What is Transfer student: Definition and 12 Discussions

Transfer credit, credit transfer, or advanced standing are the terms used by colleges and universities for the procedure of granting credit to a student for educational experiences or courses undertaken at another institution. This is a subset of Recognition of Prior Learning (which also includes prior work or non-institutional experience for credit).
"Advanced standing" is also used to describe the status of a student granted credit, as distinct from normal course entrants who commence the stream of study at the beginning.

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  1. SloshyUser

    Schools What Schools Should I Apply to as a Transfer Student?

    Hello everyone so I currently am a first-year college student attending my local state university but am wanting to transfer out after this year and I was wondering what schools I should look into. Any input would be very appreciated as I have to pay for my own applications and well, college...
  2. G

    Programs Help with math minor (Transfer student)

    I need help since I recently changed my Fall schedule. I recently going to take Linear Algebra, but I will be taking a Meteorology class instead. This class will help me prepare for 300 and 400 level courses I'm planning to take as an extra elective. Had to pick a class to replace with the...
  3. G

    Admissions Transfering from CC, got a C in calc2. Am I screwed?

    I want to major in computer and electrical engineering physics. I don't actually know much about the specifics, but I've been an electrical engineering hobbyist since high school, I built my own desktop computer and enjoy programing in C++, and I study some physics in my free time. All I know is...
  4. Ian Baughman

    Courses Self-Learning new material vs. Covering the basics

    So I have been preparing to transfer into a physics program at the university from a community college. However, I am debating on whether I should go back and cover the material from my previous physics courses to build a strong foundation or if I should start learning the new material that will...
  5. S

    Schools How does a college verify transfer student details?

    If a student transfers credits from one university to a second university, does the new university contact the old university and finalise the credit evaluation process? Or they award credits simply based on the transcript received from the old university? To clarify, I'm asking if some kind...
  6. F

    Upper Division Preparation - Transfer Student

    Hello all I currently attend a California community college where I am preparing to transfer to a University of California campus - hopefully Berkeley - to study physics. I've had no difficulty in my lower division math and physics courses (calculus, differential equations, linear algebra...
  7. M

    Transfer student seeking guidance

    Hello all, I'm on my third year of university majoring as a bio medical engineer at the moment. I have been considering moving away from home, and transferring to the University of California Santa Barbara, to study chemical engineering. My grades are great, my question is would you guys...
  8. L

    Transfer Student-> Engineering/Physics Program

    A little bit about my academic record: - My average in my freshman, sophomore, and junior year of high school was only 72. - My average in senior year was a 96.4. - I scored 90+ on all but 1 of my regents. - I'm currently going to Queens borough Community College and this is my first...
  9. C

    Transfer Student Guidance

    In looking at the colleges in the Oregon area, I'm finding that there are not many that have an accredited Physics degree program. I am on track with completing my associates degree in the Oregon Arts Transfer Degree, and I'm wondering about which college in the United States offers a Bachelors...
  10. P

    Best undergrad choice for transfer student

    i'm currently attending a community college in california, I'm a physics major, and i will apply to transfer to universities this fall. by looking through a lot of the threads here, i realized that prestigious universities probably have bad undergrad programs. so now I'm really looking towards...
  11. P

    Need advice for transfer student

    I am currently attending a community college and I have completed 28 units and am taking 6 units right now in the summer. I plan on applying to the UC's but my primary choices are UCLA and Berkeley. Since I plan on being a theoretical physicist and getting a ph.d to study string theory...
  12. B

    Approximate Coursework Time at MIT for Transfer Student?

    I am thinking of applying to MIT as a transfer (I know, slim chance). But I am concerned about the amount of coursework; does anyone (perhaps who goes to MIT?) know just how much time it takes? I'm looking for approximate hours per week; I already know it's "a lot."