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High Energy, Nuclear, Particle Physics

- Properties, relationships, and interactions of subatomic particles. Exp. & theo. physics of nuclei & elementary particles
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
rules Sticky Thread Pinned: Forum Rules
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 25,778
God particle is 'found': Scientists at Cern expected to announce on Wednesday Higgs boson particle has been discovered...
Jul18-14 12:32 PM
187 61,835
Hello, I've a question: Does anybody know a book, paper or thesis where I can find a "simple" Loop Correction of a...
Feb18-12 02:16 AM
0 1,038
I have a question about Feynman Diagrams: let's say we have a process: up antidown -> W+ -> up antidown... the...
Mar30-12 07:03 AM
2 1,604
Hi @ all, I have a question about IR divergences at hadron colliders. I can see that there are also IR divergences...
Jul31-12 07:48 AM
0 764
Hello @ all, I have a few short questions. If we compute the DY process with NLO computation we get rid of the UV...
Sep17-12 01:22 AM
0 718
Hello, How can I convert the number of events + the luminosity in a cross section? I think this must be...
Sep19-12 08:14 AM
7 916
Hello everyone, I have a question about virtual corrections of an external fermion line. According to the LSZ...
Oct27-13 05:47 AM
2 1,115
I'm looking for a book written for non-scientists that has details about axions. As far as I know, they are particles...
Apr12-10 12:56 AM
5 1,312
dear sir what is a nuclear radiation? thanks
Jul3-04 06:33 AM
4 1,737
Hi, I thought pions were assigned parity of -1, but how then can the Pi0 decay into two photons with parity -1?? ...
Mar18-07 05:46 PM
5 4,477
Hi, Could someone briefly explain Cabibbo suppression to me? I can't seem to find any info on it. Is it like OZI...
Mar18-07 09:03 PM
2 2,953
recently,i am focusing on studying the nuclear model, can you recommend some articles ,good review and Classic...
Dec19-09 06:29 AM
4 1,387
The nuclear electric quadrupole moment is a parameter which describes the effective shape of the ellipsoid of nuclear...
Dec4-09 10:23 AM
8 6,717
Hi All, I'm wondering what the difference is between flavor and isospin. If you own a book by Griffiths titled...
Jul13-07 10:10 AM
Meir Achuz
6 2,630
Hi there, There has been 2 questions that bother me and couldn't find a good answer to them. Maybe some experts...
Jul20-07 07:18 PM
4 3,221
Hi All, I'm self teaching myself QFT from a lecture notes provided by my Prof. And I'm really confused by the...
Aug6-07 04:50 PM
0 2,789
Has the value of the Magnetic Momentic of the Tauon been determined experimentally in Units of Joules/Tesla? I have...
Feb4-04 12:10 AM
1 2,976
It seems that for the case of the Electron in the Ground State of the Hydrogen Atom that when the value of the Binding...
Mar14-04 04:04 AM
2 6,284
(1) Is it true that when a pair of particles is created from a Photon, that the Photon Energy (h x nu) is equal to...
Mar19-04 08:53 PM
2 1,769
Concerning the Magnetic Moments of the Nucleus (Nuclear Magneton mu sub N) and the Proton (mu sub p) respectively, is...
Jun6-04 11:59 PM
1 2,917
At the beginning of cpt 9, Griffiths states that massive bosons have three polarization states (m_s = 1, 0, -1), but...
Feb3-13 12:30 PM
1 782
I need to find the statistical error in a counting experiment. Specifically, a decay can proceed via option A or...
Jan28-13 09:33 PM
Meir Achuz
2 843
I'd just like to clarify something I read on Wikipedia: "The branching ratio of the common purely leptonic tau...
Jan24-13 10:15 AM
1 904 The Feynman diagram for Drell Yan has a...
Jan30-13 10:46 AM
10 1,431
The parity operator has eigenvalues of +/- 1 and particles can have intrinsic parity of +/- 1. What does it matter?...
Feb10-13 08:06 AM
1 697
I am confused about when and to what extent parity is violated in weak decays. On the one hand, there's Wu's famous...
Mar18-13 11:39 AM
3 852
I am reading about group theory in particle physics and I'm slightly confused about the word "representation". ...
Mar17-13 01:34 PM
2 753
A quark and antiquark have opposite parity. The quark is customarily taken to have positive parity. I understand this...
Apr3-13 11:35 AM
2 1,266
The W couples to left-handed particles only. What about the Z? Is it the same? Thanks in advance!
Apr23-13 07:22 AM
2 875
Both Rho^0 and Pi^0 are bosons so require an overall symmetric wavefn. However, they are in different spin states: the...
May9-13 03:19 PM
3 618
I had a look at the production cross sections for W/Z at hadron colliders. These differ as a function of energy with...
Jul5-13 12:06 PM
Vanadium 50
2 958
Why is it necessary to use Monte Carlo methods in high energy physics? There is Feynman calculus to evaluate matrix...
Jul7-13 03:43 PM
2 956
I've heard of cosmic rays affecting measurements made at the LHC in the context of muons. Is it just muons that can...
Jul23-13 03:09 PM
3 1,178
Why is there seemingly so little interest among particle physicists about discovering the graviton? Is it because it...
Aug2-14 03:10 PM
4 494
Of the 61 known elementary or fundamental particles, which ones exist in the everyday, "natural" world of the Earth,...
Jul30-14 03:23 PM
2 365
We know that the Higgs-particle gives an explanation as to why there is mass in the universe. But mass has another...
Jul4-12 06:21 PM
7 1,763
Some time agoo I read in a posting here that someone had pedicted a SM Higgs mass around 126 GeV because a heavier...
Jul5-12 08:40 AM
0 588
I had always assumed that the simplest possible standard model Higgs particle had isospin 0, but when I tried to...
Jul9-12 06:33 AM
2 1,312
I seem remember hearing that spin-1 was ruled out but since reading this paper I am unable to find any info on spin-1...
Feb22-13 08:19 AM
2 170
At school I was taught that when any matter particle is accelerated until it almost reaches light speed, its mass...
Jul7-12 02:07 PM
1 785
The LEP collider operated at a maximum of 209 GeV. Could it have been used to confirm the existence of the 125.3 GeV...
Jul9-12 02:18 PM
3 778

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