About Physics Forums Insights

Physics Forums Insights is a math and science blog with over 600 posts, written by Physics Forums members with expertise in their field. The purpose is to both educate and inspire.

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What exactly is Physics Forums (PF) Insights?

The PF Insights is a science and math blog with over 650 posts that started in April of 2015 with many different expert writers. Writers work independently on their own entries, but all contribute to the same blog. The blog is organized by top-level science/math category and by formats like articles or tutorials. Like most blog formats, recent posts from all categories are listed on the homepage and then users can sort by science category after that. Visit the general Physics Forums about page.

What is its purpose?

To create a fresh and compact area to read and learn about interesting commentary on various subjects written by really knowledgeable people. There are so many interesting topics posted in the community that would do much better as a blog entry. The discussion format of PF does not do justice for displaying and organizing information. Insight entries may have a discussion, but their main objective is not necessarily to incite discussion. We want to create a place where you don’t know what will be published next but you will know it’s going to be interesting and inspiring.

What topics are presented?

Nearly anything related to the science, math, or engineering realms. Entries are relevant and interesting to the scientific public and professionals. Entries can be informative, educational, or more opinionated.  It could be about something in the news, some event that was attended, some lesson a teacher wants to write, etc.

How is it different than the old PF personal blogs?

  1. The first big difference is that it isn’t personal blogs. The authors participate together in writing for the single official PF Insights blog for a broad public viewership.
  2. The blog and entries are highlighted and promoted in the community. Discussion of the entries is a major component of the community, not just housed in the backroom.
  3. For general quality control, we limit writing participation to staff, advisors, and individual invites (there is an application for invites). This way we are sure to have the best chance at presenting a collection of interesting and quality content. There is also a shortlist of guidelines authors must review.

How can I support PF Insights?

  1. Visit often and read the entries. New entries are published weekly and you have lots of learning!
  2. Become a writer. If you hold at least a Bachelors’s Degree in a science, math, or engineering discipline then apply today.
  3. Share entries via social media. At the end of each entry, there is a widget listing popular social media sites.
  4. Link to PF Insights on your website. Use the link https://www.physicsforums.com/insights/

What does the future hold?

PF Insights wants to become the first website you visit in the morning. We want you to read the newest entry with coffee in hand and think to yourself “huh, that’s interesting”. We’re looking to continue building our author base and keep publishing a vast array of fascinating science and math content.

How do we contact you?

Please use our community contact form here. We are not accepting any advertising requests at this time. See our Forum “About Us” for more organization information.