What is Colony: Definition and 18 Discussions

In political science, a colony is a territory subject to a form of foreign rule. Though dominated by the foreign colonizers, colonies remain separate from the administration of the original country of the colonizers, the metropolitan state (or "mother country").
This administrative colonial separation makes colonies neither incorporated territories, nor client states. Some colonies have been organized either as dependent territories that are not sufficiently self-governed, or as self-governed colonies controlled by colonial settlers.
The concept of a colony is derived from the ancient Roman colonia, which in turn was based on the apoikia (Ancient Greek: ἀποικία, lit. 'home away from home'), referring originally to territories (usually relatively small urban areas) settled by ancient Greek city-states.
Another definition states that the fourteenth century term 'colonye' is derived from the Latin 'colon-us', meaning farmer, cultivator, planter, or settler in a new country, and was used to describe the Roman settlements in the fourteenth century. It carried with it the sense of 'farm' and 'landed estate'.The city that founded such a colony became known as its metropolis ("mother-city"). Since early-modern times historians, administrators and political scientists generally use the term "colony" to refer mainly to the many different overseas territories of particularly European states between the 15th and 20th century CE, with colonialism and decolonization as corresponding phenomena.
While colonies often developed from trading outposts or territorial claims, such areas do not need to be a product of colonization, nor become colonially organized territories.
Some historians use the term informal colony to refer to a country under the de facto control of another state, although this term is often contentious.

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  1. Strato Incendus

    Writing: Input Wanted Captain's choices on colony ships

    In order to discuss several questions regarding my generation-ship story in parallel, without making a single thread go all over the place, this is one thread (of most likely several ones) that I'm opening in parallel. This one is less about technical questions per se, but rather about tactical...
  2. Melbourne Guy

    Hiding an orbital colony 'behind' a planet from a flare star

    So, I think it's possible to place an object in an orbit such that it remains perpetually in the planet's shadow, like in my awesome graphical representation. But is it?
  3. C

    White stuff of ants colony inside electronics

    What is this white stuff in the ants colony inside electronics? Is it sugar? nest? I presume the ants were attracted to the warmth of the pcb? It's a Morley addressable smoke detector Separate question. I saw illustrations of a smoke detector with light catcher. But the Morley doesn't...
  4. G

    Ideas about centrifugal space colony habitats on high-gravity planets

    Centrifuges have long been viewed as the means to provide artificial gravity in the zero-g of deep space. Space colony structures like the O'Neill cylinder and the Stanford torus. Centrifuges could also work their magic on the surfaces of low-gravity planets. Conical or paraboloidal shaped...
  5. C

    [law] If aliens were to establish a colony on Earth

    If alien were to establish a colony on earth, do they need human permission? ----------------------------------------- let's say they show up on sky where not belong to any country and create artificial island on international water to set up their own colony. even assume that they were...
  6. Noisy Rhysling

    Governance of a colony on a new world?

    Colony ship lands 20,000 Earthlings on a new world. They've been in deep sleep for six hundred years, so interaction with Earth is unlikely. What government do you think would be appropriate for a start-up colony? Presume Earthlike conditions, France or US Virginia area, no serious weather issues.
  7. L

    B The Best Spot to Set Up a Colony on Mars

    Where exactly on Mars is the best spot to set up camp for a colony? I've been reading about the Hellas Basin, which seems favorable regarding asmospheric pressure and ability to host liquid water (0 to 50 degrees F). However, it's located halfway between the Martian equator and the south pole...
  8. A

    Aerostat on Venus vs Surface Colony on Mars

    Idk where i picked this up, but there is one other plausible colony destination for humans: Venus. After a few trips on the net, I've come to the "Aerostat on Venus" side instead of a colony on mars. I'll mention some of the reasons I've picked up as to why: 1. Tons of CO2, we can use that. 2...
  9. krsnik

    Feasibility of hiding a colony within NGC 6543.

    Thousands of years ago mankind conquered the stars... and of course it brought all of its wars along with it. One small, though highly advanced, faction was losing ground fast. Then, suddenly, it disappeared. It turns out that they decided to hide in the planetary nebula of NGC 6543, better...
  10. C

    How to quickly survey an exoplanet before colonization?

    Assumptions: -more or less contemporary technology -virgin planet which is glared by lustful humans ;) -habitable (oxygen, reasonable temperature) -no requirement for 100% certainty, reasonable guess is OK (the point is to find quite good place for colony very soon, not a perfect one in a few...
  11. 1

    How to truly remove an ant colony

    Casting A Fire Ant Colony With Molten Aluminum http://vitaminl.tv/video/1599
  12. J

    SciFi writer needs space colony help

    Hello all, I've gotten some great help here before: https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?p=4051091#post4051091 and I come back to you again with another question. So suppose there's a space colony, similar to Gerard O'Neill's ideas back in the 70's of ring-like tubes that...
  13. Ivan Seeking

    Bee colony collapse mystery solved?

  14. S

    What is the current status of Colony Collapse Disorder?

    Hi I read an article on this about a year ago or so which outlined the issues and the possible causes. Aside from cellphone radiation, it seemed like none of the other proposed causes had been conclusively ruled out. I'm just wondering if anyone could give me a bit of an update on this...
  15. edward

    Uncovering the Mystery of Bee Colony Collapse Disorder

    I have read several articles about this lately. The bees apparently fly away and never come back. Is this something new or just a periodic natural occurrence? I really couldn't find anything on Google that gave an adequate answer. I know there was a mite infestation that killed millions...
  16. siddharth

    Combatting an Invading Red Ant Colony

    For the past couple of days, I've been fighting a painful battle with a red ant colony which has invaded my hostel room. They look like fire ants and are very aggressive. The ants seem to prefer my wardrobe and unused clothes for some reason. I've cleaned the room twice and tried to wash away...
  17. J

    How can I use logarithms to determine the growth rate of a bacteria colony?

    We're on the section of logarithms, so I'm guessing this has something to do with them... If the size of a bacteria colony doubles in 5 hours, how long will it take for the number of bacteria to triple? I know that doubling time and all that stuff is independent of the amount of something...
  18. marcus

    Jovian System has better colony sites than moon&mars

    The Jovian system is a superior target for self-sustaining colonization. Quite a bunch of PF people (Nereid, all the mentors in earshot, and plenty of others) know the facts. It is a beautiful and interesting system consisting of a variety of different moon-size objects within...