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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Quality answers to common physics questions
Aug12-14 11:12 PM Simon Bridge 
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All physics courses. PDFs, tutorials and web links.
Y 09:17 PM Draizen 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
Sep5-14 05:07 PM
170 192,273
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 71,206
I know this might seem very simplistic to some so don't bash or flame me, as I just want to learn. How exactly is...
Feb27-06 11:01 PM
4 930
Why exactly is it that ordinary light cannot be used to detect particles which are smaller than the wavelength of...
Feb27-06 03:11 PM
7 4,672
I am trying to come up with a good example of a common situation where conservation of energy applies. Anybody have...
Feb27-06 02:33 PM
2 11,045
simple question: how does an electron's spin create magnetism?
Feb27-06 12:26 PM
Meir Achuz
3 904
Does the wave function move in space? In QM it seems to me that it doesnt. But the EM wave which through the...
Feb27-06 06:00 AM
Jon Bell
1 869
Dear Colleagues There are a number of Posts (including a tenured S. Lecturer post) in Sydney in the area of Quantum...
Feb27-06 06:00 AM
0 1,631
So in the case where the wave source is moving towards a stationary observer, the observer will observe a frequency f'...
Feb26-06 02:57 PM
Ed Quanta
5 1,639
How fast can energy be transfered? Is there a limit to it? Is it the speed of light? Any prove?
Feb26-06 12:56 PM
5 3,489
This one may take a while to get to the physics but is a good challenge for a mate with a sharp mind. My friends would...
Feb26-06 03:55 AM
8 1,889
A heavy, lengthy--say 20-30 km long--conductive cable attacjed to an Earth orbiting object (the Shuttle), tests have...
Feb25-06 06:00 AM
6 1,221 Is this possible, is it safe? What are some fun things to do in your...
Feb25-06 05:01 AM
15 2,663
Hi. I want to know whats the difference between scatter and diffusion.... I am trying to understand what happens to...
Feb24-06 07:47 PM
3 3,028
Is there a difference between an atomic bomb and a nuclear bomb? or it's two names for one kind of bomb? I am so...
Feb24-06 11:09 AM
3 3,397
John Baez wrote: > Happy New Year from two former moderators, John and Ted! > > Ted Bunn has just used my simple...
Feb24-06 06:00 AM
1 1,465
I was thinking about something and got confused so I thought I will post it here and hopefully someone more...
Feb24-06 06:00 AM
8 1,996
In a double-slit matterwave experiment with fluoro-fullerenes (C60F48), we observe a (self) interference pattern for...
Feb24-06 06:00 AM
0 794
This may have been discussed earlier. If so, can someone point me to the thread? Else, any comments? ...
Feb24-06 06:00 AM
1 1,076
Weinberg shows in his book on QFT that the effect of a rotation on a massive particle's spin is the same as applying...
Feb24-06 06:00 AM
0 964
In today's New York Times Science Times section -- which you can also read on-line at...
Feb24-06 06:00 AM
Igor Khavkine
1 1,393
Hello, I have a little problem with Cartan's method for the calculation of the curvature. If I understood right...
Feb24-06 06:00 AM
5 1,234
Hi all! I'm doing a project for a class and I need to find a mirror or a prism that would always reflect a ray...
Feb24-06 12:43 AM
0 1,288
In article <>, "Chalky" <> wrote: ...
Feb23-06 06:00 AM
Greg Egan
0 1,353
I am half way done with Physics 2. I don't feel that I learned enough and I want to review and relearn physics 1 and 2...
Feb22-06 06:34 PM
1 3,095
I have a credit card that I use quite more often then others, and obviously the magnetic strip on the back of the card...
Feb22-06 01:39 PM
5 10,632
Hello... I;m sorry if thi sis the wrong page to post this... I despeartely need this article " Number of Images...
Feb22-06 06:13 AM
3 1,369
According to Polyakov, the 2+1 dimensional compact U(1) lattice gauge theory is in the confining phase, due to the...
Feb22-06 06:00 AM
0 1,078
Applications are invited for Postdoctoral Research Fellowship and a PhD Studentship to work in the Nanotechnology...
Feb22-06 06:00 AM
0 1,446
In chemistry class they talk about physical change as something changing that is easily seen by the naked eye and...
Feb21-06 11:18 PM
6 6,112
The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle tells us that while it is possible to measure the position and velocity with...
Feb21-06 08:43 PM
Mace Williams
44 12,661
I've been given the task to explore the alternatives that could replace oil in a distant future for energy purposes....
Feb21-06 07:39 PM
3 2,630
I maintain a blog where I write about physics for a general audience, and I wanted to let everyone know about my...
Feb21-06 05:35 PM
6 13,108
It seems quite ludicrous to me that we have no stability mechanism that explains why an expanding universe doesn't...
Feb21-06 04:43 PM
1 1,006
...when looking through a micrcoscope? I for the most part understand why the image on the slide is magnified. I'm not...
Feb21-06 01:28 PM
3 2,767
Hi, Turn on the tap in your kitchen sink and bring the flow of water to a narrow, yet unbroken streamline. Now put...
Feb21-06 06:00 AM
1 1,164
Can anyone clarify me why the eta' is named with a mass in parenthesis? I believe this notation is reserved for...
Feb20-06 06:00 AM
0 775
I am confused about the significance of modular invariance in Conformal Field Theory. What do statements like "a...
Feb20-06 06:00 AM
4 2,624
Hi, I'm currently working through Julian Schwinger's "Quantum Mechanics" book and there's an exercise I cannot...
Feb20-06 06:00 AM
5 1,378
In article <>, Chalky <> wrote: > I...
Feb20-06 06:00 AM
3 2,035
I have a question about radio waves. If there was an ET civilization out there broadcasting in the EM spectrum...
Feb20-06 03:13 AM
10 1,491
Is it possible to analytically obtain a velocity distribution P(v) for a particle, say, undergoing simple harmonic...
Feb20-06 01:31 AM
6 1,707

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