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  1. Luke2642

    I Force & energy in cutting and stretching magnetic field lines?

    I have an ordinary switchable magnet for holding tools to a lathe. It's like a magnetic force gearbox, but I can't quite understand the force multiplication. When placed on a steel surface the switch force is approximately ~5N on both finger and thumb at 1.5cm radius acting over a 3cm arc...
  2. Nonametheone

    B Can a virtual particle from a maget accelerate another particle on a linear path?

    Summary: Can a particle accelerator accelerate gaseous fuel? Does space-time differ for detonating ionized fuel moving near the speed of light within a magnetic field such as a particle accelerator?
  3. M

    Magnitude of the Magnetic Field near a Circuit Inclined at an Angle

    For the front wire, I got the magnitude of the magnetic field in terms of the magnitude of the magnetic force, the current, "l," and the "theta". I am unsure how to proceed because I thought that the magnetic force is independent of any other forces. I am also just lost in general. Any help...
  4. H

    I What exactly is magnetism, anyway?

    After carefully reading text books, research papers and a lot of forums, I find myself more confused than ever regarding the composition of magnetic fields. So please let me ask some (hopefully) very simple questions: (1) Do we or do we not know exactly how magnetic fields arise and dissipate...
  5. M

    I Magnetic field "lines" confused with magnetic field "vectors"

    I might be a slow learner, but am still trying to understand the difference between field lines and vectors. I've got that magnetic field lines are symbolic and that the directional arrows applied (from north to south) are a convention. But see the attached image. The field lines form a closed...
  6. R

    Derivation: force on magnetic moment in magnetic field

    I am trying to derive the equation ##\vec{\Gamma} = \vec{m} \times \vec{B}##, where ##\vec{m} = I \vec{A}## is the magnetic moment, and ##\vec{A}## is normal to surface ##A##, from the Lorentz force law ##\mathrm{d}\vec{F} = I \vec{dl} \times \vec{B}##. For an arbitrary closed current loop ##C##...
  7. G

    B Magnetic Field from Protons vs Electrons

    If an electron is moving in a circle in a magnetic field, it produces a magnetic field in accordance to the right hand rule. If a proton is moving in a circle in a magnetic field, would it produce a magnetic field in accordance to the left hand equivalent to the right hand rule.
  8. H

    Find induced current, magnetic force, work in inclined plane

    Homework Statement A conducting bar slides down without friction on a pair of conducting rails separated by distance d. Connected to resistor R and there magnetic field B directed upward, perpendicular to the ground over the entire region through which the bar moves. 1) find the current 2)...
  9. H

    Electric Force on a Charge in a Solenoid

    Homework Statement Since i only know the field direction, increasing go into page. Why the answer is C? Why the answer "a" ? The R and r on the pic is respected to what? Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution Right hand rule : finger tip = current Thumbs = force Palm = B Or...
  10. M

    A Charge moving with a constant linear velocity...

    Charge moving in constant linear velocity does not produce magnetic field... If not, please provide an explanation...
  11. abilolado

    I Force on Steel Bar Inside Solenoid

    Hello all. Me and some friends are building a coil cannon, and we've been doing some calculations [I know its unecessary but... well, we're physicists! (well, physics students...)]. But we got stuck. How to calculate the force acting on a steel bar (or some other ferromagnetic material, maybe...
  12. Astronaut

    Magnetic Forces on objects in nonuniform fields

    I have this question which I need to solve . But I am unable to. Suppose I have a current ring of radius R and current I (constant). at a distance x from the centre of the ring, I have a iron disk (radius r and thickness t) present in the plane of the ring. This disk will be attracted to the...
  13. M

    Physics 12: electromagnetism problem -- Find the acceleration of the proton in a B-field

    Homework Statement [/B] A proton is accelerated from rest at the positive plate of two charged parallel plates with a potential difference of 2000 v. After leaving the plates through a small hole in the negative plate, it enters a uniform magnetic field of 0.50 T in a direction perpendicular to...
  14. S

    Magnetic Fields- Finding the radius

    Homework Statement A single ionized uranium ion of mass 6.9 x 10 ^-25 kg is accelerated through a potential difference of 4.4 x 10^5 V. What is the radius of the path it would take if injected at 90 degrees into 0.47 T uniform magnetic field at this velocity? 3. Attempts Since centripetal...
  15. bob012345

    A Concentric Conducting Loops

    Hello, As a heuristic tool for a complex problem, I'm trying to understand a series of nested conducting loops each with a initial identical current on it. These perfectly conducting loops are in the same plane each with that current in either direction. Each nested loop is perfectly...