What is Desmos: Definition and 16 Discussions

Desmos is a genus of trees and shrubs in the plant family Annonaceae.The genus consists of 27 species and 5 unresolved species.

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  1. H

    Why is Desmos so insanely fast?

    Why is Desmos (graphing calculator app for Android, ios, windows, etc) far faster than everything else in calculating? I've done the same calculations in Mathematica, Maple, hp prime pro app on windows (ios and Android), various calculator apps on ios and Android, etc This is one of the things...
  2. CallMeDirac

    Exploring the Behavior of Rotating Labels on Desmos: A Mathematical Perspective

    In desmos you can rotate a label by going into the settings. BUT the rotations get weird with large numbers: if you rotate by 360 nothing happens same for 3600 and 360000 but when you get to 360000000000000000 it starts changing from just being flat. It changes from a 0 degree tilt to a 332 or...
  3. CallMeDirac

    Why doesn't Desmos show the X-intercept for non-linear equations?

    Often in desmos when you graph a line it shows the X and Y-intercept with a grey dot. However when I graph something like sin(50)=5/x it doesn't show which I find odd because sin(x) does show the intercepts It only gets more complicated when graphing tangent and cosine. Both DO show the...
  4. Sabertooth

    I Elliptic Function Rotation Problem

    Hi all:) In my recent exploration of Elliptic Function, Curves and Motion I have come upon a handy equation for creating orbital motion. Essentially I construct a trigonometric function and use the max distance to foci as the boundary for my motion on the x-plane. When I plot a point rotating...
  5. karush

    MHB Finding Slope with Desmos and Table

    ok attemped to do this desmos but was sondering if there is away to get these slope in a 3rd column in the table with $m=\dfrac{\delta y}{\delta x}$
  6. Sabertooth

    Transforming Y-axis table values into a separate formula?

    Hey everyone, I have generated a nice little velocity vs time graph that I would love if somebody could help me put to use. I have marked data points on the x-axis for the Y-value for every second on the function. Just to be clear: X-axis = time in seconds & Y-axis = velocity in meters/second...
  7. P

    MHB Restricting Values in Desmos error (for a complicated parametric point).

    Hello. I have graphed a rose curve on Desmos using a parametric point, the equation looking like this: However, I want the graph to be limited so that only values within the circle r=3.45 and r=9 are shown. I have tried using the curly brackets {3.45 <= r <= 9}, however this returns an error...
  8. karush

    MHB Why is the point not on the endpoint of the line when graphing with Desmos?

    ok why is the point not on the endpoint of the line?
  9. jedishrfu

    B Demise of TI and the Rise of Desmos

    Better stock up now as graphing calculators are becoming antiques just as slide rules did in the late 1970's. https://qz.com/977987/thanks-to-the-startup-desmos-the-reign-of-the-texas-instruments-100-graphing-calculator-in-schools-is-finally-ending/
  10. karush

    MHB On desmos how do you plot y=3x as a polar equation

    Derive $y=3x$ as a polar equation and plot it. ?
  11. karush

    MHB Plotting a Polar Equation of a Circle on Desmos

    The given is determine a polar equation for circle satisfying the given conditions: the radius is $2$, and the polar coordinates for the center are: $\left(4,0\right)$ I got ${r}^{2}-8r\cos\left({\theta}\right)=-12$ But when I try to plot this to DESMOS get nutin.
  12. karush

    MHB Using desmos for Polar equations and the table feature

    Just couldn't find help with this anywhere but Using the desmos graphing calculator using the table feature I wanted to plot the points every $\frac{\pi}{12}$ $0<\theta<2\pi$ For $r=-2-3\sin(\theta)$ On a polar coordinate graph
  13. D

    30FPS displayed on a 200Hz monitor

    Hello! I have a PAL TV, and that means it is best for footage of 25fps and 50fps The TV's refresh rate is 200Hz Well, my questions are: What happens if I play an NTSC file on the TV? (≈30fps), since it doesn't go well with 200Hz much (isn't a multiple)... I thought about how would the TV...
  14. AMenendez

    Desmos Graphing Calculator - Make Math Visual & Interactive

    Hopefully everyone's heard of this by now, but for those who haven't, there's an excellent interactive online graphing calculator offered by Desmos: https://www.desmos.com/calculator
  15. E

    MHB Desmos: Formula input in Firefox

    Is it just me or Desmos ruined its formula input? In the past when I typed x, /, 1, +, x I got $\frac{x}{1+x}$. Now I'm getting $\frac{x}{1}+x$. In fact, I can't figure out how to type $\frac{x}{1+x}$ at all. Even if I have $\frac{1}{1x}$ and the cursor is between 1 and $x$ in the denominator...
  16. Jameson

    MHB Integrating Desmos Graphing Software with MHB

    We are in the process of talking with www.desmos.com about how we can integrate their graphing software on MHB in an easy-to-use way, similar to the Wolfram Widgets (hopefully). In the meantime I recommend their website for graphing 2-d equations. It's very easy to use and in my opinion is...