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Aiming High and Managing Distractions as Keys to Success for Science Majors

Over the years, I've noticed some distinct trends among the physics…

Blaming Government for Teacher and Scientist Failures in Integrity

The article, "Governmental policy is wrecking science," makes…

The Complexity of Modern Science

Science today is incredibly complex. Anyone who ever did scientific…

A Guide to Going Back to School For Math or Science

Motivations for creating the series I came to Physics Forums…

Imagination Without Knowledge Is Ignorance Waiting to Happen

My feelings on people who think that imagination is more important…
math obvious

Teaching Math and the Obvious

My #1 goal, when I teach a math class, is to convey a certain…
alternative careers

Alternative Careers for a Physics Graduate

    We are still discussing the final year…
surviving college

Surviving the First Year of College As a Physics Major

  Part II: Surviving the First Year of College This…
Early Physics Education in High schools

Early Physics Education in High Schools For Physics Majors

So You Want to Be a Physicist: 22 Part Guide   Introduction:…