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  1. Y

    How to show speed is equal to group velocity?

    Homework Statement My question is, how do I show that speed is equal to group velocity? More information at Homework Equations v_g = dw/dk The Attempt at a Solution Part a is substitution, part b uses v_g = dw/dk, part c is multiplication by h-bar, but I am stuck...
  2. W

    Group Velocity of Non-Dispersive Wave Packet

    Homework Statement I know that for a dispersive wave packet, the group velocity equals the phase velocity, which is given by v=w/k. But how do I calculate the group velocity of a non-dispersive wave packet? I'm supposed to be giving an example with any functional form. Homework Equations...
  3. redtree

    I Dispersive medium as a field

    I am studying phase and group velocity in non-dispersive and dispersive media. My question is the following: Is there any reason why a dispersive medium simply cannot be modeled as a type of field?
  4. E

    I Dispersion: expansion of wavenumber as function of omega

    Hi! Dealing about wave propagation in a medium and dispersion, wavenumber k can be considered as a function of \omega (as done in Optics) or vice-versa (as maybe done more often in Quantum Mechanics). In the first case, k (\omega) \simeq k(\omega_0) + (\omega - \omega_0) \displaystyle \left...
  5. ThunderLight

    I Faster than Light.. Superluminal Group Velocity

    If general relativity in the formal sense constrains all velocities to the speed of light as a maximum, how would superluminal group velocities exceeding speeds of light (at their superpositions) be evaluated in mainstream physics? Would this be a case of General Relativity and Physics...
  6. E

    I Group delay with Gaussian pulse

    Hello! Starting from a gaussian waveform propagating in a dispersive medium, is it possible to obtain an expression for the waveform at a generic time t, when the dispersion is not negligible? I know that a generic gaussian pulse (considered as an envelope of a carrier at frequency k_c) can be...
  7. J

    Finding the Group Velocity for Shallow Water Wave

    Homework Statement Find the group velocity for a shallow water wave: ##\nu = \sqrt{\frac{2\pi\gamma}{\rho\lambda^3}}## Homework Equations Phase velocity: ##v_p = \nu\lambda## group velocity: ##v_g = \frac{d\omega}{dk}## ##k=\frac{2\pi}{\lambda}## ##\omega = 2\pi \nu## The Attempt at a...
  8. L

    Simplifying square root

    How is it equal to v in the end? I'm sorry for asking such questions. But I'm just trying to understand
  9. L

    Can someone give me a hand with large root here

    i get the differentiation the halves cancel the 2 the h bar cancels the h bar square and to get rid of the root in the denominator the entire thing is squared But I cannot understand where the huge square root came from at the end where I circled. Can someone help me here
  10. E

    Group velocity definition

    In the propagation of non-monochromatic waves, the group velocity is defined as v_g = \displaystyle \frac{d \omega}{d k} It seems here that \omega is considered a function of k and not viceversa. But in the presence of a signal source, like an antenna in the case of electro-magnetic wave or a...
  11. D

    Dispersion relation for non-relativistic quantum particles

    In class I learn that we can get the dispersion relation for particles by using E=hbar*w and p=hbar*k. The calculated phase velocity is w/k = hbar*k/2m, while the group velocity is dw/dk=hbar*k/m. All these make sense to me, except one thing: I always thought that E=hbar*w=hf is only applicable...
  12. bananabandana

    Bandwidth Theorem

    Homework Statement Consider a propagating wavepacket with initial length ## L_{0}##. Use the bandwidth theorem to show that the minimum range of angular frequencies present in the wavepacket is approximately: $$ \Delta{\omega}\approx \frac{v_{g}}{L_{0}} $$ Homework Equations Bandwidth theorem...
  13. M

    Group velocity and information

    What is the relationship between transmission of information and group velocity of a wave packet? I always keep hearing things like information always travels at the group velocity, it can't go faster than light etc. While I do understand (to an extent) about information not exceeding the...