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High Energy, Nuclear, Particle Physics

- Properties, relationships, and interactions of subatomic particles. Exp. & theo. physics of nuclei & elementary particles
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
God particle is 'found': Scientists at Cern expected to announce on Wednesday Higgs boson particle has been discovered...
Jul18-14 12:32 PM
187 54,597
rules Sticky Thread Pinned: Forum Rules
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 24,622
Hello! I'm not entirely sure this is very "scientific", but I have an idea that I would like some feedback on. I...
T 10:49 AM
Vanadium 50
1 135
I am trying to derive the algebra and I get a factor of 2 wrong... Consider the Lorentz group elements near the...
T 04:17 AM
7 307
A charged lepton can absorb a W+ boson and be converted into a neutrino, and visa versa. The neutrino has such small...
Y 08:39 PM
4 310
Hey everyone i'm new here and this is my first thread, although i have great interest in chemistry and physics my...
Y 06:53 PM
2 203
So I've done some research, but to no avail. Can anyone link me to some reasonably detailed information regarding the...
Y 06:36 PM
6 425
I have three questions about ICF, in the explanations i have read on the internet about ICF they all explain that the...
Y 12:21 PM
0 131
i searched Steven weinberg in google scholar. it returns many articles but "a model of leptons" why does "a model of...
Y 11:09 AM
0 101
So depleted uranium is mostly U-238 which can't sustain a chain reaction. If you were to compress depleted uranium to...
Jul23-14 01:06 PM
20 929
Three questions, In a femtosecond laser, or any laser for that matter, how is a pulse generated from noise? how do...
Jul21-14 01:49 PM
0 301
Sorry for my questions, (it does seem like QFT triggers quite a lot of questions :-D). Anyway, on page 103 (it has...
Jul21-14 01:49 AM
7 1,144
I understand that, for example, a thick enough sheet of lead can absorb gamma radiation, but I want to understand what...
Jul20-14 05:42 PM
1 492
Jul20-14 09:50 AM
2 453
I am new to QFT and found myself wondering the following. Particle physics experiments usually consist of looking at...
Jul20-14 04:57 AM
7 2,207
I read some of the articles related to particle physics experiment and don't know the meaning of it. 1. minimum...
Jul19-14 04:50 PM
3 577
I had an argument at my university about it, since experiments at LHC aren't 100% confirmed. I mean, gauge theories...
Jul19-14 04:14 PM
9 703
Hi all! I am not sure how to prove mathematically that the expression for the probability that a neutrino...
Jul18-14 08:50 AM
7 1,861
When a proton collides with a proton say at the LHC, is vacuum field theory used? It seems like you shouldn't have to...
Jul17-14 04:48 PM
4 1,353
So I've been researching Dense Plasma Focus devices for a while now and a question just occured to me. Since the fill...
Jul17-14 03:59 PM
0 572
I would like to ask, to make it clearer to me, what does chirality means? and how can someone see whether his theory...
Jul16-14 05:15 PM
0 661
I don't understand why antimatter exists in the first place. Could you explain why and how an asymmetry developed...
Jul16-14 04:59 PM
7 2,060
In a comment to Motl's blog,...
Jul16-14 07:11 AM
5 1,222
Hi. on page 95 , I am not sure how did he derive the second term on the RHS of equation (13.16). ...
Jul15-14 11:36 AM
4 1,026
If one has a 4-fermion vertex, like in Fermi theory : ##G_f (f_1 \Gamma f_2)(l_1 \Gamma l_2)## And you are...
Jul15-14 08:39 AM
2 910
Since plants contain proteins that help them identify gravity in order to grow the right way, and they also contain...
Jul14-14 04:13 PM
13 1,915
I was curious as to the difference in free neutron decay and the lack of decay when bound in a nucleus. I found the...
Jul14-14 03:53 PM
5 1,314
Greetings to all I had some problems using MCNP5 for gamma shielding calculation. The original input file is from a...
Jul14-14 02:11 PM
14 3,852
Hi. I am currently studying about representations of Lie algebras. I have two questions: 1. As I understand, when...
Jul12-14 11:00 PM
11 2,142
Hello, I have a gamma spectrum of one element (X). There are several gamma peak in the spectrum. For example, 800...
Jul10-14 03:19 PM
14 2,680
I'm stucked in a passage of Particle Physics (Martin B., Shaw G.) in page 41 regarding neutrino oscillations. ...
Jul10-14 03:15 PM
George Jones
6 1,811
How can someone think of the neutrinos as non relativistic? OK I understand for example that the neutrino temperature...
Jul9-14 04:55 PM
13 2,480
Wikipedia says CERN has isolated about 38 atoms of antihydrogen and maintained them for over 15 minutes? ... Do you...
Jul9-14 03:59 PM
5 1,926
Annihilation results in an extreme burst of energy..... If enough antimatter is isolated, it can be utilized for...
Jul9-14 02:49 AM
Syed Ammar
5 1,692
Hi I am trying to find the equations of a charged particle inside a dipole & quadripole. Practically, I need to...
Jul8-14 09:34 PM
Vanadium 50
6 1,530
"The question is very simple: do matter and antimatter obey the same laws of physics?.??
Jul8-14 02:28 PM
4 1,647
I'm starting to learn about particle physics but I really want to see the whole picture before going deep. Here is...
Jul5-14 09:46 PM
2 1,711
Hi! I try to construct the emission spectrum from relativistic electron rotating in homogeneous magnetic field -...
Jul5-14 10:06 AM
3 1,458
If uranium 238 is more stable than uranium 235 because 3 extra neutrons add to strong force then uranium 236 having 1...
Jul5-14 08:11 AM
5 2,749
I know that the nucleus can be considered a bunch of particles that constantly transition between protons and neutrons...
Jul4-14 05:31 PM
3 1,817
Suppose we have a superfield \Phi(x,\theta,\bar{\theta}) this can be expanded in component fields in the standard way...
Jul3-14 01:17 PM
2 1,942
Hi, is there a way to compute the escape velocity/kinetic energy of a newly created electron/positron pair ? Or in...
Jul2-14 05:10 PM
39 8,563

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