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Quality answers to common cosmology questions
Jun25-11 08:50 PM bcrowell 

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- The origin, evolution, structure and eventual fate of the universe.
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To have an enjoyable cosmo forum we needed a balance between mental freedom on the one hand and a shared knowledge...
Apr8-14 08:39 AM
483 125,253
The new A20 tabular calculator lets you look at changing geometry out to about 88 billion years according to the...
Feb8-14 08:31 AM
61 23,435
Hello all, this is my first post here. I'm about as literate in physics as an ant is literate in algebra, but I was...
T 01:12 PM
3 32
Greetings, How is new space created? There was no space before the big bang, correct? And the universe is still...
T 01:30 AM
98 2,230
In classical physics we took space and time as distinct absolute. But in GTR space-time continuum only come into play....
Apr14-14 07:37 AM
George Jones
11 412
In Dr. Tyson's first episode of Cosmos he said "...there are parts of the Universe that are too far away. There hasn't...
Apr14-14 12:20 AM
17 924
The ideal gas has the following requirements. 1) there are no intermolecular forces between the molecules. 2) the...
Apr13-14 06:50 PM
23 999
Let me start off by stating that I have no formal education in Astrophysics, or any other education beyond high...
Apr12-14 08:02 PM
37 1,374
Hi, I was just wondering if someone could explain to me in detail what cosmologists mean when they say "the universe...
Apr12-14 11:44 AM
15 768 What does Sir...
Apr12-14 03:25 AM
12 394
If all the matter in the universe was compressed into single tiny space before the big bang, where was it? I mean "Out...
Apr11-14 12:34 PM
2 174
Hi, I have some confusion about the cosmological constant (CC). From what I have read it is to do with the energy...
Apr10-14 11:10 PM
23 738
I'm trying to get a basic understanding of the big bang in order to teach an advanced oceanography course to high...
Apr10-14 03:44 PM
13 432
Like many, I have just recently learned about the theory of inflation and, though learning about, noticed a problem...
Apr10-14 12:14 PM
29 998
So I have been thinking. Light gets redshifted because of the cosmological expansion of the Universe. This would mean...
Apr9-14 06:28 PM
8 340
The PF home page has some news items in the righthand margin and one is about this:
Apr9-14 01:18 AM
4 230
Is CCC killed by BICEP2 or there is a way in which it survives?
Apr7-14 07:16 PM
2 344
From other threads here Iíve gained a rough understanding of why Dark Matter forms into a halo around galaxies. It...
Apr7-14 04:34 PM
6 320
I've read that the further away a Galaxy is from us the faster it moves away. By this logic how can scientists...
Apr7-14 08:53 AM
13 342
Hi there, Im reading about inflation, perturbations and so on, and every book I read take the SVT decomposition as...
Apr7-14 12:54 AM
2 220
Ok so I'm a bit confused as to how to attempt to answer this question? Describing its significance vs explaining its...
Apr6-14 10:02 PM
9 259
Jorrie's calculator (Lightcone) makes cosmic history tables which tell you among other things the Hubble times in past...
Apr5-14 09:07 PM
1 295
I have been following stories about dark matter and have, I think, a layman's grasp of it, to whit: In 1933 the Swiss...
Apr5-14 07:43 PM
20 715
Haven't seen this mentioned here yet. This week's Time Magazine has an article on the recent experiment at the South...
Apr4-14 02:54 PM
43 1,859
Quick question: what is meant by thermalization of photons? And how could this effect distort CMB spectrum...
Apr4-14 10:36 AM
8 426
Hi, everybody. I have the question about initial, gravitational big bang singularity. My first question is if the...
Apr4-14 08:52 AM
47 1,568
I would like some introductory level references for building an n-body gravity simulation. I work for the...
Apr3-14 04:30 PM
12 606
Hi, i've just installed Healpix on IDL, and i'm starting to try all the subroutines. First of all, i learned how...
Apr3-14 05:10 AM
16 540
NOTE: I am not a cosmologist, so if any of my statements are not correct please tell me. When we observe distance...
Apr2-14 01:52 PM
70 2,450
Hello! I'm a senior at San Francisco State University, and I'm currently enrolled in a cosmology class. It's a GWAR...
Apr1-14 10:13 PM
3 371
Anyone have more information on this? Any speculation?
Apr1-14 08:07 AM
78 5,955
Forgive me if this is stupid or has been covered many times in the past but I have a question about dark energy and...
Mar30-14 01:20 PM
37 1,894
Hello PF members How much did the total mass of universe at Planck time after big bang ? Was it equal Planck mass ?...
Mar30-14 03:58 AM
1 425
In the Wiki article on the FLRW metric, ...
Mar29-14 12:39 PM
17 642
I will be asking what is behind the fact that our Universe is a very special state which is very unlikely to have...
Mar27-14 08:59 PM
19 907
I found different opinions regarding when inflation was confirmed or when could it be confirmed. Lets write down the...
Mar27-14 06:00 PM
8 559
Hello All, In Carroll's there is a brief introduction to a dynamical dark energy in which the equation of motion...
Mar26-14 09:58 PM
7 437
Hope this isn't too simplistic, but; Type 1a supernovae tell us gravity is constant for as far as we can observe...
Mar25-14 07:02 PM
10 721
I have been searching through some of the literature, as well as this forum - but I have not found a clear explanation...
Mar24-14 11:56 AM
0 329
When an object approaches a particular event horizon, for a distant observer, in its own reference frame it is not...
Mar23-14 10:40 PM
6 574
Since first hearing about dark energy in the popular press Iíve always had the impression that we canít detect it...
Mar23-14 08:39 PM
15 670
I asked this question at AskMrPhysics and received no response so...either it's a really stupid idea/question that...
Mar23-14 07:02 AM
11 714

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