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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Quality answers to common physics questions
Aug12-14 11:12 PM Simon Bridge 
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All physics courses. PDFs, tutorials and web links.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
Sep5-14 05:07 PM
170 192,039
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 71,131
Hi, I recently read that the S-matrix does't make sense for conformal field theories. I find that a bit strange,...
Jan26-06 06:32 PM
Darth Sidious
0 948
I'm looking for experimental values of the charge on a neutral atom - or, equivalently, for experimental values of...
Jan26-06 06:31 PM
0 1,042
Since I have not seen this Q yet posed in this NG. New Scientist did a writeup here:...
Jan26-06 06:31 PM
Dirk Bruere at Neopax
0 748
Hi group, does someone know why LHC is (OK, will be) a p-p collider, instead of being a p-pbar one? No matter how...
Jan26-06 06:31 PM
John Schutkeker
2 607
Say you wanted to calculate the phase velocity of de Broglie waves. There are three key relations: nu = E / h...
Jan26-06 06:31 PM
1 864 ha scritto: > I. Vecchi wrote: > > >However the observer's trajectory you are...
Jan26-06 06:31 PM
1 889
Hello, I have focused on the BEC-BCS crossover theory for several months, that is about how two atomic fermions...
Jan26-06 06:30 PM
Gao Meng
0 4,383
Would like reviews of Scientific Visualization software programs for use to *see* interaction of moving ions in...
Jan26-06 06:30 PM
0 1,390
"Mike Helland" <> wrote in message >...
Jan26-06 06:30 PM
Tom Roberts
1 676
We can think of momentum and energy in more than one way. Intuitively, both moving solid objects and waves carry both...
Jan26-06 06:30 PM
0 622
Can anybody tell me if the Hasselhoffian recursion is convergent? I've been trying to figure it out and I keep...
Jan26-06 06:30 PM
0 952
Bob Day <> writes >When I fit Riess's equations with your modification (the blue line), the...
Jan26-06 06:30 PM
0 894
Hello, spr. An alternate title for this post is: "Quantum Mechanical Indistinguishibility versus...
Jan26-06 06:30 PM
0 2,198
Hi, I'm a senior undergraduate student in a Univ in China, majoring physics. I wonder if I can meet someone...
Jan26-06 06:29 PM
0 677
Here is an addendum. The expression "scientia experimentalis" ("experimental knowledge") was apparently coined by...
Jan26-06 06:29 PM
0 827
Gerard Westendorp wrote: > David Hillman wrote: > > >> Suppose just for fun that space is a simplicial complex....
Jan26-06 06:29 PM
Gerard Westendorp
1 1,124
Ray Gardener wrote: > I was wondering, given the behavior of quantized rigid rotors, what > would happen if a long...
Jan26-06 06:29 PM
Igor Khavkine
0 1,159
Mike Helland wrote: > I know there is such a thing as proper length and proper time for an > object like a rod, but...
Jan26-06 06:29 PM
Murat Ozer
0 933
Mike Helland wrote: > I know there is such a thing as proper length and proper time for an > object like a rod, but...
Jan26-06 06:29 PM
Igor Khavkine
0 764
Igor Khavkine wrote: > > Jay R. Yablon wrote: > > Hello to all: > > > > Regarding the mathematical details,...
Jan26-06 06:29 PM
Matej Pavsic
0 1,148
Mike Helland wrote: > I know there is such a thing as proper length and proper time for an > object like a rod, but...
Jan26-06 06:29 PM
0 657
In article <>, writes: |> |> >...
Jan26-06 06:29 PM
Nick Maclaren
0 908
Jochen.Fromm wrote: > Take a look at this Article >...
Jan26-06 06:28 PM
0 637
On Mon, 12 Dec 2005 wrote: > Maxwells Equations (spin = 1) state that the electric field is at...
Jan26-06 06:28 PM
0 1,845
What would happen if (if ever) when the action force is greater than or less than the reaction force and were not...
Jan25-06 01:25 PM
8 2,191
What is the physics formula that is used to determine the aeriodanic flight of a golf ball as it relates to the...
Jan25-06 11:46 AM
Terry Love
0 812
i'm just wondering, does light have weight and mass? if so, what is the weight and mass of light?
Jan24-06 08:20 PM
28 24,615
Hello all..... This problem occurred to me the other day, so I decided to see if I could work it out, but am stuck....
Jan24-06 05:47 PM
Claude Bile
7 9,202
Assuming that process of electrons releasing photons isn't instaneous, what happens during the transition? I'm also...
Jan24-06 01:49 PM
3 1,703
Hi: New to this forum and have a quick question. Hope I'm posting in the right area. First of all, I'm not an...
Jan24-06 08:07 AM
4 4,945
hi I am working on a project on cultural aspect of science. I would like to know what you feel about (a) which...
Jan24-06 03:34 AM
0 1,002
I read somewhere something about observability, and things which are infinitely big, or infinitesimally small. ...
Jan23-06 11:59 PM
1 1,129
When ice is @ eqilibrium with water, the pressure is increased, what happens to the eqilibrium?
Jan23-06 11:39 PM
6 2,689
I've been reading the book titled Physics, published by the Physical Science Study Committee (PSSC). It seems to me it...
Jan23-06 06:50 PM
0 992
Without getting into a mathematical explanation, can anyone who reads this posting explain to me how there can be a...
Jan23-06 05:50 PM
0 1,378
What does it mean if between an electron and a proton has negative gravitational force? Does this make the force...
Jan23-06 03:39 PM
7 2,707
Hello, I am about to do a summer project on" ultrafast laser spectroscopy". three months left. Now i am an...
Jan23-06 11:36 AM
1 993
Can anyone shed any light on how this water powered calculator works please?...
Jan22-06 11:17 PM
9 1,832
I make Daguerreotypes ( and I have decided that I want to move from the...
Jan22-06 06:17 PM
Claude Bile
1 1,762
Has anyone created a radio laser, if not why not if you know...
Jan22-06 06:01 PM
Claude Bile
11 1,670

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