What is Infinite energy: Definition and 31 Discussions

Infinite Energy is a bi-monthly magazine published in New Hampshire that details theories and experiments concerning alternative energy, new science and new physics. The magazine was founded by the late Eugene Mallove, and is owned by the non-profit New Energy Foundation. It was established in 1994 as Cold Fusion magazine and changed its name in March 1995.Topics of interest include "new hydrogen physics," also called cold fusion; vacuum energy, or zero point energy; and so-called "environmental energy" which they define as the attempt to violate the Second Law of Thermodynamics, for example with a perpetual motion machine. This is done in pursuit of the founder's commitment to "unearthing new sources of energy and new paradigms in science." The magazine has also published articles and book reviews that are critical of the Big Bang theory that describes the origin of the universe.
The magazine has a print run of 3,000, and is available on U.S. newsstands. The issues range in size from 48 to 100 pages.

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  1. Y

    I Exploring the Possibility of Infinite Energy with Magnets

    This is not homework, just a question of curiosity. Something that came to my mind last night. Say I have a magnet and a piece of iron. Say I use it to do weight training exercise. I stick the magnet on the wall and stick the iron on the magnet. Say it takes 100lbs of force to pull the piece of...
  2. C

    Conflict Between Infinite energy levels and Valence Shells

    Homework Statement I'm having trouble understanding the existence of valence shells. I understood that valence shell is the last energy level for the electrons to populate around an atom. But, according to Bohr model , an atom can have infinite energy levels , so I don't understand: How can...
  3. another_dude

    Why doesn't sunlight have infinite energy?

    In school we are taught that sunlight contains all different frequencies of light. Also that each frequency has it's own unique wavelength and energy (per photon). So my question is that if there are infinitely many different wavelengths of light (much like infinitely many numbers in an...
  4. Hawksteinman

    I have created infinite energy?

    I was recently charging my phone and I plugged it out when it reached 94%. I have been using it for over an hour now, and it still says it is charging and the battery still is at 94% This is amazing!
  5. R

    Gravitational potential between two massive particles....

    If my understanding is correct, all particles are sources of gravitational fields (albeit minor ones), and the gravitational potential energy between two bodies is given by: U = -GMm/r So, if we have two Z bosons (or any other bosons with mass but no repulsion due to charge) which are traveling...
  6. 4

    I QFT for the Gifted Amateur Question (2)

    In chapter 11, Lancaster takes us through the 5 steps for canonical quantization of fields, and in example 11.3 he derives a mode expansion of the Hamiltonian which ends in this: $$E=\int d^3 p E_p (a _p^{\dagger} a_p + \frac{1}{2} \delta^{(3)}(0)) $$ Which I have no problem with, but then...
  7. G

    I Deriving Concepts of Tachyons: Speed, Energy & c

    I've read somewhere that hypothetical tachyons always travel faster than c, speed up when they lose energy, and slow down when they gain energy. And that it takes an infinite amount of energy to slow tachyons down to c. How did they derive all these concepts?
  8. M

    Can i get infinite energy ?

    Please help me If I put a dynamo in a space ( no air ) ... and I gave it a movement ... to produce energy. ... and considered to delete any friction between its parts ... will it move forever producing infinite energy !?
  9. C

    Infinite energy states for an harmonic oscillator?

    So, I've read conference proceedings and they appear to talk about counter-intuitive it was to create an infinite-energy state for the harmonic oscillator with a normalizable wave function (i.e. a linear combination of eigenstates). How exactly could those even exist in the first place?
  10. L

    Infinite Energy: Is Constant Exchange of Photons Possible?

    In gravitational field its a constant exchange of photons right? Then in ideal circumstances, if one object orbits the other one forever, then it means we get the exchange of photons forever right?which means infinite energy, I get that it can't be observed but that's possible for infinite...
  11. L

    Gravity is different - infinite energy stored

    Around time 33:40 min in this video, Prof. Paul Steinhardt says the following about gravity: This argument is often brought forward, as in this case here, when inflationary cosmology is explained. The energy of the inflating universe comes from gravity or energy of the inflating universe is...
  12. S

    Angular Momentum & Precession: Harnessing Torque?

    I am currently studying angular momentum and precession. If you suppose that you had a frictionless gyroscope with the flywheel spinning, thus precessing, could you harness the torque (converted to kinetic energy) generated about the axis of precession? since the force is generated by gravity it...
  13. R

    Why does going faster than the speed of light require infinite energy?

    I honestly can't make any sense of this. I've been told traveling even one time faster the speed of light, the mass becomes infinite; therefore, infinite energy is required. However, traveling just one time above speed of light isn't an infinite speed. The object isn't constantly increasing...
  14. W

    Infinite Energy beneath Quantum Vacuum?

    In the thread https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=343049 Science Advisor Born2bwire mentioned: "Since the vacuum state has infinite energy, it has infinite photons. Everytime we add energy into the electromagnetic fields, we just pull a photon out of the vacuum state." How many...
  15. E

    Where does a photon get it's infinite energy from?

    I know frequency and energy vary in photon. I also know that mass is the same as energy, which relates to Einsteins famous equation. What I want to know first is, can energy exist without mass? Some energy being transported somewhere for e.g. without no mass. So, the real question is, if you...
  16. M

    Infinite energy in a point charge

    What? W = \frac{\epsilon_{0}}{2} \int E^2 d \tau = \frac{\epsilon_{0}}{2 \left( 4 \pi \epsilon_{0} \right)^{2}} \int \frac{q^{2}}{r^{4}} r^{2} sin \theta dr d \theta d \phi = \frac{q^{2}}{8 \pi \epsilon_{0}} \int_{0}^{\infty} \frac{1}{r^{2}} dr = \infty Griffith explains this infinite energy...
  17. D

    The Big Bang singularity - does it have infinite energy?

    Since the big bang singularity has infinite density, gravity, and heat, am I correct to think that it has infinite energy? Since the black hole singularity also has infinite density, gravity, but has finite heat, does it have infinite energy as well? With regards to the black hole...
  18. D

    Method for storing infinite energy?

    The title sounds impossible and that is exactly what I presume this idea is which is why I am here... I thought of this the other night and it should be impossible but I am not sure which of the many "laws" which collectively tell us there is no such thing as a free lunch prohibit this from...
  19. menniandscience

    Harness Infinite Energy with Magnets in Space

    if we take a magnet and put in space, now we take another magnet and start to revolve it around the first, the centrifugal force will make it try to push it out of the circular course we want it to stay but the magnetic force will pull it in a way that the two forces cancel each other, and...
  20. S

    Can there be infinite energy?

    It seems that our perception of time is inter-related to the loss of energy and order over time. If infinite regress were true when that means infinite energy right? So can we have infinite energy? Is there infinite regress? Can we even have infinite energy?
  21. S

    Can we have infinite energy?

    Homework Statement The question I have is, is can we have infinite energy? The Attempt at a Solution I've tried thinking about this. It seems that our perception of time is inter-related to the loss of energy and order over time. If infinite regress were true when that means...
  22. science_rules

    Infinite energy and conservation

    doesnt the fact that a magnet's field going from one end to another perpetually, constitute infinite energy? also, don't particles disobey the conservation law because where do particles get their energy from? particles are always moving. they never stop. but why is matter only destroyed if a...
  23. J

    Is Infinite Energy-Powered Car Technology Possible?

    just wondering, why haven't i read about this yet? I know that they have a device that (once it has a kick start) it can generate more electricity than what is required to run it. so there is infinite electricity right there also there are certain basic models that demonstrate that...
  24. E

    Infinite energy, light speed.

    I'm kind of new to theory and, here is something I thought about, please tell me if I'm wrong. If it takes infinite energy to travel at speed of light, photons that travel at speed of light, must have infinite amount of energy, and if time flow is approaching 0 for the (photon), photon energy...
  25. E

    Infinite Energy and the Big Bang: Understanding Heat as Energy in Physics

    Hello there. This is my post. I've recently taken up an interest again in physics, well more reading about it out of interest. I was just reading Stephens Hawkings' 'A brief history of time' and there is something which I don't understand about it. I was wondering if someone could...
  26. W

    Infinite Mass, Infinite Energy

    I frequently read that accelerating a rest mass to c is impossible because it requires infinite energy. I just read another such post a moment ago. Surely, this must be a perception ONLY! That something's mass increases, I mean. It seems to me its mass does not actually increase, only...
  27. S

    Infinite energy magazine

    has anyone read infinite energy magazine? is it recommended? is all the stories there true stuff? or just bull&*^#?
  28. N

    Infinite Energy With Fuel Cells?

    I've got a problem. I tried to see what would happen when putting a fuel cell and electrolysis in a circle. I end up with infinite energy, so I must be doing something wrong. Electrolysis 4 H2O -> 4 H+ + 4 OH- 4 H+ + 4 e- -> 4 H -> 2 H2 || The H2 is lead to the fuel cell anode 4 OH- ->...
  29. A

    Pocket watch infinite energy

    if you have, let's say, a pocket watch. and somehow using and infinite energy, it travel at a light speed and still working properly. now if relatively to us, is the clock ticking.
  30. G

    Infinite Universe Energy: CMBR Impact?

    If the universe turns out to be spatially infinite, does that mean it contains infinite energy because of the CMBR?
  31. J

    Infinite Energy Through Extradimensions?

    is it possible that there could exist a dimension of infinite energy that we could use as a source to accelerate to the speed of light and could biological quantum wormholes provide us with an extradimensional source of infinite energy somewhere. are there any theories on an extradimension of...