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quantum qubit

A Classical View of the Qubit

This Insight article is part of my paper Foundations of quantum…
against quantum interpretations

Against "interpretation"

I am against "interpretations" of Quantum Mechanics (QM) in a…
Quantum Eraser

The Quantum Mystery of Wigner's Friend

In this Insight I will introduce the quantum mystery called ``Wigner's…
Super Quantum

The Unreasonable Effectiveness of the Popescu-Rohrlich Correlations

In this Insight, I will show how the Popescu-Rohrlich (superquantum)…

Interview with Astrophysicist Adam Becker

Adam Becker is an astrophysicist and science writer whose first…

Anyon Demystified

Every quantum physicist knows that all particles are either bosons…

Interview with a Physicist: David J. Griffiths

We are pleased to introduce David J. Griffiths. Professor Griffiths…

Tools to Enrich our Quantum Mechanics Interpretations Discourse

IntroductionMany times, we encounter ourselves…

Higher Prequantum Geometry V: The Local Observables - Lie Theoretically

 This article discusses how from the previous considerations…

Higher Prequantum Geometry III: The Global Action Functional - Cohomologically

  The previous article ended with the…

Higher Prequantum Geometry II: The Principle of Extremal Action - Comonadically

  The previous article motivated the importance…

Higher Prequantum Geometry I: The Need for Prequantum Geometry

 Before proceeding with discussion of the super…