Physics Career

In order to have a successful career in physics, you must love it. If it simply to achieve financial independence, it won’t work.  As far as real physics is concerned, you will have to have a good background in math, logic, and computers. Moreover, you will probably work in many different areas in your lifetime. Finally, you will most likely end up in an academic environment. Find more advice and discussion below.



So I Am Your Intro Physics Instructor

I posted this elsewhere (on my personal blog), and someone mentioned that maybe it might also be useful here on PF. So I'm reproducing the entire entry…
physics course

Your Curriculum Vitae As a Physics Graduate

  I am going to backtrack a little bit and talk about writing your Curriculum Vitae (CV) and what you should focus on in search of…
physics doctoral

How to Get a Postdoctoral Physics Position

  If you intend to pursue an academic/research career, chances are, you will need postdoctoral experience. This is typically a 2…
physics jobs

How to Get a Physics Job!

  In the previous chapter, we have reached the point where you have finished with your thesis defense, and also thesis submission…
thesis defense

Your Physics Thesis Defense Guide

  At this point, you have completed writing your thesis, your adviser has approved of it, and you have distributed it to all the…
doctoral thesis

How to Write Your Doctoral Thesis/Dissertation As a Physics Major

  At this stage, you have performed your doctoral research work, maybe even have published (or about to publish) a paper or two,…
oral presentation2

Oral Presentations – Addendum | Physics Career

I'll try not to make a habit out of this, but I believe there's something to add to this chapter of the series.In Part XIV, I mentioned the APS Meetings…
grad exam

First years of Graduate School from Being a TA to the Graduate Exams

 You are now entering your first year of graduate school. In terms of the academic aspect, you will have a set of required courses that you…
other majors

How to Enter Physics Graduate School From Another Major

  I have decided to tackle this issue because it became a very common question in many physics forums. Can someone, without a degree…
alternative careers

What are Alternative Careers for a Physics Graduate

  We are still discussing the final year of your undergraduate education. So far, we have covered what you need to consider if you…
physics career

The US Graduate School System For Physics Majors

  We are still stuck in the discussion of your fourth and final year of college. This time, I feel that a clear explanation of the…
before grad school

What Physics Majors Should Expect from Graduate School

 We are still discussing the final year of your undergraduate program where you are in the midst of applying to graduate schools. In Part…
physics major

Explaining the Life of a Physics Major

 So far, I have covered what I believe a student needs all the way to the end of the 2nd year of studies. In most schools in the US, an…