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    Programs Questions for Mechatronics students/graduates

    Mechatronics and computer science are already very interrelated. I was talking specifically about studying both ME and EE/CS. OP said that a mechatronics degree is lacking courses on fluid dynamics, thermo... Thing is, mechatronics only needs a very basic understanding of mechanical...
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    Programs Questions for Mechatronics students/graduates

    Others might disagree, but I think that trying to cover so much ground is not a particularly good idea. ME is a huge area by itself, and it's very different from your other interests (electrical, electronics). Find what you like the most and stick with it. While you will get some benefit from...
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    Engineering Job experience or pursue a Master (Computer Vision)?

    I intend to finish my bachelor in Computer Science 3 years from now, by which time I will be 24 years old. I'm very interested in technology and cutting edge fields like Computer Vision/Machine Learning, and I would like to work with something like that in the future. Not necessarily with...
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    Engineering Is Computer Engineering "inferior" to EE and CS?

    If I may ask, what do you work with now?
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    Engineering Is Computer Engineering "inferior" to EE and CS?

    I've heard some people saying that Computer Engineering is not highly valued by employers because it typically doesn't delve too deep in electrical engineering essentials (at my college, CompE's takes Circuits classes, Digital Systems, some microcontroller classes, electromagnetics and basic...
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    Programs Switching major to EE: is this a good move?

    I'm currently enrolled in a MechE course, at my third year, and it took a long time to discover that this is not the major for me. In my spare time, I've been learning electronics (Arduino) and programming, and I decided that I like this stuff better than my MechE classes. Most of my interest...
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    Courses Mechanical Engineer switching to CS or Electrical

    I've seen people switching from EE and CompE to CS (in Master Degree programs, I mean), but I'm not sure about ME's. Anyway, it seems like Software Engineering is a "open-minded" field for people with non-CS majors, it seems. I've seen biologists and physicists working as software engineers...
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    Engineering MechE working with software?

    Thanks for the reply! My major concern is facing barriers because my degree is not related to computer science. As I said, I'm not 100% that I will make the switch. I'm going to finish my degree in MechE, get my feet wet and see what are the prospects. But I like to have options, and I want to...
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    Engineering MechE working with software?

    I'm at the third year of my MechE course, and in those three years I've developed a keen interest in software/coding. I still like my degree, things like fluid dynamics/aerodynamics fascinate me, but more and more I see myself working with software and coding. One of the things that I like about...
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    Courses Is CFD fluid mechanics + computer science?

    I'm having fluid dynamics classes right now and I'm enjoying it very much (much more than my solid mechanics classes, by the way). Also, I do like programming and computer science, and CFD looks like a very interesting field. I'm developing a real interest for it. One question for those who are...
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    Explain to me the flaw in this perpetual motion scheme

    Someone showed this to me, and I'm struggling to explain why this perpetual motion scheme is impossible. A picture: Basically, this is a cylinder within a large reservoir, with water at the level of the reservoir water level. The mass would be dropped and then reach the bottom of the cylinder...
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    When are the Navier Stokes equations invalid?

    To analyze compressible flow I would need to rewrite the NS equations or just add the energy equation to the mix? The difference that I see is that, in compressible flow, the density also changes and so becomes a variable, and I would need another equation to describe the flow.
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    When are the Navier Stokes equations invalid?

    I've read that one of the assumptions is that the NS equations are for a incompressible flow. So, for dealing with compressible flow problems, the NS equations cannot be applied?
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    When are the Navier Stokes equations invalid?

    I'm studying the Navier Stokes equations right now, and I've heard that those set of equations are invalid in some situations (like almost any mathematical formulation for a physics problem). I would like to know in which situations I cannot apply the NS equations, and what is the common...
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    How is the moment of inertia of airplanes measured?

    I know it's possible to use a trifilar pendulum to extract information on moments of inertia by measuring the period of oscillation. I've seen this test being executed on small aircraft, like in this video. But I wonder how do is the momement of inertia calculated on big aircraft, like a Boeing...