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There are 2 accepted theories which describe, unfortunately at classical level, the gravitational interaction:

*Newton’s theory does not answer the question “why?”, but the questions “how?” and “how much?”.

*Albert Einstein’s theory answers every possible question (except the ones regarding behavior at quantum level) including “why?”.

He states that gravity is determined by (present whenever there is) a nontrivial (nonzero) spacetime curvature (for empty spacetime (no matter) the field equations for the gravitational field are:Riccie tensor=0).He asserts that in a flat spacetime (as the ones encountered in special relativity and quantum field theory) gravity is absent.

The logics is:curved spacetime->gravity and the other way around gravity->curved spacetime.


pressure is a source of gravity

Is Pressure A Source Of Gravity?

In a previous series of articles, I posed the question "Does Gravity Gravitate?" and explained how, depending on how you interpreted the terms "gravity"…
symmetric spacetime

Slowly Lowering an Object in a Static, Spherically Symmetric Spacetime

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Either the Sun Is Getting Smaller or Gravity Is Getting Weaker

Paper discussion: Solar system expansion and strong equivalence principle as seen by the NASA MESSENGER mission. Antonio Genova, Erwan Mazarico, Sander…

The Schwarzschild Geometry: Physically Reasonable?

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The Schwarzschild Geometry: Spacetime Diagrams

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The Schwarzschild Geometry: Coordinates

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The Schwarzschild Geometry: Key Properties

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Exploring General Relativity as a Gauge Theory

The fundamental interactions of the Standard Model are described by Yang-Mills theory. This is a gauge theory, which means the following: (1) Choose a…

Struggles with the Continuum: Spacetime Conclusion

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11d Gravity From Just the Torsion Constraint

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Struggles with the Continuum: General Relativity

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Struggles with the Continuum – Relativity and Quantum

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Learn All About Earth’s Gravity

Earth's gravitational field at the surface is approximately 9.8 Newtons/kilogram, or equivalently, 9.8 meters/second/second. But how does that change due…

Does Gravity Gravitate: The Wave

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Does Gravity Gravitate? Part 2

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Does Gravity Gravitate?

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Struggles With The Continuum: Quantum Mechanics of Charged Particles

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How Fast Do Changes in the Gravitational Field Propagate?

General relativity predicts that disturbances in the gravitational field propagate as gravitational waves, and that low-amplitude gravitational waves travel…

Understanding the General Relativity View of Gravity on Earth

Often students have difficulty reconciling the General Relativity (GR) view of gravity versus their own experience with gravity on the surface of Earth.…