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Electronic device for storing and processing data. Software, Hardware, Web & Internet
Y 10:11 PM rcgldr 
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Action or process of writing computer programs. Computer algorithms, data structures, A.I., systems, databases, communications, security...
T 07:42 PM rcgldr 
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Discussion and support for Matlab, Mathematica, Stata, Maple, Mathcad, LaTeX...
T 12:23 PM Hologram0110 
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Discussion and support for basic, scientific, and graphing calculators. TI-83, TI-89, HP48, HP50, etc...
Sep15-14 01:24 PM barryj 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
But first of all, if you're looking for help with a specific coursework assignment (e.g. in computer programming), use...
Aug16-10 06:48 AM
0 23,708
When will computer hardware match the human brain? (Received Dec. 1997) Hans Moravec Robotics Institute ...
Apr20-09 01:19 PM
39 14,026
Dec1-08 11:56 PM
12 11,562
Does anyone know of any robotics competition that will be taking place sometime later this year or next year? I'm...
Jan16-09 01:18 PM
8 2,830
Hi, I am about to be looking for a person or person(s) who are able to use 3d graphics programs to create...
May9-08 01:27 PM
10 3,851
Hi, I was wondering, is it possible to format one's MP4 Player erase all software and then install new firmware in...
Dec24-08 12:50 AM
4 2,511
an anybody explain the effect of electromagnetic signal emitted by wifi hotspot to our health? Is it dangerous? ...
Jan1-09 12:13 PM
Vanadium 50
12 105,718
I have a odds and ends question for anyone who wants to share knowledge. I just got done with a project doing serial...
May12-08 09:27 AM
irshad peeran
3 14,002
Hi. Earlier today my xbox was giving me the three red lights around the power button that signal a hardware...
May13-08 06:13 AM
9 2,463
Hi I am thinking of changing my 'Processor + Chipsets + Motherboard' soon (Dual core 2, around '1300 Hz 2G DDR2'...
May10-08 03:54 PM
B. Elliott
30 3,564
With the threat of satellites being blown up, would fiber optics offer a practical alternative for communications or...
Apr26-08 08:23 PM
12 2,692
Hey all, what magazines, journals, website, etc. would you recommend for aspiring CS majors? Thank you. Jordan...
May10-08 04:56 AM
2 1,408
I want to write a script to find the nth Brillouin zone of a reciprocal net and show how it can be transposed into the...
Apr29-08 09:30 PM
2 1,910
Hi everybody, I have a very simple question for programmers and automation professionals, My friend told me that...
May1-08 03:20 AM
3 4,528
Does anyone know of a good estimate of the computing power of all the computers that are on earth and running. Do...
Apr30-08 05:23 PM
1 1,249
Nanoscale circuits based on molecules used in sunscreen lotion have led to the discovery of the "missing link" of...
Apr30-08 06:02 PM
0 1,580
I'm definetly thinking about buying a digital voice recorder to tape my lectures. I wanted some that could hook up to...
May2-08 01:28 PM
2 6,063
Is it possible with javascript to take one article from blog A, one article from blog B, one article from blog C, and...
May10-08 01:20 PM
23 2,939
Okay, so basically one day I woke up... went on my computer and after 10 minutes my internet got disconnected....
May18-08 07:58 AM
B. Elliott
20 2,969
I need to make a certain client program uncloseable(the best option). Or have it start itself every time someone...
May12-08 10:29 AM
17 4,090
I need to learn myself computer networkin but i don,t know where to begin. I've already done with some computer...
May12-08 03:04 PM
2 2,597
Is there a device that can read the positions of pixels on a monitor, may be just 6 key positions and give a real...
May13-08 10:12 PM
3 1,732
Hi, I have a couple of questions, I bought a computer a week ago and I thought ( ignorance) that if the processor...
May11-08 03:43 PM
B. Elliott
1 6,610
How come processors run faster under cold conditions and slower under hot conditions? I always assumed resitance...
May11-08 04:15 PM
5 2,778
Hello!! I need to know whether the hard disk is on or off during the following states (in windows vista): -During...
May14-08 06:02 PM
B. Elliott
3 1,610
Perhaps could arrange smoke vortex generators linked to a computer to act just like a dot matrix printer, except each...
May16-08 01:19 AM
0 1,459
I ran spy bot and it said i had this virus. I tried to fix it but it said it was un able to and that i needed restart...
May22-08 09:43 PM
2 2,450
How do you set internet explorer 7.0 to save passwords without prompting? I tried going Tools->Internet...
May22-08 09:42 PM
3 1,719
I have a HP iPaq 1900 that only has an SD card slot and an iPod hard drive with 20gb and ata 6. SD cards are too...
Nov23-08 12:38 PM
2 2,724
How do you make animations or descriptive pictures for physical models? They're not hand drawn and I'm pretty sure...
Oct30-08 08:33 PM
6 8,538
Hi I am new to the forum and found you by googling my problem and found someone named Ray on the forum who had...
Dec8-08 05:59 PM
4 7,782
I was just thinking, has anyone who's ever taken Cryptography ever thought about making a Cipher for one side of a...
Dec3-08 12:11 PM
9 1,744
I don't know if this is the write place to put this. It was either here or in the programming section but it doesn't...
Dec7-08 02:11 AM
0 1,306
Is it ok to get a B.S degree in Applied Mathematics and then a M.S in Computer Science? You might ask, why not a...
Dec26-08 07:51 PM
2 1,684
Hello , I wanna do a small Speech Recognition Software for my pc , to allow me use my voice to start some programs and...
Jan5-09 11:36 AM
3 1,818
With the development of technology, people can watch movie and listen music by watch. Have you thought this before? I...
Dec25-08 01:55 AM
0 2,078
I can't find how to do this in the HP 50g manual (probably because the manual is 900 pages and I don't know what to...
Jan3-09 06:13 PM
2 2,474
Hi! I dont know if this is the right place for this topic but I could not find "Digital Technology" elsewhere so here...
Jan10-09 12:28 PM
1 3,871
I am stuck with Vista on my computer right now, and when I am browsing a folder that has video files in it, messages...
Jan12-09 05:26 PM
2 2,381
any gate i can substitute to xor gate? if i dont have xor gate what gate i can use to substitute it?
Jan15-09 09:54 PM
8 8,963
Say that you want to create an index, to quantify technological level of humanity at any time. This index puts a...
Apr16-09 06:08 PM
7 1,344

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