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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Quality answers to common physics questions
Jul24-14 11:39 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
May6-14 04:32 AM
168 185,212
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 69,198
How would I prove that the Rotational Inertia of a unform sphere is 2/5M(R)squared, about any axis?:confused:I have...
Nov11-05 08:00 PM
1 1,100
Can you help me know more about the integral in physics??? Sometimes, I see some problems use this to solve. How can I...
Nov11-05 09:03 AM
4 9,423
Hi all, We know that if we have a current, we create a magnetic field and an electrical field. By the right...
Nov11-05 03:58 AM
2 1,434
The majority of the science teachers in my school agree that electrons do move in orbits around an atom in a physical...
Nov11-05 02:54 AM
31 7,070
Hey everyone, Does anyone know what the kinetic coefficient of friction for pine on pine is? I am looking for the...
Nov11-05 12:27 AM
1 1,778
If there were other universes being created all the time (and thats a big if), do you think that the laws would be...
Nov10-05 11:46 PM
8 1,512 basically is a car forum with a guy on...
Nov10-05 11:31 PM
1 1,503
Can there be any other case than rotating when the velocity of a body never becomes zero and still constantly changes...
Nov10-05 10:43 PM
2 928
I have two mirrors at the same height on opposite walls facing each other in my bathroom. I took a laser pointer and...
Nov10-05 06:14 PM
Claude Bile
12 4,355
Hi, I recently wrote a text version of the old DOS Artillery Duel or Atari's Cannon Duel game. In this version, you...
Nov10-05 02:36 PM
1 1,162
i want to build a pendulum in resonace with a balance to see what happens so anybody knows whats the swinging...
Nov10-05 01:33 PM
1 798
What is the procedure I must make to obtain the point of application of a equilibirum force in a system of forces?...
Nov10-05 08:28 AM
17 16,525
I know this is a retarted question, I should probably know this, but to the question. Say I have a wire of length L...
Nov10-05 07:49 AM
3 2,583
How would you accurately estimate the force of a car crash? Say, a 2,500lb vehicle has an impact with a wall @ 30mph.....
Nov10-05 07:39 AM
8 5,088
Since I cannot post on the Michio Kaku forum, I will post this here (or a MOD could move where its more appropriate),...
Nov10-05 01:52 AM
11 2,413
I'm looking through some of my physics notes where we derived radiancy equations for black body radiation...
Nov9-05 11:00 PM
1 2,251
Im not sure if anything like this has been posted before, and im not sure if this was the right place to post the...
Nov9-05 05:18 PM
6 3,317
Is it possible for a torch to light up a wall, but not reflect back to you so that you cannot in fact see the light...
Nov9-05 03:20 PM
8 966
Hi, I'm not sure if this is in the right section but here it goes. Ok for the sake of this question let's assume...
Nov9-05 01:37 PM
1 1,850
I was wandering what area this would be called under Physics, however,The question is this... Considering that...
Nov9-05 05:53 AM
Chaos' lil bro Order
6 8,987
Howdy all, I've begun to get started in learning about physics, but am still lightyears removed from any of the...
Nov8-05 08:33 PM
5 6,685
this idea came after an experiment trying to improve the rotation speed of my yoyo: i thought that increasing the...
Nov8-05 07:05 PM
Doc Al
16 3,034
Hey, I'm not a physicist at all, but I am aware of how good some crackpots are of getting media attention. I was...
Nov8-05 05:58 PM
7 1,612
Would it be too chaotic to allow for stability to arise? would it be "dead"?
Nov8-05 04:19 PM
Gold Barz
11 1,113
I would like to know the physics behind the low attenuation and low absorption of low frequencey sound. Every...
Nov8-05 05:42 AM
7 2,116
Do photons have mass or are they only energy? And is it possible to convert energy to mass like mass is converted...
Nov8-05 01:26 AM
4 2,865
is it true that e = mc˛ ?
Nov7-05 03:39 PM
8 944
Does anyone ever have the feeling that the foundations of physics has flaws, that there really isn't four fundamental...
Nov7-05 09:31 AM
5 964
I have observed puddles of oil on the pavement with swirling colours more often on overcast days than sunny days. Does...
Nov6-05 06:08 PM
Claude Bile
1 2,528
Hi Everyone, I just joined the forum and would like to extend a big hello to everyone! I had a look around the...
Nov6-05 05:52 PM
21 2,346
I saw an episode of Braniac recently... I believe it's an english show... the yankees might not know it... but anyway,...
Nov6-05 05:22 PM
9 2,196
There must be another way to remove heat from electronic equipment rather than passing cool air over the surface? What...
Nov6-05 02:58 PM
5 2,651
Ok is there a differnce in speed when dealing with blue light and yellow light in air. I have tried read the doppler...
Nov5-05 06:54 PM
6 905
Take light in glass. What could slow it down. I know that stuff is asorbed and then reemmited, but what about...
Nov5-05 02:31 PM
6 1,235
In my figure, the whole circuit is being pulled to the right. AD experiences no change in magnetic field. Why do we...
Nov5-05 06:31 AM
Doc Al
1 12,438
Hi guys. I have a physic exam coming up in about 4 days. I have tried to learn how to identify the direction of...
Nov5-05 03:51 AM
3 1,256
Think.. Can i ever make an object in vacumm and on a frictionless surface move with constant speed.. from rest?
Nov4-05 07:23 PM
15 1,792
When we realize what is temperature (kinetic energy) and what is radiation (photons), we find out that thermal...
Nov4-05 03:39 PM
7 1,324
A colleague has just posed this question and I need some help. There is a sealed room in space that has no external...
Nov4-05 08:22 AM
8 1,251
So these earth's magnetism is supposedly produced inside these generator-like chambers inside of which various...
Nov4-05 05:20 AM
3 2,611

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