What is Right hand rule: Definition and 116 Discussions

In mathematics and physics, the right-hand rule is a common mnemonic for understanding orientation of axes in three-dimensional space.
Most of the various left-hand and right-hand rules arise from the fact that the three axes of three-dimensional space have two possible orientations. One can see this by holding one's hands outward and together, palms up, with the fingers curled, and the thumb out-stretched. If the curl of the fingers represents a movement from the first or x-axis to the second or y-axis, then the third or z-axis can point along either thumb. Left-hand and right-hand rules arise when dealing with coordinate axes. We can use this to find the direction of the magnetic field, rotation, spirals, electromagnetic fields, mirror images, and enantiomers in mathematics and chemistry.

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  1. bluesteels

    Confused about applying the Right Hand Rule (RHR)

    the answer is attractive. but i don't see how this is how I draw mine and I use the RHR on the magnetic field between the two wire and I got the force is opposite
  2. kuruman

    B A "no hands" rule for the cross product (requires literacy)

    Although it is considered unwise to judge a book by its cover, a book's cover is still useful for finding the direction of the cross product ##\mathbf{A}\times \mathbf{B}## between two given vectors. Being able to read is all that is needed. Here is a detailed procedure. Step 1. Move one...
  3. M

    Electrical Fleming's "right hand rule" is not working for me. Why?

    I built this DIY generator on the thought that the flux from two north poles of a magnet would be attracted to an iron core of a toroid coil. I wrapped the 4 inch OD toroidal coil with about 700 turns of 27 awg wire. The toroid coil is stationary with the magnetic flux rotating around the coil...
  4. N

    Right Hand Rule for Electromagnets

    Ok I’m trying to understand the right hand rule in relation to electromagnets. Since I’m a visual learner I made myself a little diagram. Is my little diagram correctly showing the flow of electrons relative to the magnetic poles? Also does the core and helix being slightly curved affect the...
  5. S

    Confusion about the right hand rule (Lorentz Force)

    Hello. I am trying to do a basic experiment to demonstrate I⊗β≈ƒ or current cross magnetic field results in a force perpendicular to the plane of the other two. But every time I test this out, it appears I get a force in the same direction as the magnetic field. Here is my experiment: Strong...
  6. PhysicsTest

    Two variants of the Right hand rule

    I found two variants of Right hand rule one of the straight wire and to find the direction of the magnetic field i need to use the below method Method1: And to find the direction of magnetic field produced by current in a loop Method2: In method1 the thumb was pointing in the direction of...
  7. A

    Understanding Torque: Applying the Right Hand Rule in Real Life

    What does right hand rule torque mean in real life? engine crankshaft produce torque,if apply right hand rule to crankshat that will mean that torque is act in crankshaft axiis of roatation,which mean axials berings will have huge load on it,,that is not the case in reality,axail bering don't...
  8. P

    Magnetic Forces & Moving Wires: The Right Hand Rule

    OK so a wire with a current creates a b field in accordance with the right hand rule. Now moving charge will feel a force (if its moving in the correct direction) while stationary charges will not feel a magnetic force. What I am curious about is if we move the wire itself, will a stationary...
  9. R

    B How to explain "the right hand rule" to an alien universe

    Suppose we are in communication with aliens who live in a different universe. I know, that's impossible, communication requires the exchange of mass or energy, which implies that we live in the same universe. But suppose it is true. I am wondering, can we and the aliens, via this communication...
  10. L

    Electromagnetic Induction and Faraday's Law w/ Right Hand Rule

    Homework Statement Homework Equations Right Hand Rule The Attempt at a Solution I am not understanding why the force is left. I can only figure out that the current in the solenoid is moving clockwise because of the right hand rule. From there, I see that the induced current might be...
  11. M

    The right hand rule in a magnetic field

    Homework Statement An electron moving in the -z direction enters a region that has a uniform magnetic field in the +y direction. When the electron enters this region, what direction will it be deflected in? Homework Equations F=qv X B The Attempt at a Solution I tried answering this question...
  12. G

    Magnetic Field from Protons vs Electrons

    If an electron is moving in a circle in a magnetic field, it produces a magnetic field in accordance to the right hand rule. If a proton is moving in a circle in a magnetic field, would it produce a magnetic field in accordance to the left hand equivalent to the right hand rule.
  13. Y

    Why does Fleming's right hand rule apply for induced current

    I know that the right hand rule applies for induced currents, and the left hand rule is for motors, but why? It doesn't seem to connect with any other physics laws and is very counter-intuitive that the current will flow in one direction rather than the opposite direction if both are...
  14. JTC

    I Why does the cross product operation adhere to the right-hand rule?

    (First, I am aware there is no cross product in higher dimensions. I am aware of differential forms. I am aware of the problems with the cross product. I know enough to know what I don't know. but set all that aside.) With that, could someone help me, by properly phrasing the cross product...
  15. D

    Fleming's left and right hand rule - how do they work?

    Homework Statement AC production and relationships that determine movement and current flow direction from Flaming's left hand and right hand rule. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution Left hand rule for motors- right hand rule for generators The thumb, index and midle fingers are all...
  16. Tomi Kolawole

    Direction of magnetic field problem (Right Hand Rule)

    Homework Statement Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I have already solved for the magnetic fields everywhere AND THE magnetic field at R>F = (U/2*PI*R)*(I2-I1) My only problem is i know i use the right hand rule to determine the direction of the magnetic field B as clockwise or...
  17. K

    Direction of the Magnetic Field at a Point

    Homework Statement The problem asks to find the direction of the magnetic field at point P, which is at the center of 2 separate semi-circle wires that form a circle. The current in each wire flows in the same direction (to the right). I attached a picture below. Homework EquationsThe Attempt...
  18. Dimani4

    Define the polarization in TE/TM modes

    Hello people, I'm a little bit confused about how to define the polarization direction for TM/TE mode. Take a look at the TE mode picture I found in some place. Picture1 The Cartesian system of coordinate (XYZ) here is chosen by the right hand rule. Picture2 But how we chose the direction...
  19. N

    Right-Hand Rule: Finding Induced Direction in a One Loop Wire on the Page

    1. The problem statement, all variables, and given/known data A one loop wire is lying on the page with a magnetic field pointing into the page. The magnetic field strength is increasing with time, the induced current direction in the loop is: Assume magnetic field is pointing into the page and...
  20. T

    Understanding Linear Motors: Right Hand Rule & Current Flow

    Hi there, I attached an image of a basic linear motor. I'm a little confused if I use the right hand rule or left hand rule. I did it both ways and I think the left hand rule is the only rule that allows for a force being applied to the right. I assume the current is going down rather than...
  21. J6204

    Using the right hand rule in physics

    1. Homework Statement I need to use the right hand rule to determine the direction of the force on the current carrying wire shown in the above figure Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution Using the right hand rule, if I point my fingers in the same direction as I, then curl them...
  22. J

    Magnet Attracts North End of Compass: Meaning

    when a magnet attracts the north end of a compass, what does that mean?
  23. M

    Help with magnetic induction and finding induced current

    Homework Statement I have attached a picture that details the problem. This is my practice test and I have no clue what I am doing wrong. Essentially a loop of wire is moving in constant velocity into a magnetic field. The magnetic field lines are pointing into the page. The problem is...
  24. S

    Using the right hand rule with symbols

    Homework Statement Homework Equations Right Hand Rule #3 The Attempt at a Solution For #11 I can do b) left f) downward But I don't understand how to do a,c,e because I don't understand how to use RHR 3 with those inward/outward info for V. And I don't understand D because it doesn't...
  25. S

    Using right hand rule 1 to find direction of magnetic field

    [Mentor's note: Thread moved from technical sections so no template shown] So the calculations all make sense. But for example to find the direction of B2= 1.33 X 10-5T I believe you should position your right hand like this: Because your thumb should point in the direction of the current...
  26. J

    Solving Right Hand Rule Homework with Electric & Magnetic Fields

    Homework Statement An electron is suspended due to the combination of an electric field and a magnetic field. What is the direction of the magnetic field in this region? Don't need to solve this, just need to explain the approach to solve it. Homework Equations Right hand rule 1- thumb...
  27. LaneRendell

    Direction of Magnetic Force

    Homework Statement Homework Equations The Right-Hand Rule The Attempt at a Solution I'm having some issues with the right-hand rule to find the direction of magnetic force, and I'm doing a homework problem. The answers I got are (letters are vector directions): A: -j B: i C: j D: i E:-i...
  28. E

    What is the direction of the resulting force on this current

    Homework Statement A vertical wire carries a current straight up in a region where the magnetic field vector points due north. What is the direction of the resulting force on this current? The diagram shows a force arrow perpendicular to the B (magnetic field arrow). The magnetic field is...
  29. A

    Right Hand Rule for Magnetic Forces.

    Homework Statement A particle travels 27 degrees to the y axis, a magnetic field travels parallel to the y axis. In which direction is the magnetic force. Homework Equations Thumb=direction of q Fingers=direction of field palm=direction of force The Attempt at a Solution Basically how do I...
  30. P

    What is the Direction of Magnetic Field Lines?

    This is completely confusing me, please help. The word that is giving me problems is "direction". The text talks about the "direction of the magnetic field lines" . As I understand it, the fied lines curve around a straight wire. So you can only have two directions, clockwise or anticlockwise...
  31. S

    A question about the right hand rule

    Hey everyone, I was hoping you could help me solve a little problem. I'm having a little difficulty understanding why the right hand rule works for determining the direction of the magnetic field. I've found a similar question posted here...
  32. G

    Scalar product using right hand rule ?

    Homework Statement Refer to solution II , the author used the scalar analysis( dot product) to get the direction of moment ...IMO , this is incorrect ... Only cross product can be determined this way . correct me if I'm wrong . Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution
  33. M

    Magnetic Field -- Some help with the right hand rule please

    Homework Statement A magnetic field of 0.0200 T (up) is created in a region. a) Find the initial magnetic force on an electron initially moving at 5.00 x 10^6 m/s (N) in the field. b) What is the radius of the circular path? Make a sketch showing the path of the electron. Homework...
  34. Jimbob999

    What is the Direction of Magnetic Force on a Moving Electron?

    Homework Statement An electron (charge = –1.6 x 10^–19 C) is moving at 3.0 x 10^5 m/s in the positive x direction. A magnetic field of 0.80 T is in the positive z direction. The magnetic force on the electron is: http://edugen.wileyplus.com/edugen/art2/common/pixel.gif a) 0 N b) 3.8 x 10^–14...
  35. A

    A circular loop over a magnetic field directed outwards

    Homework Statement There is a counterclockwise current I in a circular loop of wire situated in an external magnetic field directed out of the page as shown. The effect of the forces that act on this current is to make the loop Select one: a. expand in size X b. contract in size c...
  36. B

    Stokes's Theorem and the Right Hand Rule

    Homework Statement For \mathbf{F} = y \mathbf{i} - x \mathbf{j} + 4z \mathbf{k} evaluate the surface integral of (\nabla \times \mathbf{F}) · k over the 2D surface of the disc x^{2} + y^{2} \leq 4, z = \frac{H}{2} Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I am unsure of my answer to this...
  37. J

    Electromagnetic induction of a closed circular wire

    Homework Statement (See image) a closed circular wire A lies in the plane of the wire B in the circuit. Deduce the direction. Of the induced current in A when (A) the switch is closed (B) the switch is opened (C) the wire A is raised out of the plane of the paper. Homework EquationsThe...
  38. minimario

    Unsure About the Right Hand Rule? Get Help Here!

    Homework Statement Homework Equations Right Hand Rule The Attempt at a Solution I can get the magnitude, but cannot get the directions from the RHR. Can somebody make video/explain? Thanks!
  39. R

    Right Hand Rule Magnetic Force

    I'm just really confused with this right hand rule even though it seems like it's supposed to be pretty simple and obvious. I know the rules, however it doesn't really work for me. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. I have three examples I'd like to cover which are related to each other, I hope...
  40. K

    Right Hand Rule & Conventional Current: What is Correct?

    Homework Statement I have a question that involves a wire XY (X moving down the page to Y) moving to the right of the page at right angles to a magnetic field that acts out of the paper. The question then asks me which end of the wire will become positively charged. The textbook uses...
  41. G

    Fleming's Right Hand Rule

    Can I use Fleming's right hand rule to determine the direction of current when a magnet is moved into a coil(s) of wire? I am finding it difficult because the magnetic field and movement are parallel instead of at right angles. If not, does this mean I am only allowed to use it when a wire...
  42. T

    What Direction is C? Apply the Right Hand Rule

    Homework Statement If C = A × B, A points up, and B points south, which direction is C? Select one: a. west b. up c. north d. down e. east Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution i used the right hand rule and got east as the solution could i have a little verification...
  43. adjacent

    Fleming's left and Right hand rule

    Homework Statement Not a Home-work problem,just a doubt.Since this is a school doubt,I will post here. Fleming's left and right hand rule Why do we use two hands for the same thing?Can't we just use one hand? Why is it different? I have tried searching Google but could not get an answer...
  44. L

    Right hand rule - Magnetic field

    Homework Statement Conventional current flows in a ring in the direction indicated in the diagram (if you stand at location A, on the +x axis, and look toward the ring, current flows clockwise). At each of the locations labeled by a letter, use the right hand rule to find the direction of...
  45. T

    Understanding the Right Hand Rule: Determining Direction Using Cross-Products

    Homework Statement If z is east and y is north then x is? A. West B. East C. North D. South E. Down Homework Equations I have trued getting the proper orientation but the direction I would have obtained is not an option 'up' a comment would be appreciated The Attempt at a Solution
  46. T

    Right hand rule three d coordinate system

    Homework Statement If z is up and x is west they y is what direction A. West B. Down C. Up D. East E. South Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I tried applying the rule and obtained south as my answer would anyone be able.to provide a.solution
  47. S

    Right hand rule, vector and angles

    Homework Statement A particle with a unit charge enters a magnetic field B = i + j with velocity v = 17k . Find the magnitude and direction of the force on the particle. The Attempt at a Solution Had no issues finding the magnitude. However, when finding the direction of the force...
  48. G

    Confusion on applying right hand rule

    Hi guys I always get confused when I do the right hand rule like here when I apply it to this problem I am getting different answer than what the book have. A uniform magnetic field B, with magnitude 1.2 mT, points vertically upward throughout the volume of the room in which you are sitting...
  49. C

    Directions of (electro)magnetic fields/application of right hand rule

    Hello everyone, I have two different problems from webassign homework that I could use some clarification with; as stated in the title, I'm having trouble applying the right hand rule in both. Since the basis of my difficulties are the same, I hope it's okay to include both problems in the...