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    How would one judge whether a secondary carbon would react via SN1 or SN2? (Or both?)

    For example, if we have 2-butanol, a compound with a secondary \alpha carbon and I reacted this with HCl and NH4Br I would get 2-bromobutane (via nucleophillic substitution), but how would I determine whether this goes via SN1 or SN2 to achieve this? Now, if this was 1-bromobutane, I know...
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    Concept question on using integrals to find displacement!

    Homework Statement I was reading a solution to the following question: Given v(t) = 22 + 18 t, use calculus to determine the total displacement from t initial= 1.5 s to t final = 3.1 s Homework Equations Here are the steps in the equation...
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    Having a massive brain fart SIMPLE molarity -> molality conversion

    Having a massive brain fart... SIMPLE "molarity -> molality" conversion... This isn't even a homework question per se, I'm just trying to understand how the question converted the molarity to the molality value, via the density given. I just got a different value of molality when trying to...
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    How do you see the sun after it has set?

    How do you see the sun after it has set?? Homework Statement The density of the atmosphere decreases with height, as does the index of refraction. Explain how one can see the sun after it has set. Homework Equations Snell's Law: sin x1 * x1 = sin x2 * x2 The Attempt at a...
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    Ridiculously simple acceleration and velocity vectors, but I can't get them

    Ridiculously simple acceleration and velocity vectors, but I can't get them.... We're supposed to answer a series of questions based on this diagram, but I am so confused by the answers. Homework Statement A car travels at constant speed along the curved path shown in the figure below...
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    Higher Chemical Concentration = Higher Temperature of Precipitation. Why?

    If two chemicals are mixed together, say: Na_2SO_4 + CaCl_2 --> 2NaCl + CaSO_4 If I had varying concentrations of the reactant solutions, why is it that the higher concentration mixtures will precipitate at a higher temperature? and lower concentration chemicals will precipitate at a lower...
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    Thermochemistry Lab: Need help on finding a suitable double displacement reaction

    Well, my chemistry teacher is extremely confusing, and wants us to create our own lab where we figure out the enthalpy changes in a chemical reaction. Is there are reaction out there that would give a considerable change in temperature, while using chemicals typically found in a high school? As...
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    A simple circle question

    interesting, i was thinking that: Line OM + r = R would that work?
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    A simple circle question

    Hi guys, I found this little problem on some website ages go, and was just wondering what you think of it: [Broken] Anyone have any ideas?
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    Graphs: End Behavoir Question

    Hi I've got a little question regarding the end bevhoir of this graph, x/(x^2-4) [Broken] I think that determining the end behavoir is in relation to the x axis. So would the end bevhoir of the graph be from negative to postitive? (-/+)...
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    Simple Trig Question Help!

    at risk of sounding stupid, what's second quadrant? edit: ok, i think i might need to show the full question, as this is a multiple choice question.. What is the value of cos A if sin A = 0.9063 and angle A is an obtuse angle? A. -0.4226 B. -0.0158 C. 0.0158 D. 0.4226
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    Simple Trig Question Help!

    hmm.. im not sure what the pythagrean identies are... and i haven't learned about them either.. is there a simpler way to do this?
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    Simple Trig Question Help!

    What is the value of cos A if sin A = 0.9063 and angle A is an obtuse angle? Does this need the sine or cosine laws? What would the obtuse angle thing be hinting at? Any help would be appreciated!
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    A perfect square trinomial stumped.

    Ah! Thank You Guys! I see how it works now! :rolleyes:
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    A perfect square trinomial stumped.

    ok, I'm pretty sure this is ridiculously simple, but I am stumped by this question.. What value of k would make 25x^2 - 60xy + ky^2 a perfect square trinomial? I just don't know where to begin in order to find k. :uhh: Any help would be much appreciated!