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    Magnetic field of earth on airplane

    Homework Statement This isn't a homework problem with variables and numbers; it is a concept question: An airplane is flying west in level flight over Massachusetts, where the Earth’s magnetic field is directed downward below the horizontal in a northerly direction. As a result of the...
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    Magnetic Fields and Current Loops

    Homework Statement A long, straight wire carries a current of 14 A. Next to the wire is a square loop with sides 1.0m in length. The loop carries a current of 2.5A in the same direction as the wire. Calculate the net force acting on the wire. Homework Equations Magnetic Field for...
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    Another Electric Potential Problem

    Yes it does....I get it now, thank you!
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    Another Electric Potential Problem

    What should I do with that position? Should I add it to the new radius I get?
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    Another Electric Potential Problem

    Homework Statement A charge of 2.9*10^-6C is held fixed at the origin. A second charge of 2.9*10^-6 C is released from rest at the position (1.15m, 0.550m). And the mass of the second charge is 2.10 g. At what distance from the origin does the 2.9*10^-6 charge attain half the speed it will...
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    Find the change in electric potential

    Homework Statement I'm having trouble understand why I'm getting the following question wrong: a uniform electric field of magnitude of 6.0*10^5 N/C points in the positive x direction. Part A) Find the change in electric potential between the origin and the point (0, 6.0m) . Homework...
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    Find the charge's location

    Homework Statement The electric field at the point x=5.0cm and y=0 points in the positive x direction with a magnitude of 10.0N/C. At the point x=10.0cm and y=0, the electric field points in the positive x direction with a magnitude of 16.0 N/C. Assume this electric field is produced by a...
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    Electric field charges

    I got a pretty big number (a number times 10^8). That seems too big??
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    Electric field charges

    Homework Statement The figure shows a system consisting of three charges, q1=+5.0uC, q2=+5.0uC and q3=-5.0uC, at the vertices of an equilateral triangle (with q2 at the top point of the triangle). Find the magnitude of the electric field at a point halfway between the charges q1 and q2...
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    What is the heat added to this monatomic ideal gas

    If I assume that this is at a constant pressure ∆U= 3/2nR∆T?, but since W=P∆V=nR∆T then ∆U= 3/2W?
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    What is the heat added to this monatomic ideal gas

    Homework Statement A monatomic ideal gas expands at a pressure of 110kPa and from a volume of 0.75m^3 to 0.93m^3. Find the amount of heat added to the gas. Homework Equations So what I did was: W= P∆V and I know ∆U= Q-W so Q would equal ∆U+W, but how do you know what ∆U equals...
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    Equilibrium Temperature

    Homework Statement A 150g aluminum cylinder is removed from a liquid nitrogen bath, where it has been cooled to -196 degrees C. The cylinder is immediately placed in an insulated cup containing 60.0g of water at 15.0 degrees C. What is the equilibrium temperature of the system? Homework...
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    Thermal Expansion (again)

    Homework Statement A hole in an aluminum plate has a diameter of 1.179 cm at 22.00 degrees Celsius. Part A asks for the diameter of the hole at 199 degrees Celsius.? Part B asks for the temperature of the hole when its diameter is 1.177 cm? Homework Equations ∆L = alpha L(0) ∆T...
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    Thermal Expansion of a steel plate

    Thank you so much for helping me understand that problem