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- The origin, evolution, structure and eventual fate of the universe.
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Quality answers to common cosmology questions
Jul23-14 11:07 PM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
To have an enjoyable cosmo forum we needed a balance between mental freedom on the one hand and a shared knowledge...
Aug2-14 07:51 PM
493 166,181
The new A20 tabular calculator lets you look at changing geometry out to about 88 billion years according to the...
Jun11-14 11:00 AM
65 45,018
Recently reading the Scientific American article The Black Hole at the Beginning of Time, which at first glance made...
T 04:14 PM
0 47
Just been looking around for any good resources or databases which show history of stars in the universe. I have...
T 03:05 AM
4 209
Is it possible that our universe is just one of more universes and that our universe just appears to be expanding...
Y 04:44 PM
5 288
hey all! I have just finished processing the data of an n-body simulation (RAMSES code was used to do the simulation...
Y 03:57 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 257
All - my first post, and as a lay person interested in quantum physics, forgive me if my questions are naive or...
Y 04:18 AM
9 182
Brown dwarf galaxies are, i think the coldest systems in the universe, If they continue to loose heat energy they must...
Y 03:02 AM
4 217
We know that a photon has no mass, but has relativistic mass - which means in theory, a photon will have a...
Y 12:10 AM
2 177
I ran a search and didn't see anything posted recently, at least, on the current thoughts behind the zero-energy...
Aug26-14 09:58 AM
3 276
I've always been curious about about the big bang because (from what I've read) it's a point we're not able predict...
Aug25-14 01:49 PM
7 304
Are the parameters involved in the calculations to determine the age of the universe completely different from the...
Aug24-14 11:50 AM
19 513
The Big Bang is often associated with the concept of a singularity. A singularity is defined as a point in space-time....
Aug23-14 03:23 AM
4 310
Hello all, so I've always wondered about the expansion of the universe as indicated by the observed doppler (red)...
Aug23-14 01:13 AM
11 321
If, when the universe was young, and you had all of today's universe worth of matter compacted into a space only a few...
Aug21-14 11:26 PM
15 308
Assuming a big crunch theory were to be true (I know it's not too popular a theory these days) I figure a collapsing...
Aug21-14 06:21 PM
1 196
if the expansion of the universe seems to be accelerating the farther away in distance(and time) we look, then since...
Aug21-14 03:01 PM
9 489
Imagine that I draw a sightline from Earth (E) to the most distant observable cosmic structure, called for simplicity...
Aug21-14 10:05 AM
13 519
Dark matter can't radiate heat (i.e. no electromagnetic energy). 1. Might it retain the original temperature at the...
Aug21-14 01:31 AM
7 413
1. Gravity is the geometric curvature of space-time caused by massive objects. 2. Dark Matter surrounds galaxies. ...
Aug20-14 05:33 PM
22 850
Black holes are usually shown as funnels. Is there one "funnel" pointing in a single direction or are there event...
Aug20-14 01:41 PM
5 370
Do white dwarf planets ever die and eventually there will be no remains of the sun? What will happen to the gas giants...
Aug19-14 03:08 PM
13 655
I was researching the inflationary model of the universe and came across the idea that the universe may be both...
Aug19-14 12:12 PM
2 375
Do you think we will ever be able to create a simplified computer simulation of the universe using the cosmic...
Aug16-14 03:40 PM
4 381
Hi, As I understand it, the CMBR presents with a temperature equivalent to approx 2.5k. If a WMAP-type experiment was...
Aug15-14 11:54 AM
31 1,096
Since the observable universe is expanding, over time, more galaxies should become visible on Earth as their light has...
Aug13-14 12:25 PM
18 865
An interesting article for ordinary people but I just wondered if it is science or pseudo science? It offers an...
Aug11-14 02:13 PM
7 669
The energy 'U' of a uniform spherical volume (e.g., a Hubble sphere) is (3/5)(M^2)G/R Conventional wisdom has it...
Aug8-14 10:05 AM
19 1,485
I'm not a physicist nevertheless I wonder about these things so here goes: On wikipedia I read that the universe...
Aug7-14 11:27 PM
16 800
I'm asking this just out of curiosity on my part.<grin> When I first heard of cosmic inflation, a long time ago, I...
Aug7-14 10:40 AM
6 442
Dark Matter constitutes 26.8% (wikipedia) of the observable universe. So where is it? I ask this question...
Aug7-14 08:13 AM
10 669
Conventional Cosmology would explain greater than c recessional velocities of the nebula as a non-problem regarding...
Aug6-14 02:09 PM
4 456
Because the speed of light cannot be exceeded, when the big bang happened, the matter that flew out could not have...
Aug6-14 07:06 AM
4 570
I've been reviewing the timeline of the big bang...
Aug4-14 04:39 PM
2 429
According to the Poincare recurrence theorem - certain systems will, after a sufficiently long but finite time, return...
Aug3-14 03:35 PM
11 729
As far as i understand the current big bang theory, it started as a extremely dense object, finite in size. But we...
Aug2-14 05:33 AM
37 2,026
If virtual particles are constantly popping in and out of existence all around us, what gravitational effect does this...
Aug1-14 01:59 PM
George Jones
9 653
If our universe has a history of infinity of cause-effects/time, how could it ever traverse that infinity to reach...
Jul31-14 03:13 PM
30 4,801
It is thought that there are approximately 10^80 protons in the observable universe, but there are approximately 10^90...
Jul31-14 02:17 PM
7 2,821
These questions applies to both spatially homogenous cosmological models, and multidimensional Kaluza-Klein theories:...
Jul31-14 09:33 AM
2 1,654
What happens to energy when the universe dies out? I understand how the law of conversation on energy works within a...
Jul30-14 11:25 AM
3 603
"In physical cosmology, cosmic inflation, cosmological inflation, or just inflation is the exponential expansion of...
Jul28-14 09:14 AM
23 2,256

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