What is Self study math: Definition and 11 Discussions

Self-replication is any behavior of a dynamical system that yields construction of an identical or similar copy of itself. Biological cells, given suitable environments, reproduce by cell division. During cell division, DNA is replicated and can be transmitted to offspring during reproduction. Biological viruses can replicate, but only by commandeering the reproductive machinery of cells through a process of infection. Harmful prion proteins can replicate by converting normal proteins into rogue forms. Computer viruses reproduce using the hardware and software already present on computers. Self-replication in robotics has been an area of research and a subject of interest in science fiction. Any self-replicating mechanism which does not make a perfect copy (mutation) will experience genetic variation and will create variants of itself. These variants will be subject to natural selection, since some will be better at surviving in their current environment than others and will out-breed them.

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  1. TGV320

    Studying How many exercises should I do after each math lecture? (Calc 1/2)

    Hello, I am currently self studying MIT 18.01 in my technical college, having just finished watching the 3rd lecture. I do my best doing the assignments and pre-reading of every lecture. I find the lectures by professor Jerison to be really rich and intuitive, and I write down loads of notes...
  2. Weightlifting

    Studying When to check the solutions during self-study?

    Hi all! As I've mentioned in a previous post a while ago, I've started studying Calculus from "Calculus, a complete course" by R.A. Adams & C. Essex. I've managed to get through a good part of it already, and I plan to continue to more physics related textbooks afterwards. The end-goal I have...
  3. S

    Masters in physics with a bachelors in liberal arts

    I am a liberal arts student who is interested in pursuing physics after graduating. I've taken some physics courses over the last 2 years. They are waves and oscillations, classical electrodynamics, Qm1 and Qm2, statistical physics, and one course in experimental physics. I have learned topics...
  4. K

    Is Self-Study in Mathematics Right for Me?

    Hello! I have been following this site for quite some time and I quite like the more approachable atmosphere compared to areas like stack exchange, it makes me feel less like an idiot. I finished my bachelor's of Statistics and Data Science, didn't do so well on the statistics courses except...
  5. Q

    Studying Self studying math and physics

    Has anyone been successful self studying mathematics and physics? By successful I mean to achieve your goals to study and have firm understanding in the subjects. How did you do it? How long did it take?
  6. HajarB

    Algebra A Course in Algebra Book Study Group | Self-Learning Support

    Hey everyone, I'm currently studying A Course in Algebra by E.B. Vinberg, and I was wondering if anyone is studying the same book. I think it will be a less lonely journey for all of us self learners if we can form a book study group to discuss ideas and exercises.
  7. Dr. Courtney

    Schools Resources for High School Math at Home - Comments

    Dr. Courtney submitted a new PF Insights post Resources for High School Math at Home Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
  8. E

    Studying How would I self teach myself Calculus

    Hey everybody, I am currently trying to find the best way to teach myself Calculus. I would like to be proficient in the field and I would like to study physics later at college. Has anybody had experience teaching themselves calculus and if so how did you do it. Also I am open to any...
  9. E

    Self Studying Math (Geometry through Calculus)

    Hi I was wondering how long it would take to self study math using Khan Academy and supplement the website with a self teach book from Geometry through Calculus. I am a sophomore in high school and I am hoping to take the CLEP exams for Calculus and College Algebra after senior year. I was...
  10. L

    Can I self-study math to improve my skills and advance in my career?

    So, I graduated a few years ago with a liberal arts degree and I'm currently working as a programmer. Although I'm pretty good with the practical application of computer programming, my math is horrendously bad. Now that I'm wanting to go back to school, obtain an advanced degree, and change...
  11. A

    Self study math for other discipline graduate

    i am medical doctor who wants to self study mathematics , the last mathematics course i took was 6 years ago at the pre-medical college .. worth mentioning that i am from a country where the educational system is different from USA at high school i studied algebra , calculus , trigonometry...