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High Energy, Nuclear, Particle Physics

- Properties, relationships, and interactions of subatomic particles. Exp. & theo. physics of nuclei & elementary particles
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 21,108
God particle is 'found': Scientists at Cern expected to announce on Wednesday Higgs boson particle has been discovered...
Jul11-12 01:13 AM
178 34,657
While siting at work and doing nothing as usual a thought came to can there be space in between the...
Mar5-04 06:48 AM
7 1,586
Hello, I understand that the non-zero (or non-small) rate for \pi^0 \rightarrow \gamma\gamma was historically a big...
Jan30-08 10:57 PM
2 3,485
Hello everyone, I'm a bit confused by something I've read as have been unable to find resources to clarify it. Here is...
Jan4-09 10:15 AM
4 1,784
Hello once again. I'm trying to understand the relation between the superspace representation of the SUSY generators...
Feb9-09 11:41 AM
5 1,985
Hi everyone -- I have a question about the relation between the spin connection and the Christoffel connection. The...
Feb9-09 10:34 AM
3 7,308
I'm following An introduction to the Standard Model of Particle Physics. Are there any solutions to the problems? Is...
Mar21-08 12:48 PM
3 2,086
I'm wondering why I haven't run into a discussion anywhere that uses Feynman's model of anti-matter moving backward in...
Jan27-11 05:13 PM
3 1,310
My question is: What is the relation between the AFB and the asymmetry charge?
Aug21-12 07:02 PM
2 793
Would somebody be kind enough to explain what exactly is meant when discussing short- or long-distance...
Aug21-08 10:30 AM
2 1,918
Could somebody explain how an imaginary phase in some of the CKM matrix elements represents a CP-violation factor?
Sep9-08 09:20 PM
1 1,307
Let's take for example the decay K+ -> pi+,pi0,gamma This can proceed via direct emission or inner bremsstrahlung....
Sep17-08 12:29 AM
3 1,394
Suppose an antimatter at lower energy(K.E) collides with a matter in higher energy then what will be the output.
Jun12-09 01:45 PM
1 927
Can antimatter(positron) can be converted into a matter(electron) . If yes what other particles are created in that...
Jun12-09 03:54 PM
Bob S
1 843
I am only completing high school physics, but I hope to study physics at university, so bear my level of knowledge in...
Feb3-07 12:47 AM
7 1,458
How do you determine in a particle interaction which force is responsible? For example a K- meson is found to...
Oct5-11 11:38 AM
3 1,199
As I was taught in my modern physics class the Higg's Field acts like an ideal ferromagnet cooling down to some...
Sep20-12 05:10 AM
17 2,613
hey , just wondering about gluons : red - anti red red - anti blue red - anti green blue - anti red blue - anti...
Jan17-07 09:18 AM
16 3,365
for my question , i will use the term 'level' hey , we know that the zone we live in is made up of atoms (level 0),...
Apr13-07 01:25 PM
6 4,752
hey, i was told that in a Atom's Nucleus, Nucleons keep changing from Proton state to Neutron state , and vice versa ,...
Dec3-07 06:19 PM
14 2,912
Hey I know : n = p+ + e- + (Ve) meaning that : p+ = n - e- - (Ve) = n + e+ + Ve ?? But, how...
Nov25-07 09:54 AM
52 6,121
Hi I was wondering if there is a maximum temperature As i understand temperature : Energy With cinetic energy...
Jun9-08 06:10 AM
6 1,761
Sorry, this is probably a dumb question but I am new to physics so forgive my ignorance. I learned in class that when...
Sep24-09 08:20 AM
3 2,966
Hi, I'm sorry if this is in the wrong forum. I've been interested in science for while a white, most notably...
Sep13-08 11:42 AM
9 2,477
Hi everyone, I'm new to PhysicsForums. I don't really know if what I have to offer is anything new to anyone or if it...
Nov16-11 10:56 AM
11 3,976
I am aware that the LHC accelerates subatomic particles to just under the speed of light then smashes them together....
Jan2-11 09:20 PM
4 2,151
I heard that (charged) Pions decay due to the weak force, but what does that have anything to do with it? Also,...
Jun21-11 03:28 PM
3 1,962
I am studying A2 physics so don't know question is quark flavour conserved....I know quark...
Jun6-12 05:58 AM
4 851
hi all its has been told in books that a particle accelerator can reproduce the initial conditions in the Universe...
Mar3-04 10:58 AM
Cyclotron Boy
3 2,342
i was wondering this if the nuclear force overcomes the electromagnetic force in the nucleus, then what prevents...
Mar21-04 09:09 AM
4 2,044
hello all It's probably already been noted but... have people seen the paper hep/th-0810.3328? "A simple...
Oct29-08 11:09 PM
2 2,179
hello all gauge symmetries are redundencies of the description of a situation. Therefore they are not real...
Nov23-08 08:50 PM
9 1,697
How much energy does a neutron need to be able to split an atom and start nuclear fission?
Nov10-10 10:41 AM
21 2,757
Looking at these images and video, and thinking about difficulties in holding plasma within EM field, I had an idea: ...
Jun24-11 01:47 PM
14 2,888
I'm planning on doing my 4000-word extended essay for International Baccalaureate on virtual particles (theoretical...
Jul16-12 10:16 AM
5 1,163
What is the fundamental rationale for why particles moving through the Higgs ocean would only interact if they are...
Jan18-12 01:11 AM
24 3,433
Two Questions about fundamental forces: 1. Gravity is attractive, Electromagnetics is attractive and repulsive,...
Sep4-12 06:11 AM
3 1,020
Hi, Iím a hobbyist writer with a slight science fiction slant to my stories. Currently my work involves some...
Nov23-10 05:57 AM
7 1,873
What is a realistic timeline for the LHC initial experiments? ie. with a machine this massive and complicated, how...
Dec1-09 02:32 PM
Vanadium 50
1 1,490
The only "spontaneously broken symmetry" that I can easily visualize, is cooling down a ferromagnetic material and...
Feb4-10 02:59 PM
2 1,300
I realize we haven't been able to see the signal for a Higgs boson directly yet, but I have heard there is plenty of...
Feb19-10 05:50 PM
9 2,035

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