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Carl Sagan

Opinion: When Pro Scientists Explain Using Pop Science

Abstract There is so much to say about the many endeavors by professional scientists to explain to us the world. The list is long: Carl Sagan, Harald…
teaching physics

A Lesson In Teaching Physics: You Can’t Give It Away

A central principle of Physics Forums regarding homework help is not to provide solutions on demand but to guide students along a path to the answer.  The…
what if physics questions

How to Avoid Breaking Physics With Your “What If” Question

We get a lot of "what if" questions here on Physics Forums. This article will explore three different types and then some suggestions for students who…
science major advice

Aiming High and Managing Distractions as Keys to Success for Science Majors

Over the years, I've noticed some distinct trends among the physics and chemistry majors I've mentored and worked with.Those with GPAs in the 3.8-4.0…

Why Work Ethic Is a Key to Success for Science Majors

After earning a 4.0 GPA in his first semester as a Physics major at an esteemed state university, our son (and homeschool grad) attributes his…

Very Little Excuse To Ask A Question Cold

We frequently get questions such as these:"What is energy?""What are Cooper Pairs?""What is conservation of momentum?"etc...etc.And…

What Is The Most Important Thing That You Learned?

I mentioned in an earlier Insight what I think are the most important things you can learn by being on Physics Forums. This time, I tackle the question…

Real Research in Unexpected Places – Boat Ramps

Read part 1 -Backyards, Barns, BayousWhen I was offered a job at the Air Force Academy, it seemed like an opportunity to exercise both my commitment…

Exploring the Problem of Fake News and Science Reporting

During and even after the recent US election campaign, there were numerous reports of fake news, made-up news, and other kinds of news that were deemed…

Why Study Physics? A Bit Goes a Long Way!

If you don’t plan to become a scientist or an engineer, is there a good reason to study physics?  I say, “Yes,” because knowing just a little bit…

Blaming Government for Teacher and Scientist Failures in Integrity

The article, "Governmental policy is wrecking science," makes some interesting points but is fundamentally in error, because government policy is only…

Am I Cut Out for Mathematics or Sciences?

We often get threads by new members asking whether they are cut out for mathematics/physics/engineering/whatever. For some reason, they have become discouraged…

Thoughts on the Complexity of Modern Science

Science today is incredibly complex. Anyone who ever did scientific research knows that, but many in the general public seem to be completely unaware of…

A Guide to Going Back to School For Math or Science

Motivations for creating the series I came to Physics Forums originally to read ZapperZ’s thread about becoming a physicist back in 2013. It was one…

Dealing with Doubt as a Science Student

Doubt, as odd as this may sound, can actually be essential to our living.  We all make decisions and later have questions on whether we made the right…

Why Imagination Without Knowledge Is Ignorance Waiting to Happen

Introduction My feelings on people who think that imagination is more important than knowledge are well-known. These people simply are parroting Einstein's…

Why You Should Not Use Wikipedia As Your Primary Source

It is no secret to anyone who has read my posts in this forum for a while that I do not like Wikipedia. I think that there's a fundamental flaw with the…

The Most Important Thing You Can Learn from Physics Forums

It is a bit pompous of me to think that I can actually tell you the most important thing you can learn from Physics Forums (PF). After all, each one of…
math obvious

Lessons From My Experience Teaching Math

My #1 goal, when I teach a math class, is to convey a certain way of thinking about math. It's quite different from what my students have done before,…
alternative careers

What are Alternative Careers for a Physics Graduate

  We are still discussing the final year of your undergraduate education. So far, we have covered what you need to consider if you…
surviving college

How to Survive the First Year of College As a Physics Major

 Part II: Surviving the First Year of CollegeThis part covers the survival tips of the first two undergraduate years. So now you’re…
Early Physics Education in High schools

Early Physics Education in High Schools For Physics Majors

So You Want to Be a Physicist: A 22 Part Guide  Introduction: The motivation for creating the series One of the most frequent questions…

A Layman’s Guide to: Lies, Damned Lies and Pseudoscience

It seems nowadays that we are getting swamped with science. But not the science of the valid kind. Science where people follow the scientific method and…