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  1. R

    Ladder-like bandpass filter theoretical analysis problem

    I consider the band-pass filter of the following configuration (the ##u_m## is a voltage controlled voltage source): The transfer function is $$K_1(p)=\hat{U}_o(p) = \frac{p}{RC(p+1/RC)^2} = \frac{\omega_c p}{(p+\omega_c)^2}, \quad \omega_c=\frac{1}{RC}.\qquad (1)$$ Now I connect ##n## such...
  2. R

    I Inverse Laplace transform of a rational function

    I struggle to find an appropriate inverse Laplace transform of the following $$F(p)= 2^n a^n \frac{p^{n-1}}{(p+a)^{2n}}, \quad a>0.$$ WolframAlpha gives as an answer $$f(t)= 2^n a^n t^n \frac{_1F_1 (2n;n+1;-at)}{\Gamma(n+1)}, \quad (_1F_1 - \text{confluent hypergeometric function})$$ which...
  3. engnrshyckh

    B Inverse Laplace transform

    I used partial fraction method first as: 1/s(s^2+w^2)=A/s+Bs+C/(s^2+w^2) I found A=1/w^2 B=-1 C=0 1/s(s^2+w^2)=1/sw^2- s/s^2 +w^2 Taking invers laplace i get 1/w2 - coswt But the ans is not correct kindly help.
  4. Cocoleia

    Laplace & Inverse Laplace transforms

    Homework Statement I am given this equation: and asked to solve using Laplace transforms The Attempt at a Solution This is what I did: This seemed logical to me, I used partial fractions and it stayed pretty simple. This is what the solutions my prof posted do: Is my answer equivalent...
  5. D

    Inverting Shifted Laplace function

    Homework Statement A beam is supported at one end, as shown in the diagram (PROBLEM 11 page 281 of Lea, 159 of the course pack). A block of mass M and length l is placed on the beam, as shown. Write down the known conditions at x = 0. Use the Laplace transform to solve for the beam...
  6. D

    Inverse Laplace transform for 1/(350+s) * X(s)

    Hi, everyone, the question is as below: Find the inverse Laplace transform to 1/(350+s) * X(s). 's' is the Laplace variable and 'X(s)' is also a variable. I inverted 1/(350+s) and X(s) separately and multiplied them together directly. But this seems not giving me the correct answer. Could...
  7. Italo Campoli

    Inverse Laplace Transform of a fractional F(s)

    Homework Statement [/B] Having a little trouble solving this fractional inverse Laplace were the den. is a irreducible repeated factor 2. The attempt at a solution tryed at first with partial fractions but that didnt got me anywhere, i know i could use tables at the 2nd fraction i got...