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electromagnetic computations duality

A Numerical Electromagnetic Solver Using Duality

In the previous insights article (How to Use Duality in Computational Electromagnetic Problems), I covered some uniqueness theorems for the Riemann-Silberstein…
electromagnetic computations

How to Use Duality in Computational Electromagnetic Problems

Some weeks ago I happened across a post that caught my eye. Dale asked a question about the number of photons in an electromagnetic field. His question…
Split Electric Fields

Split Electric Fields in Electrodynamics: Capacitor and Antenna

Abstract: The analysis of the two kinds of electric fields, namely the irrotational and non-conservative, is extended to electrodynamics, as exemplified…
electromagentic waves traverse

Are Electromagnetic Waves Always Transverse?

In this insight, we shall endeavor in the realm of classical electrodynamics and examine whether EM waves are always transverse. We shall make use of Jefimenko's…

How to Recognize Split Electric Fields

Introduction In a previous Insight, A New Interpretation of Dr. Walter Lewin’s Paradox, I introduced the fact that there are two kinds of E fields. …
DC straight wire

Relativistic Treatment of the DC Conducting Straight Wire

Introduction The direct-current-conducting infinitely long wire is often discussed in the context of relativistic electrodynamics. It is of course a completely…
maxwell magneto

Maxwell’s Equations in Magnetostatics and Solving with the Curl Operator

Introduction: Maxwell's equation in differential form ## \nabla \times \vec{B}=\mu_o \vec{J}_{total}+\mu_o \epsilon_o \dot{\vec{E}}  ##  with ## \dot{\vec{E}}=0…
What is the double split

What is the Double Slit? A 5 Minute Introduction

Definition/Summary The double-slit is a simple configuration used to demonstrate interference effects in waves.Equations At distances that are…
Magnetic Field Lines

Are Magnetic Field Lines Real?

We recently had a question in the relativity forums that mentioned the behavior of magnetic field lines and reminded me of my own confusion at school about…
walter lewin

A New Interpretation of Dr. Walter Lewin’s Paradox

Much has lately been said regarding this paradox which first appeared in one of W. Lewin's MIT lecture series on ##{YouTube}^{(1)}##.  This lecture was…

Permanent Magnets Explained by Magnetic Surface Currents

Introduction: The purpose of this Insight is to explain permanent magnets in a way that is in agreement with advanced textbooks on the subject, and that…

Acoustic ‘beats’ from Mismatched Musical Frequencies

In late high school physics courses and first-year university courses, the phenomenon of acoustical 'beats' is often covered. This is an interesting phenomenon,…

Learn About Energy Gained by Charge in an Electrostatic Field

I have seen this question being asked frequently on here. A lot of students have a bit of an issue in understanding why, if an electron is placed in a…
electrical wire

Misconceiving Mutual Inductance Coefficients

 A commonly used formula for mutual inductance M between two nearby coils L1 and L2 is M = k√(L1*L2). This formula however assumes equal percentage…