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Mechanical Engineering

- Development of machines. Mechatronics, Robotics, Engines, Drafting
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Development of aircraft and space vehicles. Propulsion, Aircraft Structures, Crafts, Atmosphere
T 08:14 PM NathanAday 
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Gear heads unite to discuss Vehicle Dynamics, Safety Engineering, Performance, NVH, Ergonomics, Durability...
T 09:18 AM ydeardorff 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hi everyone, Maybe this resource is new for someone. It's a collection of videos made in the 60's by the very best...
Mar6-13 10:50 AM
61 95,225
Dear all, I checked job numbers on indeed Canada, and when using Pro/ENGINEER and solidworks as search words, I got...
Jul28-14 02:06 PM
25 32,267
Hello. I need to minimize all types of manageable losses (mechanical and thermodynamic) in a reciprocating...
Apr1-09 06:34 PM
Bob S
2 1,216
Hi all, new to the thread due to a lab report being in tomorrow! Basically if anyone could shed some light on how...
Dec12-11 09:59 AM
0 1,152
Hi, I have an assignment under which I have to use Intellisuite and Comsol Multiphysics separately to simulate the...
Mar24-11 06:01 AM
0 2,067
i need help designing a orbital shaking platform with a pitch of 20 mm, shaking at speed of upto 300RPM (extended...
Mar5-08 12:43 AM
0 889
I've recently decided to really try and learn a computer language for the first time. I've had a standard computer...
Mar21-10 10:24 PM
1 770
I want to know the possibility for reducing pressure of reject Brine fluid below the inlet pressure of raw feeding...
Jan27-13 01:08 AM
3 787
Has anyone experienced with SST-9000 siemens steam turbine here? I am much astonished to see the steam parameter and...
Jan31-13 09:40 PM
jim hardy
9 1,322
Is it possible to calculate the flow rate of water through a restrictionless device (a tank, for example) if you know...
Dec10-08 05:21 PM
4 15,868
If some one can also help me. I am trying to calculate the van de waals adhesion forces between human hair and carbon...
Oct16-09 03:11 PM
0 639
Hello, I am a high school student enrolled in the PLTW (Project Lead the Way: Principles of Engineering) Program, and...
Nov14-05 02:20 PM
3 8,410
hi. I need some 3D CFD tutorial. Can anyone introduce some links to me besides cfd-online? And may I know how to...
Mar9-11 03:02 PM
4 17,420
I all, new to this forum and just looking for a bit of help in my final year thesis. I have built a model chimney and...
Apr16-13 06:01 AM
3 622
I have to do a paper ( kind of project ) for 4-6 page on Thermodynamics description of a watt steam engine. i have...
Apr8-11 02:14 PM
1 2,907
Hello, i don't know if this is the right place to post this question but im sure someone here can help me out. i need...
Feb17-12 01:55 AM
Ainul Hassan
1 2,054
HI! I am new to the forum. I hope I can help with and get some answers here!. Lets see. I am making my own POV...
Sep23-13 01:10 PM
0 583
Hi everyone, I'm an electrical engineer and I'm trying to find the expression for the deflection of a...
Nov21-13 10:14 AM
22 5,031
Hi, cant believe I haven't discovered this forum until now - I would post in an introductions section, however I...
Jun23-12 03:21 PM
jack action
5 1,456
For my project i am involved in called scrambler I have designed a wooden cart to carry my egg one meter and then...
Dec29-05 06:14 PM
1 1,311
Technology Review recently produced a video documentary on work being done with artificial muscles and its potential...
May31-06 02:26 PM
1 1,615
I am trying to convert all the heat dissipate by the heat sink in to electricity by using thermionic converter. I plan...
Mar25-11 12:04 PM
3 1,781
Which is better in terms of employment prospects, etc?
Nov12-10 04:00 AM
2 2,021
Hi, Can someone please help me understand why in subsonic Rayleigh flow the between points 'b' (Ma=root(1/k) I know...
Jan16-13 03:31 PM
0 732
I'm having some trouble understanding residual stresses. I need to model a residual stress pattern into a finite...
Mar18-06 04:49 AM
5 6,656
Hi Friends, Can someone help me find the Torque / RPM and HP from the following figures Turbine Blade Radius =...
Nov28-12 08:16 AM
10 1,558
Can you or can you not use specific volume to find quality? I know it can be found using mass but can you use specific...
Jul16-12 11:51 AM
7 3,352
Hi all! I am trying to solve a transient contact analysis in Ansys 14.0 The problem is a Bouncing Rectangle...
Jun15-13 01:35 PM
0 950
Supposing there is a metal cylinder that fits into a perfectly machined hole in a block of metal with the cylinder...
Nov8-13 07:04 PM
12 952
Please Help, I am not an mechanical engineer but am trying to learn Finite Element Methods to solve a 2D Steady...
May13-10 08:09 AM
18 1,766
Hello, I am trying to understand one-dimensional unsteady state heat conduction for a program I am writing. The...
May18-10 12:33 PM
4 3,246
Hello all, I am not an engineer but am trying to learn finite element analysis for solid materials - in particular...
Jun22-10 01:24 PM
4 1,794
Please Help, I am learning how to do 2-D time-dependent linear heat conduction for Finite Elements, and am...
Jul6-10 03:14 PM
0 1,271
Hello all, I am trying to create a simple finite element program in C++ and have been able to build and assemble...
Jul9-10 11:48 AM
2 829
hi friends,i am going to design a flywheel for my final year to design it? actually my project is electric...
Mar3-11 09:52 AM
dinesh sivam
11 1,415
Does anyone know if there have been any posts on the vegetable oil to diesel conversions. I am very interested in the...
Oct6-06 04:37 AM
Wesley Boshoff
12 3,439
Lets us a potato gun for an example. Having a source tank filled with air, and when a trigger is activated, the air...
May26-06 11:33 AM
5 3,739
I've searched through some of the already posted threads, searching for anything on microcontrollers. My search has...
Oct18-06 09:38 AM
2 1,544
Does anyone know of a good cross reference that shows the descriptions of different Military Standards / ANSI / Mil...
Jan21-09 03:54 PM
9 9,307
Does anyone know the best solution / chemical / process for stripping Epoxy primer as per MIL-P-53022 and Epoxy paint...
Feb25-08 04:01 PM
0 2,083
Does anyone out there know if there are any published studies which have tested the tolerance changes in steel and...
Jul26-08 12:40 PM
jaap de vries
6 2,179
I have a 1/4 hp electric motor. I plan on attaching a piece of threaded rod to the shaft of the motor. If I put a...
Jan7-09 11:55 AM
12 7,445

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