What is Projecile: Definition and 12 Discussions

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  1. P

    Confusion about Instructor's solution of HRK

    The instructor's solution goes like this: The initial speed of the ball is given by ##v_0=\sqrt{gR}## where R is the range.But this is true if the final position of the projectile is y=0 but in this case, y=-4.Though this doesn't affect much in this case,but for higher velocity and extreme cases...
  2. Prabs3257

    Laws of motion and a projectile thrown from an accelerating elevator car

    At the moment of throwing the ball the ball will have a vertical vel of 4 and horizontal of 3 wrt to elevator so as seen from inside the elevator the ball will behave like a projectile where g(eff) = 8 and with time period 1 sec hence range will be the displacement which should be 3 m but ans...
  3. S

    Air resistance in projectile motion

    In lower-division physics classes, air resistance is usually ignored to make the mathematics of projectile motion easier to understand. When air resistance is included, it's often stated that at lower velocities, air resistance is proportional to the velocity of the object, Fair ∝ kv At...
  4. AIshikrakshit

    Can You Solve the Problem of Projectiles with These Equations?

    Homework Statement Homework Equations $$h=ut+1/2at^2$$ $$h=x\tan\theta-1/2g\frac{x^2}{u^2\cos^2\theta}$$ The Attempt at a Solution I tried to take a random angle theta for the lower particee and then using the equation of the upper particle tried to solve them together and find condition for...
  5. H

    How far a a fastball travels (projectile question)

    Homework Statement How far does a fastball released from the pitcher's hand at a speed of 49 m/s fall as it travels from pitcher to batter, a distance of 17.2 m ? (Your answer gives you a good idea of why the pitcher stands on a mound of dirt.) Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution
  6. Buggsy GC

    How do i calculate the energy lost by my catapult

    I Have built a catapult for a 1st year engineering assignment, I know catapult are extremely energy inefficient and my theoretical catapult calculations prove that, but i don't know how to calculate the exact energy of my projectile as it hits the ground again, I can measure the projectiles real...
  7. S

    Finding length of an arc produced by projectile

    So I decided to try deriving a general formula for fun. Being a high school student, the calculus got scary very fast. At this point, I'm just curious as to what the best approach to this might be. The approach I used was finding y as a function of x and then inputting it into the arc length...
  8. T

    Projectile Motion pea shooter question

    Homework Statement A student in the back row of class fires a pea shooter in an attempt to hit the blackboard. The student fires it a distance of 23m from his seat to hit the black board. The pea hits the board after 1.4 seconds at a location 9.3 meters below the ceiling. The pea is fired from...
  9. B

    Finding initial velocity of a cat jumping through a hoop

    Homework Statement Kit the cat is going to jump through a hoop. He begins on a wicker cabinet at a height of 1.745 m above the floor and jumps through the center of a vertical hoop, reaching a peak height 3.115 m above the floor. With what initial velocity did Kit leave the cabinet if the...
  10. Alexander Stroborg

    Can a 400V 2200µF capacitor propel 0.5g through a rail gun?

    I am planning to conduct an academic experiment involving an electromagnetic projectile. I originally planned to build a rail gun powered by a 400V 2200µF capacitor, I've read a lot of discussions that say rail guns require a tremendous amount of current. Is this capacitor sufficient to propel...
  11. S

    Projectile hitting the incline plane horizontally

    Homework Statement A projectile is thrown at angle θ with an inclined plane of inclination 45o . Find θ if projectile strikes the inclined the plane horizontal Homework Equations Taking x-axis along the incline and y-axis perpendicular to incline.[/B] Vx=ucosθ - gsint(45)t Vy=usinθ -...
  12. P

    Ranges of Projectiles With and Without Drag

    I recently completed a lab using an online projectile simulator about the range of projectiles. I launched a projectile with different initial speeds (5 m/s, 10 m/s, 15 m/s, 20 m/s, and 25 m/s). For each trial, I did the launch with and without air resistance and I plotted Range (with Air...