What is Relativitiy: Definition and 13 Discussions

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  1. A

    I Relativistic Energy of Rotating Thin Ring: Quick Qs

    Quick question about the relativistic energy of a rotating thin ring, hoop or cylinder. Is there any reason why the relativistic energy would be anything different than ##E=\gamma_t m_0 c^2## where ##\gamma_t## depends on the tangential velocity ##v_t## observed by someone at rest with the...
  2. S

    I Relativistic Calculus Books & PDFs | Free Resources

    Just wanted any books / pdfs which introduce special relativistic calculus.
  3. Q

    B Does this connect Quantum Theory and Special Relativity?

    This is probably extremely wrong I just want to know how. If photons don't experience time doesn't that mean they are every where at once, and if that is true doesn't part of quantum physics say before a particle is observed its in all the states it can be in? So doesn't that apply in that sense...
  4. K

    I Detecting Gravitons: Challenging the Foundations of General Relativity

    If we were to able to detect gravitons then is it not that the basic assumption over which the general theory of relativity is flawed ?
  5. M

    A EoM in Schwarzschild geometry: geodesic v Hamilton formalism

    Hi there guys, Currently writing and comparing two separate Mathematica scripts which can be found here and also here. The first one I've slightly modified to suit my needs and the second one is meant to reproduce the same results. Both scripts are attempting to simulate the trajectory of a...
  6. quantumfunction

    B Can there be many Worldlines in 4D spacetime?

    Can many worldlines occur in 4D spacetime where observers in each worldline think they're the "real" worldine? Is there a mechanism preventing many worldlines from occurring in 4D spacetime. Einstein said this in his book Relativity: Look at this scenario. Event A occurs outside of the light...
  7. Jianphys17

    I Classical Field Theory: Prerequisites for Learning

    Hi, i would be curious to know what would be the prerequisites for learning the classical field theory !
  8. S

    I Could it be that the photon has a non-zero mass?

    Hi, Can someone tell me the reason why it is impossible for the photon to have a rest-mass? Without referring to the theories which are actually build on the fact that the photon is massless. Is there any possibility that the speed of light is not about light and that there is some...
  9. Elvis 123456789

    Photon beam is incident on a proton target produces a particle

    Homework Statement A photon beam is incident on a proton target (at rest). Particle X (and nothing else) with rest mass M=1.232GeV/c2 is then produced. Use m_p =0.938GeV/c2 as the proton mass. a) What is the energy of the photon beam, in terms of GeV? b) What is the momentum of the moving...
  10. A

    Is There a Hidden Meaning in Integrating the Lorentz Factor with Trig Sub?

    Just for my own entertainment I integrated the Lorentz factor with respect to velocity, using basic trig sub, I got the equation arcsin(v/c)*(mc^2). What does this mean? Is it just useless and irrelevant in the physics world or does it have some sort of hidden meaning?
  11. SquidgyGuff

    Finding relativistic force in terms of acceleration

    Homework Statement The instantaneous force F acting on a particle, as measured in frame S, is Use the formula for the linear momentum () in and the definition of the acceleration a to show that The Attempt at a Solution The professor said that this required use of programs such...
  12. H

    Relativity Theory: Bill & Nancy's Observer Question

    Can someone or approve or disapprove my question. I want to make sure I get this right. I will use Bill & Nancy as observers and friends For example, if Bob is going at the speed of light inside a spaceship, his mass will increase indefinite but he will not notice the effects. Bob will...
  13. Integral

    General Relativitiy by Crowell

    http://www.scribd.com/doc/27152614/General-Relativity-Crowell" I have acquired a copy of this book. Is it even worth the price I paid for it? I got it for free.