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Mechanical Engineering

- Development of machines. Mechatronics, Robotics, Engines, Drafting
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Development of aircraft and space vehicles. Propulsion, Aircraft Structures, Crafts, Atmosphere
T 01:22 AM Simon Bridge 
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Gear heads unite to discuss Vehicle Dynamics, Safety Engineering, Performance, NVH, Ergonomics, Durability...
Y 09:15 PM edward 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Dear all, I checked job numbers on indeed Canada, and when using Pro/ENGINEER and solidworks as search words, I got...
Jun12-14 09:51 AM
23 29,820
Hi everyone, Maybe this resource is new for someone. It's a collection of videos made in the 60's by the very best...
Mar6-13 10:50 AM
61 90,520
Hi I would be grateful if anyone can advise the microstructure of the steel plate made by thermomechanical control...
Oct16-12 09:55 PM
0 528
I have an experimental planetary gear setup (I can provide reductions if necessary) which is to be run by an AC motor....
Oct16-12 07:05 PM
0 502
Hello! I have a question about seat belt force. In a 55km/h collision maximum chest acceleration is 60 g, and if say...
Oct16-12 05:17 PM
7 1,187
Folks, The element equations for a uniform bar element with constant EA according to the attachment is given as ...
Oct16-12 03:18 PM
3 516
I am currently working on a project involving a diesel/lime slurry. Problem I am having is that the line that the...
Oct16-12 01:38 PM
0 573
I used to watch youtube videos for general physics and statics but I can't seem to find good help sources for...
Oct16-12 12:39 PM
Ein Krieger
1 894
Hi All, I am working on the problem of gas hydrate formation in natural gas pipelines. Currently the options...
Oct16-12 04:59 AM
0 553
I'm in my third and final year Bs. in mechanical engineering degree .(I need to do a 2 year Ms. to have a BE....
Oct15-12 02:32 PM
1 1,297
Folks, I have the book An Introduction to the Finite Element Method by J.N Reddy. The following website provides ...
Oct15-12 01:47 PM
13 2,019
Hi there, I'm reading a report about the efficiency of the drive train of an electric car. The author recorded the...
Oct15-12 12:05 PM
4 823
Hello, Can anybody , in simple words, explain the term displacement thickness? Now studying fluid dynamics, and is...
Oct15-12 10:16 AM
Ein Krieger
0 813
Hey guys, I should have posted here near the beginning of the semester. I'm in a Thermo class in a Mechanical...
Oct15-12 09:38 AM
1 849
I read that the rate of heat transfer is greater when a thermal boundary layer is in the transitional stage....why is...
Oct15-12 08:57 AM
Urmi Roy
0 483
I have fairly basic questions. How do wheels roll on a surface ? As in what should be the ideal Coefficient of...
Oct14-12 12:30 PM
2 1,215
Aparently the fuel gas is used for the heater in the production of benzene from toluene. But once this, it goes to the...
Oct13-12 07:56 AM
5 1,198
I say "silly" because I'm actually baffled that I can't figure this out. I'm just forgetting the basics and am stumped...
Oct12-12 01:22 PM
2 911
Hi all, I am doing a project on Pick and Place system with 2 Servo based Axis control system. I am struggling in...
Oct12-12 01:18 PM
1 1,631
hi guys.. I am a final year student of BSc Mechanical Engineering. I am a bit confused in taking up my project. I am...
Oct12-12 07:20 AM
0 1,374
How is the compressor speed controlled in a car air conditioner, in compressors driven by engine moved belts? Is...
Oct11-12 03:07 PM
7 1,072
Hi Can any one please explain the physical significance of modal mass? Also, what is effective mass? I am finding...
Oct11-12 09:17 AM
0 1,300
Hello! I am working on some calculations for an off-road vehicle on which we are working, and I cannot figure out...
Oct11-12 06:43 AM
2 906
Hi all, I have a peristaltic pump that i need to rotate at 26 rev/min. The gear arrangement attached to the pump...
Oct11-12 04:18 AM
3 1,642
hi everyone this is my first thread on this board and sorry for any missing in English because it's not my native...
Oct10-12 07:07 PM
10 1,529
A certain part of a closed loop cooling water systmem has to have some of the pipes made to have a larger diameter to...
Oct9-12 12:12 PM
3 1,061
I saw my first Space X launch from near Cape Canaveral. I've been watching launches since 1966, and this was by far...
Oct9-12 12:02 PM
5 625
I am measuring a 2D turbulent flow using a split film probe. This gives a time history of the velocity in the x and y...
Oct9-12 11:33 AM
0 522
Hi all, I have just created a multibody model of a mechanism. Since it's a bit complex to perform hand...
Oct8-12 02:23 PM
2 531
DURU Klima consists of engineers who gained experience in the leading companies of Turkish HVAC market. The company...
Oct8-12 01:20 PM
0 687
I posted this as a part of a thread on the classical physics forums, but the doubt wasn't resolved, so I thought this...
Oct8-12 12:23 PM
42 15,115
what's the most illustration explanation or reason why a shear can pass from positive to negative in say a beam?
Oct8-12 11:14 AM
1 738
I have this problem: Two (2) kilograms of Nitrogen gas at 600 K and 10 atm are allowed to expand such that they end...
Oct8-12 11:08 AM
1 624
could anyone explain how to determine the flow rate of the hot water recirculation pump for water heater in domestic...
Oct7-12 04:49 PM
4 710
Hi, so I graduated back in May and I finally have started hearing back from companies. I have a phone interview...
Oct6-12 06:59 PM
4 1,404
So I've designed a car which is powered by a falling mass. Using Energy Questions, i.e. mgh = 0.5*I*w2 I've worked...
Oct6-12 06:42 PM
2 941
I am currently doing a vibration analysis using a random vibration machine which gives Grms value based on Power...
Oct6-12 12:29 PM
9 4,565
I need to design studs for a front truck wheel inlcuding the pattern, position, type of stud etc. I am having trouble...
Oct5-12 06:11 AM
1 670
hello My question is rather off the usual queries concerning beams, which is maybe why i'm struggling to find a...
Oct5-12 04:26 AM
13 1,462
Hello all I'm trying to design a Neural network based control system which will do the following i have 120 computer...
Oct4-12 11:34 AM
0 1,341
Hi, Does a compression spring’s pitch or...
Oct3-12 06:30 AM
3 1,647
what role dos the reversibility play in making the carnot cycle most efficient?
Oct2-12 04:20 AM
2 2,240

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