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Kerr Spacetime

Fermi-Walker Transport in Kerr Spacetime

In the last two posts in this series, we developed some tools…

Fermi-Walker Transport in Schwarzschild Spacetime

In the first post in this series, we introduced the concepts…
Minkowski Spacetime

How to Study Fermi-Walker Transport in Minkowski Spacetime

This is the first of several posts that will develop some mathematical…
information definition

How to Better Define Information in Physics

When I ask questions about conservation of information I frequently…

Solving Einstein's Field Equations in Maxima

A few months ago, pervect pointed me to a post by Chris Hillman…

The Schwarzschild Geometry: Physically Reasonable?

 In the last article, we looked at various counterintuitive…

The Schwarzschild Geometry: Spacetime Diagrams

 When we left off in part 2, we were looking at…

The Schwarzschild Geometry: Coordinates

 At the end of part 1, we looked at the form the…

The Schwarzschild Geometry: Key Properties

 Not long after Einstein published his Field Equation,…

General Relativity as a Gauge Theory

The fundamental interactions of the Standard Model are described…

Precession in Special and General Relativity

The Absolute DerivativeIn relativity we typically deal with…

The Revival of Newton-Cartan Theory

It's a calculation which you can find in any textbook on General…

A Brief on the Expansion of the Universe

The "ordinary Big Bang and expansion" (no inflation, no dark…

Radius of the Observable Universe in Light-years Is Greater than Its Age

The radius of the observable universe is about 46 billion light…

Can We Tell Whether the Universe Is Rotating?

If you believe wholeheartedly in Mach's principle, then there…