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Quality answers to common cosmology questions
Jun25-11 08:50 PM bcrowell 

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- The origin, evolution, structure and eventual fate of the universe.
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To have an enjoyable cosmo forum we needed a balance between mental freedom on the one hand and a shared knowledge...
Apr8-14 08:39 AM
483 125,458
The new A20 tabular calculator lets you look at changing geometry out to about 88 billion years according to the...
Feb8-14 08:31 AM
61 23,554
Hello. I'm new to this forum, and I've been reading lots of interesting stuff in this forum, especially under this...
Feb14-12 12:19 AM
18 2,452
Hello.. I am dealing with a cosmological parameter estimation problem. I have a sum of squares function...
Feb13-12 01:06 PM
3 2,458
Hi folks, I asked a form of this question in another forum and didn't get a satisfying answer. As I understand it,...
Feb12-12 12:16 AM
3 1,232
I am writing a paper for my New Frontiers of Astronomy class on dark flow. Does anybody no any links to a great deal...
Feb10-12 03:34 AM
2 1,328
Hi, ive been studying formation of solar system and couldn't find an explanation for why the sun didn't absorb...
Feb10-12 02:30 AM
7 2,126
I've been reading lately about the origin of the elements and their production in stars and I have a few questions....
Feb9-12 03:13 PM
4 1,449
Is it possible that there are stars in our universe so large that light cannot escape their gravity similar to a black...
Feb8-12 01:30 PM
6 3,675
I just want to ask, because it is easy to imagine on small scale (eg draw triangle on small sphere and than make sum...
Feb8-12 10:35 AM
11 2,228
Hi, I have one question about the expansion of the universe. Say, that there is a part which is that far away...
Feb8-12 09:34 AM
12 2,187
Would you bet your life on it? Big Bang proof supposedly came from: 1. Redshift 2. Cosmic Background Radiation...
Feb8-12 07:36 AM
100 13,103
Dear all, i'm very new to cosmology/astronomy branches of physics. i've one simple question. it's known that the...
Feb8-12 06:06 AM
21 4,962
This is a lecture by Sir Roger Penrose that I was lucky enough to attend. Here is the flash presentation of it: ...
Feb7-12 12:36 AM
17 9,732
So i read the answer of Marcus in the thread "Where is the Center of the Universe" where there was a brief mention of...
Feb6-12 04:58 PM
14 3,162
I think the heyday of string multiverse talk probably came somewhere in 2003-2006. Except for popularizations we hear...
Feb6-12 02:54 PM
114 9,137
What are the top bio signatures we should be looking in exo planet spectra? What sort of telescope would be needed...
Feb6-12 12:57 PM
15 2,264
I watched an interview with Edward Witten some time ago and something he said surprised me....
Feb5-12 03:17 PM
2 1,680
As I understand it the big bang happened "everywhere". It was not an explosion of matter, but a rapid and accelerating...
Feb5-12 02:13 AM
16 2,657
Hello, I am new to the forum and have a question that has been bugging me for some time that I hope someone can help...
Feb4-12 05:53 PM
9 2,836
Hi all, as a complete noob, I must first ask that people understand that I have only a layman's understanding of...
Feb4-12 01:07 PM
14 2,897
I just don't see how they can be the same, if singulariity t=0 eventually went all berserk (due to quantum repulsive...
Feb3-12 03:50 AM
5 1,810
I need to know when did the first black holes appear?
Feb2-12 07:23 PM
7 1,848
Sorry for such basic question, but am not able to get what it actually means? I know Hubbles "constant" is some 71...
Feb2-12 02:34 PM
18 3,142
hello this is my first post and i am far from being a physicist or an astronomy major so please bear with me A...
Feb2-12 08:50 AM
6 2,364
I can understand how can inflation give rise to the isotropy of the CMB, but that it can give rise also to the...
Feb2-12 12:17 AM
5 1,507
I nearly referred to it as infamous in the title. Unfair? My question is this: why did they add up the combined...
Feb1-12 04:29 PM
13 1,925
I am under the impression that the slowing of light over time would make the universe appear to be expanding. Is it...
Feb1-12 06:47 AM
6 1,893
why can we believe that redshift PROOVES expansion of universe when we know that redshift could have been caused due...
Jan31-12 08:06 PM
56 6,215
How could i mathematically proove that im living on a circle. Almost got it last night , just need an insight to...
Jan30-12 11:24 PM
35 4,815
a)since universe is expanding is today's 1 meter different from tomorrow's 1m? b)since distant between any 2 points...
Jan30-12 04:28 PM
17 2,619
Hello everyone, I am from India. Have been an astronomy fan since childhood. Have also been reading this forum since...
Jan30-12 02:32 PM
7 1,596
I was watching a vid with Mr Hawking talking about a train (fictional) that gets to 99.9 C. and the little girl gets...
Jan30-12 02:03 PM
5 1,219
Does the cosmological constant support MOND? The equation for critical density is as follows (in terms of mass...
Jan29-12 10:05 AM
19 2,491
I just came across a paper from 2003 describing an analysis of early results of CMB from WMAP. In it were...
Jan28-12 02:26 AM
16 3,916
Most posters on the subject of the center of the universe seem to believe that there is none. If the universe is...
Jan27-12 02:03 PM
19 2,969
Hello, Let me first start off by saying that I have no formal Education or background in Physics or Astronomy save...
Jan27-12 07:47 AM
12 1,898
Do you think that there is a limit to Human comprehension. Will we ever be able to realise the true nature of...
Jan27-12 02:27 AM
4 1,821
For years I have accepted the common wisdom that "the elements making up the Earth are 4.5 bn years old, therefore the...
Jan26-12 03:12 AM
18 4,385
We've got dark everything else: matter, energy, etc. Another thread even mentioned something about dark anti-matter....
Jan25-12 03:25 PM
30 2,518
Could explain to the novice I am, how does the CMB observation support the predictions of "inflation"?
Jan24-12 03:59 AM
15 2,292
Does the fact that on 2D torus's, one dimension on the torus always has to be 'smaller' than the other dimension hold...
Jan24-12 02:12 AM
5 1,468

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