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Homework Help: Radius of curvature of 1 MeV electron in 1 Tesla B field

  1. Oct 27, 2008 #1
    i need to calculate radius of curvature of 1 MeV KE electron in 1 Tesla magnetic field.

    r = mv / eB

    what is the (relativistic) speed, v, of the electron? (ans: 0.941 c ??)

    then i think you use p(rho) = mo. V / sqrt (1 - v^2 /c^2) = mv (ans: 7.59E-22 kg m/s)

    e = 1.6E-19 C
    B = 1

    please show calculation of radius of curvature..

    (expected value for r: 4.74E-03 m ??)
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