impedance matching

  1. Mzzed

    Impedance of RF Connectors

    I am just a bit confused as to how impedance is matched with RF connectors such as type-N or BNC connectors. I know Coaxial cabling and RF connectors come in common impedance ratings like 50 or 75 ohm but how is this all matched properly? For example many people have told me that when using...
  2. Mzzed

    Load matching/impedance matching

    Hi all, I am currently working on a project where the output/load consists of both a variable inductance and variable resistance, whilst the circuit driving this load is a class E radio frequency (RF) power amplifier with low resistance but relatively high/medium reactance (attempting to design...
  3. A

    Why does having a high input impedance and low output impeda

    1. Homework Statement Say you connect Circuit A with low output impedance to circuit B with high input impedance. Why does this cause minimal voltage drop compared to connecting them the other way around (high output to low input). 2. Homework Equations P = V^2/R P = IV 3. The Attempt at a...
  4. T

    Impedance matching a purely resistive load

    1. Homework Statement A 25-Ω antenna is connected to a 75-Ω lossless transmission line. Reflections back toward the generator can be eliminated by placing a shunt reactance Z at a distance l from the load (Fig. 1). Determine the values of Z and l. 2. Homework Equations...
  5. G

    How does an equivalent impedance consume a real power?

    Hello. Please looks at the attached image first. The left image is LCC impedance matching network (one of T-type impedance matching networks) and the right is the corresponding equivalent circuit when CT and CL are adjusted such that an equivalent impedance of the sub-circuit surrounded by...
  6. M

    Optimal location of receiver on a transmission line

    I am measuring a communications bus with an oscilloscope at various points along the line. I understand that there will be reflections at each stub as well as at the ends of the bus if the impedance doesn't match. I also understand that these reflected signals will add/subtract with the...
  7. V

    Can someone explain this complex math problem?

    I'm working out an impedance matching problem from a textbook (it is not part of any coursework) and I am trying to figure out how they get the 315 term in the polar coordinates below. Z = (XC*RL)/(XC+RL) = (-j333*(1000))/(-j333+1000) = 315 , -71.58* = 100 -j300 ohms I calculated that...
  8. V

    I What is the approximate impedance of an RF plasma "antenna"?

    I've searched high and low for data regarding this from scientific papers to books and I cannot find anything in regards to the approximate impedance to excite a vacuum vessel to plasma state. In particular I want to built a RF Plasma cleaning chamber, however, I am not sure how to design the...
  9. I

    Backward Impedance Matching

    1. Homework Statement 2. Homework Equations 3. The Attempt at a Solution 1) I determined the input impedance of the first transmission line (Zin1). 2) I...
  10. B

    Photodiode to CMOS

    I am now trying to design a photonic integrated circuit which will be used to replace the global interconnect layer of a LSI. I need to somehow take the output of a photodiode w/o TIA (10G signal perhaps) and then transmit that signal to other layer of the LSI by TSV or something. Assume a...
  11. A

    Inductance of Square Coil Antenna on PCB

    Hey guys, I am trying to design an Inductive Square Antenna Coil that will be milled onto my PCB. I am slightly confused when it comes to the matching circuit. To my understanding the matching circuit is there to have the same impedance value of the antenna, correct? So my matching circuit...
  12. uzi kiko

    Impedance matching and tuning of RF coil

    Hi everybody. I am trying to understand the concept of impedance matching and tuning of RF coil. As far as I understand there are 2 stages: At the first stage I should match the coil to the source (Let's say with L network method) and the second stage is to tune coil to the desirable frequency...
  13. uzi kiko

    Impedance matching and tuning RF coil

    Hi everybody. I am trying to understand the concept of impedance matching and tuning of RF coil. As far as I understand there are 2 stages: At the first stage I should match the coil to the source (Let's say with L network method) and the second stage is to tune coil to the desirable...
  14. N

    CMOS to Microstrip Impedance Matching

    I need to somehow take the output of a CMOS IC and transmit that signal over a 50 Ohm Microstrip line. The output impedance of the CMOS IC is about 15 megaohms. I see a lot of examples for going from 75 ohms to 50 ohms or similar but nothing on something of this magnitude. Any ideas? CMOS...
  15. G

    L Impedance matching network problem

    Hello. The attached image is L impedance matching network, use for impedance matching between source and load impedance. The calculation shows that in this circuit, load impedance Rp sees whole impedance (equivalent impedance) of the source impedance and reactive components as matched to...
  16. G

    Impedance matching of transmission line to source impedance

    Hello I'm now studying transmission line theory. I got to know how impedance matching between characteristic impedance of transmission line and electrical load is important to achieve maximum power transfer and minimize power reflection which causes danger for the system. But the textbook...
  17. kelvin490

    Question about transformer reflected source

    The following show the idea how a Thevenin equivalent source is used to replace the primary circuit of transformer. In textbook it is commonly stated that the...
  18. vinusherkhane

    When we can say that a waveguide is perfectly matched?

    please explain somebody what it means I am totally confused.
  19. P

    Impedance matching and Smith diagram.

    May I pose a question concerning impedance matching and Smith diagrams?