What is Eqautions: Definition and 11 Discussions

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  1. M

    Why is 1 not equal to 0 in this proof?

    Homework Statement: I am having trouble in understanding the proof. Which step is wrong and why? Relevant Equations: Why ##1 \neq 0## ? Mentor note: Moved from Homework Section ##x=1## ##x^2=x## ##x^2-x=0## ##x(x-1)=0## ##\frac {x(x-1)}{(x-1)}=\frac 0{(x-1)}## ##x=0## ##1=0##
  2. H

    B How and why can multiplication combine physical quantities?

    I am on a journey to not just understand how to manipulate physics equations but to understand why they work , and how they describe physical phenomena. I understand how division combines physical quantities. I have this much physical quantity 'per' this much physical quantity. It puts 2...
  3. Mohamed Nabil

    I Why is the Sabine equation considered an equation, but not a law?

    Hello brothers, I have been studying much of acoustics recently, and I've been confronted by the following question: why Sabine equation is not a law? I mean, It has been used and experimented under certain conditions, and as I get it, that's what you need to call an equation a Law. I'll...
  4. R

    How Can I Verify the Solution to the Equation 2y + 30 = 8y?

    8y-2y=6y 6 y+30 6y/6=30/6 Y=5 Now how can I verify this equation?
  5. K

    MathType - best font for equations?

    I am writing my PhD Thesis now and i have a lot of equations. I use Word (for text) and for eqations i use MathType. For text i use Calibri font 12pt but for eqations - in MathType i prefer Euclid. It looks pretty good but i would like to ask you, if it is a problem that fonts for texts and...
  6. J

    The use and meaning of the three beginning physics equations

    The first three equations i was given is as follows: Vf = V0 + at Vf^2 = V0^2 + (1/2)at^2 x = V0*t + (1/2)at^2 [why do they sometimes use y instead of x or V0,y?] I don't understand in what situations i would use them in nor do i understand why you us V=gt or X=Vx*T. (i understand g can is...
  7. L

    B How can I calculate this hyperbola's equation?

    Hello. I am currently trying to calculate the equation of a hyperbola, which I have little experience with. The hyperbola has a "sphere radius" of 153mm and a "hyperbolic factor" of 21500. I haven't been able to find anything online about what these mean and am lost. The parameters where given...
  8. J

    Concentration of a salt produced by neutralization reaction

    Homework Statement 10.00 cm3 of 1.00 mol dm–3 sulfuric acid is fully neutralized by 20.00 cm3 of 1.00 mol dm–3 of sodium hydroxide. What is the concentration, in mol dm–3, of sodium sulfate solution produced by the reaction? A 0.33 B 0.50 C 0.67 D 1.00 Correct answer = A Homework Equations...
  9. M

    I Mass Curving Space-Time: Equations Explained

    It is often said that gravity is a curvature of space-time and not a force. But since gravity is caused by mass, there must be some way in which mass curves space-time. What are the equations for how mass affect space-time?
  10. T

    What's the 3d equation of the Alcubierre warp?

    What I mean by this is what's the 3d equation of the alcubierrie warp effect? You know when space is contracted infront of the ship, and inflated behind it in terms of z like this eqaurion for a rain drop z=(sin(2x+y)+sin(5y+2x))/5? Here's the photo if you don't understand what I'm talking about...
  11. B

    Master Logarithmic Equations: Expert Tips for Solving Problems

    Having problems with these questions, what's putting me off is for example the first question, if the numbers 9 and 5 were the same I think I could do it. Do I have to get them to the same number or do I just multiply them?