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- The origin, evolution, structure and eventual fate of the universe.
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Quality answers to common cosmology questions
Jul23-14 11:07 PM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
To have an enjoyable cosmo forum we needed a balance between mental freedom on the one hand and a shared knowledge...
Jul25-14 06:02 PM
492 160,639
The new A20 tabular calculator lets you look at changing geometry out to about 88 billion years according to the...
Jun11-14 11:00 AM
65 42,045
Let us suppose that there is no largest space or no smallest space as it relates to the universe. If this were the...
Apr21-12 08:24 PM
2 1,356
To start, lets say I took a bowling pin and passed it through a two-dimensional universe. An observer in the...
Apr21-12 03:48 AM
1 946
In an isotrophic and homogeneous cosmos, why would the expansion of space be specifically be vectored outward. Should...
Apr20-12 10:49 PM
1 889
In the context of Friedmann's time, 1922, how did he know to make the metric scale factor, a, a function of time when...
Apr20-12 05:41 PM
16 2,410
If super nova is responsible for all elements on earth, including the ones that humans were made from, why aren't all...
Apr20-12 02:07 PM
6 1,589
I seem to have read something once that suggested that gravity may be leaking into other dimensions/branes, this could...
Apr20-12 05:30 AM
32 7,196
Ok I have very little knowledge of all this but I was thinking about the expansion of the universe and light. First...
Apr20-12 03:37 AM
8 1,541
I understand that before we knew about dark energy we thought expansion would have slowed down since the big bang but...
Apr19-12 03:48 PM
6 1,282
I understand the resolution to the typical statement of Olber's paradox, that is, that with a finite horizon distance...
Apr19-12 05:42 AM
2 1,040
Hi all, I have a bit of a variation of a question I asked some time ago. Webb et al. continue to publish...
Apr18-12 11:59 PM
8 1,579
Was cosmic inflation partly driven by the quantum degeneracy pressure of the quarks and electrons? Just after the...
Apr18-12 02:15 PM
Mark M
2 1,089
How does the BB theory allow for the creation of matter. Bt this I mean the sub atomic particles that make up atoms...
Apr17-12 01:47 PM
Mark M
51 5,673
Can the star positions be predicted with any degree of accuracy? If so are there any variables that woukld dramaticaly...
Apr17-12 06:06 AM
6 1,205
H3+ The original mothercloud was mostly H2 and He. It didn't have molecular species containing C, N, and O that are...
Apr17-12 01:15 AM
0 988
One of the major concerns in any Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) anisotropy analysis is to determine which fraction...
Apr16-12 07:38 PM
20 2,508
Hi folks, In a followup to another thread about the recent controversial results by Webb et al. suggesting that the...
Apr16-12 05:35 PM
0 905
Does the light stop and turn back or does it interact with the surface and make a u turn.
Apr16-12 02:57 PM
2 1,248
hi guys, i've read a few articles that say that einstein's general relativity paved the way for the big bang theory....
Apr16-12 06:46 AM
3 1,696
We always get to know that there could be other 'multiverses' with completely different physical constants, but I'm...
Apr16-12 04:23 AM
13 1,787
Last week I read this article in Science Daily about BOSS and its recent most accurate measurements of the universe to...
Apr16-12 03:50 AM
8 1,486
I was delight to learn that there was an event about 1 μs after the Big Bang when neutrinos decoupled, making them in...
Apr15-12 05:48 AM
1 973
Well, First there arose a interesting question of how entropy increases when particles due to gravitation form huge...
Apr14-12 12:30 PM
1 1,041
It's always been my understanding that given the existence of BH singularities and the initial BB singularity our...
Apr13-12 05:26 PM
20 2,489
I'm aware I'm raising a topic which must have been discussed several times, but I couldn't find anything specific to...
Apr13-12 01:59 PM
Mark M
16 2,627
I realize that because of gravity and the relatively high density of our place in the universe compared to the voids,...
Apr13-12 01:53 PM
28 3,952
A highly magnified candidate for a young galaxy seen when the Universe was 500 Myrs old...
Apr13-12 02:29 AM
5 1,416
I have a question about the formation of black holes. Correct me if I am wrong but as I understand it, if you have a...
Apr12-12 09:36 AM
6 1,878
Hi, I am interested to hear what people think of the following argument that in an accelerating Universe virtual...
Apr12-12 06:24 AM
22 3,687
Could anybody explain what "power spectrum" in cosmology means. I am trying to understand the WMAP power spectrum...
Apr11-12 11:56 AM
10 2,475
I am working on an introduction to cosmology, I have began by the newtoniant one (the Hubble law, the Friedmann, fluid...
Apr11-12 07:21 AM
1 1,198
Was just learning red shift for my A level final exam and thought about this: Okay so I have a galaxy with a fixed...
Apr11-12 02:44 AM
2 1,277
I posted these on Reddit but some questions weren't answered so I was wondering if people here could help: First...
Apr10-12 04:10 PM
Mark M
12 1,665
For something to expand, It must have tangible boundaries that are growing. The ever expanding universe, thus must...
Apr9-12 07:15 PM
Mark M
1 1,000
I have always been puzzled by how we see an object from the past and can tell what it is doing now if it is billions...
Apr9-12 06:29 AM
5 1,372
Subject: Does the Universe have a Boundary ? Since nothing can exist outside of the Universe, how then can the...
Apr9-12 03:03 AM
33 20,225
Why is not gravity relative like the space-time continuum, since it operates on and is modifying it? Why is gravity...
Apr8-12 10:46 PM
18 2,427
There must be a center or someplace close to the center of the universe. The actual universe can be contained in a...
Apr8-12 04:45 PM
127 14,279
Assume that we have a particle i at rest according to co-moving coordinates. Then the total energy of the particle...
Apr8-12 08:48 AM
2 1,417
As far as I am aware the current theory (most popular) for the creation of the universe was that it arose from a...
Apr8-12 03:13 AM
27 4,238
I imagine it must....Could we have dark anti-matter in our universe that doesn't interact with ordinary matter? Would...
Apr7-12 06:38 PM
47 10,937

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