What is Negative voltage: Definition and 20 Discussions

A voltage regulator is a system designed to automatically maintain a constant voltage. A voltage regulator may use a simple feed-forward design or may include negative feedback. It may use an electromechanical mechanism, or electronic components. Depending on the design, it may be used to regulate one or more AC or DC voltages.
Electronic voltage regulators are found in devices such as computer power supplies where they stabilize the DC voltages used by the processor and other elements. In automobile alternators and central power station generator plants, voltage regulators control the output of the plant. In an electric power distribution system, voltage regulators may be installed at a substation or along distribution lines so that all customers receive steady voltage independent of how much power is drawn from the line.

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  1. Mr su

    Can this comparator accept negative voltage as its negative supply?

    I check the datasheet of LM 319 high speed comparator online. I was wondering if LM 319 can accept negative supply voltage(-10V) and its possible to produce a 10V to -10V square wave which oscillates along origin rather than just 10V to 0v as shown below.
  2. J

    Microbiological Fuel Cell: Negative Voltage

    Hello! I've been working on a few soil based MFCs and I have been monitoring my voltage and energy output for a week now. I've made the electrodes by covering stainless steel metal meshes with activated carbon using epoxy. I've gotten some funky results as attached. As you can see... the...
  3. G Cooke

    Maximum negative voltage of a sphere?

    I would like to know the maximum voltage that a metal sphere can hold from applying negative charge to it. My thoughts are that the maximum voltage is the breakdown voltage of the surrounding medium (air in this case). I assume that at that voltage, electrons would arc from the sphere to the...
  4. G

    How can I generate a negative supply voltage for an Opamp?

    Hello. I really don't get a concept of a way to generates negative voltage as a one of the supply voltage to typical OP-AMP. (Operational Amplifier) The output voltages is supposed to swing to more than 10 V thus supply voltages to OP-AMP should be +15V and -15V. I'm thinking of supply these...
  5. A

    What does negative voltage mean for MOSFET?

    Hi, I'm planning on using a mosfet with my raspberry pi to controll a circuit, using the GPIO pins which can be set to +3.3V or GND but I'm having problems with choosing the type of MOSFET I will need. I've found the data sheet for a possibility here http://www.diodes.com/datasheets/ZVP3306A.pdf...
  6. M

    Negative Voltage when Magnet Falls Through Solenoid: Gaining Energy?

    when a magnet is falling through a solenoid, voltage is produced. Once positive is produced and the when the magnet leaves the solenoid negative voltage is produced. Voltage is the energy lost by a unit charge when traveling from one point to the other. So if there is negative voltage...
  7. Q

    Negative Voltage Regulation in Transformer

    How can a transformer have negative voltage regulation? A few texts state that a leading power factor can give rise to negative power factor, but I have not been able to figure out how this is possible. One vague explanation in my mind is that capacitance across the secondary terminal will...
  8. Tesladude

    Negative voltage regulator.

    So for a power supply project I need a voltage regulator giving me a positive output at around 40v. Obsessively you can not buy these, So i am useing a circuit which consists of a resistor, npn transistor, and zener diode. the positive input goes to the collector of the transistor and through...
  9. J

    Negative Voltage: What Does It Mean?

    Ok, I am starting to understand what voltage is. But I'm sort of confused when it comes to negative voltage. I know that voltage is defined as potential energy per unit charge. I understand it as analogous to "pressure". I don't understand what it means to have negative voltage though. How can...
  10. D

    High pass filter, output has negative voltage level

    I built a clock generator using a 555 and I fed the output to a high pass filter. It works for the most part, BUT the input voltage ranges from 0 to 5V while the output is -5 to 0 V. I can't figure out why this is happening. I'm new to EE, so bear with me.
  11. G

    Negative Voltage: Understanding How Current Travels

    I just completed a problem regarding a Millikan Oil Drop Experiment. I ended up with a negative voltage in the solution. I am just trying to understand negative voltage. Does it mean that the current will travel from - to + instead of the conventional + to -?
  12. T

    What defines a real negative voltage?

    This has been bugging me for a long time! Now if electrons are -Q and the V is basically what energy is added to that Q how do you define the voltage as being - or +. For example in a computer system, the data cable has + and - negative voltage, so is the polarity switch at ether end on the...
  13. L

    What is really meant by negative voltage?

    Hi, I get confused when I look at the dual power supply. I wish I can add two capacitor bank at both +ve and -ve terminals to improve its regulations. If I connect the capacitor bank, maybe 0.1F directly to the supply line, there must be a sudden high current flow through the rectifier...
  14. S

    Negative voltage on emitter follower

    Hi, Iam reading horowitz and hill and came through this paragraph in section 2.03 Emitter follower : Notice (Section 2.01, rule 4) that in an emitter follower the npn transistor can only "source" current. For instance, in the loaded circuit shown in Figure 2.8 the output can swing to...
  15. F

    Negative voltage and voltmeter

    Hello Forum, maybe not a new topic but let me ask anyway. The voltmeter is a simple device used to measure voltage or potential difference. Take a 9 Volt battery. If we connect it to a voltmeter the reading could be either +9 V or - 9 V. What makes one of the leads of voltmeter different...
  16. FeDeX_LaTeX

    Negative Voltage Using Faraday's Law

    Hello; When we use Faraday's Law we can get a negative voltage as a result. What does this mean? I'm guessing it means voltage in the other direction? Thanks.
  17. E

    Generating a negative voltage from a +24V DC source?

    I have a standard AC-DC rectifier that gives me +24V, 12.5A power supply. Now, I've a problem... what's the simplest way to generate a negative voltage between the rails? This may sound silly but I really thought I could just use the power supply as I would do to generate a positive voltage...
  18. R

    Negative Voltage explanation

    I've been getting confusing explanation on what negative voltage represents. In electrolytic cells my teacher explains that negative voltage means that voltage needs to be added for current to flow but in AC circuits I get the feel that negative voltage is applied in opposite direction than...
  19. A

    Need a negative voltage from a 0-60V power supply

    I will have to power the following circuit: http://www.tekscan.com/images/flexi-circuit-new.jpg [Broken] I assume I can just hook the (-) terminal to the -9V input, the (+) terminal to the +9V input, set the power supply to 9V, and then toss a resistor between the -9V and the -5V? Would...
  20. K

    Negative Voltage vs. Negative Pressure

    Assume conservation of energy and conservation of charge for a system such that: constant_{1}=energy_{system}/charge_{system} constant_{2}=energy_{system}=constant_{1}*Coulombs constant_{1}=voltage_{system} What is "negative" voltage? http://www.answerbag.com/q_view/4655/4643 I am doing...