physicist is a scientist, for example Carl Sagan or Lisa Randall, who has specialized skill in the field of physics. Physics handles the interactions of matter and energy at all length and time scales in the physical universe.

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bhobba physics interview

Interview with Physics Mentor bhobba

Give us an executive summary on bhobbaI was born in Toowong Brisbane Australia 17/11/1955, and was raised in suburbs around Toowong - Toowong itself,…

Interview with Theoretical Physicist Clifford V. Johnson

Clifford V. Johnson is a professor in the Physics and Astronomy Department at the USC. "I mainly work on  (super)string theory, gravity, gauge theory…

Interview with Physicist David J. Griffiths

We are pleased to introduce David J. Griffiths. Professor Griffiths is one of the most successful physics textbook writers.  Odds are if you studied…

Interview with a Physics Mentor: Nugatory

Give us a little background on yourself? I was born in Washington DC, grew up in Texas, bachelor's in physics from Harvard in 1978 but found a career…

Interview with a Physicist: Sean Carroll

We are pleased to introduce Sean Carroll! Sean Carroll is a theoretical physicist at Caltech, specializing in cosmology and quantum mechanics. Sean…

Interview with Chemical Physicist: DrClaude

DrClaude is a mentor at Physics Forums! What brought you to Sweden from Canada?Life, the Universe, and Everything. While in Canada, I…

Interview with a Physics Mentor: PeterDonis

PeterDonis is a Physics Mentor at Physics Forums Give us a little background on PeterDonisI have been interested in science since childhood.…

Interview with Theoretical Physicist Carlo Rovelli

Please give us a bit of background on your life and professional experience ​Life: Born educated in Italy,​ then 10 years in the States and 15 in…

Interview with Mathematical Physicist John Baez Part 2

Read part 1 of this interview. Tell us about your experience with past projects like "This Week's Finds in Mathematical Physics". I was hired by U.C.…

Interview with a Mathematical Physicist: John Baez Part 1

We are proud to introduce you to Mathematical Physicist and PF member John Baez! Give us some background on yourself. I'm interested in all kinds of…

Interview with Theoretical Physicist Garrett Lisi

We are pleased to introduce you to Theoretical Physicist and PF Member Garrett Lisi.  Known for riding waves and developing a unique theory of everything.…

Interview with a Physicist: ZapperZ

This is a new Interview category for Insights. While I line up some great new interviews I’ll be migrating some previous mentor interviews.ZapperZ is…

Interview with a Physicist: Doc Al

This is a new Interview category for Insights. While I line up some great new interviews I’ll be migrating some previous mentor interviews.Doc Al is…
oral presentation

How to Succeed at Oral Presentations As a Physics Major

  I mentioned earlier that there are two ways for physicists to communicate their work. The first is via publications in peer-reviewed…
physics journals

How to Publish in a Physics Journal As a Physics Major

  At this stage, you are well into your Ph.D. research work, and depending on what area of physics you are in, you may already start…
lab work

Research Work and The Lab Book As a Physics Major

  Now, where were we? Oh yes! You have now started with your actual research work. You and your adviser have agreed on at least the…
research work

How to Initiate Research Work As a Physics Major

  It has been a while since the last installment of this series, so let’s recap on where you are right now. You should already…
advisor research

Choosing a Research Area and an Advisor As a Physics Major

  In the previous part, I described the trials and tribulations of going through the qualifying exam that almost all graduate physics…
other majors

How to Enter Physics Graduate School From Another Major

  I have decided to tackle this issue because it became a very common question in many physics forums. Can someone, without a degree…
physics career

The US Graduate School System For Physics Majors

  We are still stuck in the discussion of your fourth and final year of college. This time, I feel that a clear explanation of the…
before grad school

What Physics Majors Should Expect from Graduate School

 We are still discussing the final year of your undergraduate program where you are in the midst of applying to graduate schools. In Part…
physics grad school

How to Apply for Physics Graduate School

 We have now reached the final year of your undergraduate program. By now, you would have gone through courses in the fundamental pillars…
physics major

Explaining the Life of a Physics Major

 So far, I have covered what I believe a student needs all the way to the end of the 2nd year of studies. In most schools in the US, an…
math preparations

Mathematical Preparations For a Physics Major

 Part III: Mathematical PreparationsIn most universities in the US, a student must have a declared major by the end of his or her second…
surviving college

How to Survive the First Year of College As a Physics Major

 Part II: Surviving the First Year of CollegeThis part covers the survival tips of the first two undergraduate years. So now you’re…
Early Physics Education in High schools

Early Physics Education in High Schools For Physics Majors

So You Want to Be a Physicist: A 22 Part Guide  Introduction: The motivation for creating the series One of the most frequent questions…