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quantum mechanics is incomplete

9 Reasons Quantum Mechanics is Incomplete

I argue that all interpretations of quantum mechanics (QM) are…
against quantum interpretations

Against "interpretation"

I am against "interpretations" of Quantum Mechanics (QM) in a…
Quantum Eraser

The Quantum Mystery of Wigner's Friend

In this Insight I will introduce the quantum mystery called ``Wigner's…
Super Quantum

The Unreasonable Effectiveness of the Popescu-Rohrlich Correlations

In this Insight, I will show how the Popescu-Rohrlich (superquantum)…
why quantum

Why the Quantum | A Response to Wheeler's 1986 Paper

Wheeler's opening statement in his 1986 paper, ``How Come the…
information definition

How to Better Define Information in Physics

When I ask questions about conservation of information I frequently…

"Classical Physics Is Wrong" Fallacy

One of the common questions or comments we get on PF is the claim…

Introduction to Perturbative Quantum Field Theory

This is the beginning of a series that gives an introduction…

How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Orthodox Quantum Mechanics

Many people here know that I am a "Bohmian", i.e. an adherent…

Entanglement Entropy: Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Mechanics(QM) is one of the greatest intellectual achievements…

The Vacuum Fluctuation Myth

This Insight Article is a sequel of the Insight Articles ”The…

Why Is Quantum Mechanics So Difficult?

Strangely enough, QM's formalism isn't any more difficult than…

Misconceptions about Virtual Particles

This Insight Article is a sequel of the Insight Article ''The…

How the EPR Paradox Fits Between Entanglement and Nonlocality

If we violate a Bell inequality, we know we have quantum entanglement,…

Tools to Enrich our Quantum Mechanics Interpretations Discourse

IntroductionMany times, we encounter ourselves…

Examples of Prequantum Field Theories IV: Wess-Zumino-Witten-type Theories

  At the end of this page, we will have…

Struggles With The Continuum: Quantum Mechanics of Charged Particles

 Last time we saw that that nobody yet knows if…

Retrocausality: How Fundamental is the Arrow of Time?

In this Insight, I'll discuss a recent experiment ([1]  [2]…

Weak Values Part 2: The Quantum Cheshire Cat Experiment

In a previous Insight, Weak Values Part 1: "Asking Photons Where…
2D Animation

Visualizing the 2-D Particle in a Box

The particle in a box is a staple of entry-level Quantum Mechanics classes…