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Stocks are restraining devices that were used as a form of corporal punishment and public humiliation.

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  1. hagopbul

    What Mathematical Concepts Support Profits on MetaTrader?

    TL;DR Summary: Asking about meta trader platform and what mathematical theories should i read about Hello : Recently got my attention a claim about meta trader platform and how you can use it as supportive income source What is this platform exactly ? What should I read to be able to use...
  2. M

    I Finance: does the volatility of a stock follow a certain distribution?

    Hi, I am not sure whether this is the right forum to post this. Please let me know if I should move and will do so. Overall question: Does the 'volatility' (i.e. standard deviation of the log returns) follow any sort of statistical distribution - maybe normal or log-normal? Background/...
  3. kyphysics

    Why Are AMD and NVDA chip stocks so popular and rising the past few years?

    I'm a not techie - liberal arts and social sciences grad. For those knowledgeable about this space, can you explain what AMD and NVDA have going for them that is so great that their stocks have risen by 20-30 times in the past few years? I know that AMD is basically a chip company. They...
  4. BWV

    Most stocks under-perform T-Bills

    https://csinvesting.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Bessembinder-Do-Stocks-Outperform-Treasury-Bills.pdf cool graphic here https://wpcarey.asu.edu/sites/default/files/do-stocks-outperform-treasury-bills.pdf
  5. Bystander

    News Stocks: DJIA Futures Down 400 Before Opening Bell

    Ten hours to opening bell, and Bloomberg's "DJIA Futures" are down a solid 400; could be an "interesting" day on Wall Street.
  6. StevieTNZ

    News Five Years On Since the Global Financial Crisis

    As outlined in this article - http://nz.finance.yahoo.com/news/anniversary-great-recession-whats-changed-145605229.html - today marks the fifth year in which the financial crisis 'started'. I quote 'started' as the initial lead up occurred when those with very terrible credit ratings were...
  7. J

    Does anyone here trades in the stock exchange? (U.S)

    Anyone who trades in the stock exchange, can I get some advice on books, websites, or any other resource to learn the basics of investing? Also is there any general tips you could give me? Thank you :confused:
  8. I

    Are Mortgage Backed Securities Still a Risky Investment?

    This link really ticked me off http://beta.fool.com/equityfinancials/2013/04/07/undervalued-financial-stock-yielding/29465/?source=eogyholnk0000001 You think we would have learned the lesson the last crash around...
  9. trollcast

    Simple Economic / Stock price model

    I'm trying to program a simple game with a handful of fictious companies on a virtual stock exchange that is semi realistic with price variations and trends over time. However I made a quick test using random functions and probabilities to produce the variations but I can't seem to strike a...
  10. E

    Investing money with PhD stipend.

    I am a senior undergrad who will be enrolling in a PhD program next semester. I haven't decided yet on the exact program, but the offers that I have received guarantee an average stipend of about $22,000 per year. I believe health insurance is also included in most packages (although I will...
  11. J

    How to get started with stocks?

    I'm a young kid, 22 years old turning 23 in November. I've always been interested in the stock market, and as my dad is trades fairly extensively, I've picked his brain a bit. I want to start learning about how the market works, then start paper trading for practice, then if all goes well, to...
  12. N

    Maximizing University Savings: Is Investing in Stocks the Best Strategy?

    If so, post your portfolio. I'm currently working to increase my university savings (I'm about to finish high-school and start at uni in one year) and I think it'd be a waste to keep the money in the bank. I mean, here you get a 3% bank rent? After taxes it's actually around 2,2%, while...
  13. rhody

    Took my balance in my 401K program out of all stocks, bonds

    I just took my balance in my 401K program out of all stocks, bonds, and corporate stock funds and put the into FIXED. I never thought I would see this day happen, but what I see (not happening) in Washington in addressing the debt limit gives me cause for concern. IMHO, it is better to...
  14. B

    How Can You Start Trading Stocks as a Beginner?

    What are some good websites to use for looking up stocks? I've heard of websites like hot penny stocks.com...what are some good ones out there? Also, what does one have to do in order to be able to buy and sell stocks. Do you set up a brokerage account? Do you do it through your bank? I just...
  15. S

    Stocks question(multivariable calculus)

    calculate \iint_{M}^{}rot(\vec{F})\vec{dS} where \vec{F}=(y^2z,zx,x^2z^2) M is a part of z=x^2+y^2 which is located in 1=x^2+y^2 and its normal vector points outside i am used to solve it like this \iint_{M}^{}rot\vec{F}\vec{dS}=\iint_{D}\frac{rot\vec{F}\cdot...
  16. J

    Estimating Stock Volatility with Returns & Options Prices

    Options prices are often based upon the volatility of a stock. I'm left to wonder how we might estimate volatility. Let: r is the yearly expected rate of return \sigma_r is the uncertainty in the yearly expected rate of return. \sigma_y the daily volatility. Then we might model the current...
  17. BWV

    If you buy individual stocks - why?

    Given that stockpicking is a zero sum game relative to index returns (before transaction costs - after costs it is negative sum), is it simply the cognitive bias of overconfidence the reason why you all buy individual stocks? Or is it for the entertainment value Probably a mixture of both for me
  18. B

    Investing in stocks and probability

    the possibility of people investing in stock A is 0.40, the possibility of people investing in stock B is 0.15, and the possiblity of people investing in both stock is 0.05. the question is what is the possibility of people investing in stock A first and will also invest in stock B. I...
  19. E

    I heard from that Stocks, the famous mathematician who I appreciate

    I heard from that Stocks,the famous mathematician who I appreciate very much,made a theory to explain the experiments which lead to the birth of special relativity.Anyone who knows it please tell me.