today we had this...
Nov21-12 09:06 AM
22 1,763
why does the monopoles not exist
Nov21-12 09:04 AM
23 2,287
How do we say(or prove) that when two bodies are moving together , they can be considered as one system? Suppose we...
Nov21-12 08:13 AM
7 1,341
Strange title? Basically, a few days ago we got a dead rat in our ceiling, which is covered in insulation. Took a...
Nov21-12 08:06 AM
4 880
I am exploring what electricity can do and I have a question. First, can I use ionized gas to make an electric arc at...
Nov21-12 05:07 AM
4 924
the linear constitutive equation describes piezo behavior. See wiki. But I can find an example in which linear...
Nov21-12 01:55 AM
0 536
Let's assume that we have a non insulated glass container where there is any gas inside. If the beginning pressure...
Nov20-12 11:42 PM
3 882

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