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physics mysteries

A Principle Explanation of the “Mysteries” of Modern Physics

All undergraduate physics majors are shown how the counterintuitive aspects ("mysteries") of time dilation and length contraction in special relativity…
Compton Scattering

Exploring the Anatomy of Compton Scattering

Introduction In this article we take as our starting point the original equations which Compton drew up and solved in his ground-breaking 1925 article:  From…
Compton Scattering

Massive Meets Massless: Compton Scattering Revisited

Introduction In a previous article entitled "Alternate Approach to 2D Collisions" we analyzed collisions between a moving and stationary object by defining…
beginner guide to baryons

A Beginner Physics Guide to Baryon Particles

Introduction At the beginning of the 20th century, it was thought that all matter consisted of only three particles: the electron, the neutron, and the…
quantum superposition

Understanding Superposition Physically and Mathematically

IntroductionOne should first and foremost understand that superposition has both a mathematical and physical meaning, or rather it originates as…
quantum qubit

Exploring a Classical View of the Qubit

This Insight article is part of my paper Foundations of quantum physics III. Measurement, featuring the thermal interpretation of quantum physics. See…
against quantum interpretations

Against “interpretation”

I am against "interpretations" of Quantum Mechanics (QM) in a sense in which John Bell [1] was against measurement in QM and Travis Norsen [2] is against…
Quantum Eraser

The Quantum Mystery of Wigner’s Friend

In this Insight I will introduce the quantum mystery called ``Wigner's friend'' using Healey's version [1] of Frauchiger and Renner's (FR's) version [2]…
Super Quantum

The Unreasonable Effectiveness of the Popescu-Rohrlich Correlations

In this Insight, I will show how the Popescu-Rohrlich (superquantum) correlations provide an unreasonable advantage in a particular "quantum guessing game''…

Interview with Astrophysicist Adam Becker

Adam Becker is an astrophysicist and science writer whose first book "What Is Real?: The Unfinished Quest for the Meaning of Quantum Physics" just hit…

Learn The Main Conceptual Ideas of Anyon Particles

Every quantum physicist knows that all particles are either bosons or fermions. And the standard textbook argues that this so does not depend on the number…

Interview with Physicist David J. Griffiths

We are pleased to introduce David J. Griffiths. Professor Griffiths is one of the most successful physics textbook writers.  Odds are if you studied…

Tools to Enrich our Quantum Mechanics Interpretations Discourse

IntroductionMany times, we encounter ourselves tangled into some Quantum Mechanics (QM) interpretations debates. Unfortunately, the standard…

Higher Prequantum Geometry V: The Local Observables – Lie Theoretically

 This article discusses how the previous considerations naturally follow the concepts of local observables of local field theories and of…

Higher Prequantum Geometry III: The Global Action Functional – Cohomologically

  The previous article ended with the concept of classical locally variational field theories, of which a class of examples are…

Higher Prequantum Geometry II: The Principle of Extremal Action – Comonadically

  The previous article motivated the importance of considering "pre-quantum field theory" in-between classical and quantum field…

Higher Prequantum Geometry I: The Need for Prequantum Geometry

 Before proceeding with a discussion of the super p-brane sigma models, whose emergence from the superpoint I discussed in the previous article,…

Can We See an Atom?

If you look on the internet for pictures of atoms, you will see images like this:Or like this:Or like this:In this article, I will discuss…