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- The origin, evolution, structure and eventual fate of the universe.
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Quality answers to common cosmology questions
Jul23-14 11:07 PM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
To have an enjoyable cosmo forum we needed a balance between mental freedom on the one hand and a shared knowledge...
Aug2-14 07:51 PM
493 165,668
The new A20 tabular calculator lets you look at changing geometry out to about 88 billion years according to the...
Jun11-14 11:00 AM
65 44,725
If we know that the temperature of photons was apprx. 3000 K at recombination and the temperature of the CMB is apprx....
May1-12 09:43 AM
11 1,640
hi, I am a bit confused on what the current model of the universe is. some are saying it is round, while others are...
Apr30-12 02:06 PM
George Jones
39 5,674
The Hubble radius R is defined by: R(t) = c / H(t) where H(t) is the Hubble parameter which is a function of...
Apr29-12 03:51 PM
5 1,060
Okay i want to stir something we earth dwellers move around the sun in a roughly circular path (ellipse) OR...
Apr29-12 09:13 AM
16 2,207
So I know that when a massive star stops creating nuclear fusion the star collapses on itself from the gravity and...
Apr28-12 07:49 PM
13 5,748
When we "measure" time, we are obeserving movement, really. Or aren't we? Is there a physics theory where time...
Apr28-12 06:22 AM
149 13,171
Has anyone thought about the big bang and dark energy like this? Dark energy is simply empty space which has the...
Apr27-12 11:00 PM
21 2,270
wikipedia says: "The CMBR has a thermal black body spectrum at a temperature of 2.725 K, which...
Apr27-12 04:43 PM
1 1,180
Hello everyone, glad to be here. I'm Tom, 22 from Manchester UK. I don't consider myself intelligent, I failed...
Apr27-12 02:12 PM
15 1,949
Do theories of quantum gravity require that space-time is a lattice instead of a continuum? I guess this question...
Apr26-12 04:22 PM
2 1,240
hello, I'm wondering how to calculate, even approximately for the relatively mature universe, what the CBR...
Apr26-12 03:18 PM
8 1,403
Good evening. I am wondering if energy has always been quantized. I read that the shortest time after the Big Bang...
Apr25-12 10:51 PM
2 1,194
Some background: I am a senior in high school taking astronomy, so admittedly i do not know much about the structure...
Apr25-12 05:49 PM
26 3,207
I have no formal training in physics beyond the basics, so if my questions make no sense, feel free to ignore them. ...
Apr24-12 07:40 PM
10 1,890
According to the Inflation Theory our Observable Universe is but a small part of the total universe created in the Big...
Apr24-12 06:03 PM
Mark M
1 937
I've got to write a speech for Public Speaking and the topic is "Time waits for no one" and I was wondering if anyone...
Apr24-12 08:59 AM
2 1,321
I've had a theory lingering in my consciousness for a long time. I've wondered about the relevance between the...
Apr24-12 07:48 AM
9 3,918
Quick question from a newbie, was the inflation of the universe faster than the speed of light ? Having heard about...
Apr24-12 06:56 AM
20 2,541
People tell me that we cannot extend our inertial frame, as defined in special relativity, across the Universe because...
Apr24-12 06:51 AM
5 991
If the universe is finite, what would its total volume have been at t = 1 s?
Apr23-12 03:26 PM
19 2,722
we are currently learning about radioactivity and i have become curious of how these heavier elements came to earth in...
Apr23-12 02:42 PM
6 2,410
I am examining various models of eternal inflation and I want to double check one of my assumptions, which is that...
Apr23-12 02:16 PM
5 2,141
Why do astronomers and cosmologists prefer to use the Distance Modulus instead of -- rather than in addition to -- Bly...
Apr23-12 03:18 AM
3 1,282
Could the cosmological redshift be explained also as a change of the fundamental physical constants with distance? Say...
Apr22-12 10:05 PM
5 1,778
Let us suppose that there is no largest space or no smallest space as it relates to the universe. If this were the...
Apr21-12 08:24 PM
2 1,375
To start, lets say I took a bowling pin and passed it through a two-dimensional universe. An observer in the...
Apr21-12 03:48 AM
1 963
In an isotrophic and homogeneous cosmos, why would the expansion of space be specifically be vectored outward. Should...
Apr20-12 10:49 PM
1 895
In the context of Friedmann's time, 1922, how did he know to make the metric scale factor, a, a function of time when...
Apr20-12 05:41 PM
16 2,474
If super nova is responsible for all elements on earth, including the ones that humans were made from, why aren't all...
Apr20-12 02:07 PM
6 1,648
I seem to have read something once that suggested that gravity may be leaking into other dimensions/branes, this could...
Apr20-12 05:30 AM
32 7,331
Ok I have very little knowledge of all this but I was thinking about the expansion of the universe and light. First...
Apr20-12 03:37 AM
8 1,563
I understand that before we knew about dark energy we thought expansion would have slowed down since the big bang but...
Apr19-12 03:48 PM
6 1,296
I understand the resolution to the typical statement of Olber's paradox, that is, that with a finite horizon distance...
Apr19-12 05:42 AM
2 1,051
Hi all, I have a bit of a variation of a question I asked some time ago. Webb et al. continue to publish...
Apr18-12 11:59 PM
8 1,611
Was cosmic inflation partly driven by the quantum degeneracy pressure of the quarks and electrons? Just after the...
Apr18-12 02:15 PM
Mark M
2 1,133
How does the BB theory allow for the creation of matter. Bt this I mean the sub atomic particles that make up atoms...
Apr17-12 01:47 PM
Mark M
51 5,753
Can the star positions be predicted with any degree of accuracy? If so are there any variables that woukld dramaticaly...
Apr17-12 06:06 AM
6 1,225
H3+ The original mothercloud was mostly H2 and He. It didn't have molecular species containing C, N, and O that are...
Apr17-12 01:15 AM
0 1,000
One of the major concerns in any Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) anisotropy analysis is to determine which fraction...
Apr16-12 07:38 PM
20 2,552
Hi folks, In a followup to another thread about the recent controversial results by Webb et al. suggesting that the...
Apr16-12 05:35 PM
0 910

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