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- The origin, evolution, structure and eventual fate of the universe.
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Quality answers to common cosmology questions
Jul23-14 11:07 PM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
To have an enjoyable cosmo forum we needed a balance between mental freedom on the one hand and a shared knowledge...
T 06:02 PM
492 154,789
The new A20 tabular calculator lets you look at changing geometry out to about 88 billion years according to the...
Jun11-14 11:00 AM
65 39,226
There have been a couple of posts over the last few months that posit a relativistic-speed path in a circle around the...
Nov16-11 09:16 PM
16 2,251
Hello. This is my interpretation of what is currently known in cosmology, as regards the low entropy state of the...
Nov16-11 09:07 PM
17 4,014
I am no expert on cosmology. But from what I have heard, the big crunch is the scenario that will most likely happen...
Nov16-11 07:07 PM
2 1,146
I was wondering two hings. First, does light's energy equate to mass and result in the bending of space time? The...
Nov12-11 12:54 AM
2 1,684 Your input, please!
Nov11-11 03:12 PM
10 4,192
From all my research and studies mathmatical evidence shows the existence of Black holes. From some of the most...
Nov11-11 02:46 PM
45 4,582
I read an article the other day by a physicist who said there are only four forces and for the first time in my life...
Nov11-11 10:02 AM
35 3,317
This is a question about the borders of the Universe (if such a thing actually exists). I got in a discussion with...
Nov11-11 08:12 AM
5 1,904
The experts say the age of the universe is known with considerable accuracy. What frame of reference are they using...
Nov11-11 07:56 AM
5 1,276 ...
Nov11-11 04:49 AM
3 1,420
Given: - Entropy is the measure of ordered states of a system. - At the creation of the universe from the Big...
Nov11-11 02:26 AM
16 2,668
I was reading about how the OU was once the size of a grapefruit, which prompted me to think about expansion...
Nov11-11 12:45 AM
12 1,919
I have read in various places that the universe essentially consists of three principles: space-time, physical...
Nov10-11 08:37 PM
1 1,112 CMBR dipole...
Nov10-11 02:12 PM
7 2,030
does anyone know an approximate speed for the expansion of the universe? or if not, how red-shifted planets are?...
Nov10-11 01:25 PM
27 7,979
my previous post about using nuclear power to travel near or at the speed of light was solely inspired by gleise581g....
Nov10-11 09:44 AM
12 2,092
I know this question has been asked before but i can not find it, if energy is effected by gravity how does it scale.
Nov10-11 06:49 AM
3 1,324
I recently watched another program with Stephen Hawking called "Did God Create The Universe?" However this topic isn't...
Nov10-11 05:29 AM
Simon Bridge
7 2,922
*The following philosophical statement is as far as i know, based on nothing and surely wrong* Hi, I would simply...
Nov10-11 04:21 AM
Cosmo Novice
14 1,941
You often hear that it makes no sense to talk about time before the Big Bang because time itself did not exist,...
Nov9-11 05:31 AM
8 1,245
Nov9-11 04:57 AM
6 1,111
How gravitational potential effects mass? Is this formula m = m0/sqrt(1-Φ/c^2) right or at least close to reality?...
Nov8-11 03:37 PM
Simon Bridge
5 1,341
I am a lay man but having lot of interest in understanding about out space & universe. In connection to that, I need...
Nov8-11 08:13 AM
27 4,008
Given that space is flat or nearly so by all the best data, why does Omega need to be "one" in an accelerating...
Nov7-11 11:38 PM
15 2,632 Hawking is probably right, however the energy in the...
Nov7-11 10:55 PM
2 1,324
The possibility of life on other planets has been one of our oldest doubts.... and oldest hopes. Many believe that we...
Nov7-11 10:33 AM
32 3,640
To my intuition, I find more easy to believe that the universe is infinitely old and the big bag was just one of an...
Nov7-11 01:01 AM
2 1,716
read analogy here: Less like an explosion and more like raisins...
Nov6-11 03:30 AM
36 5,419
dear all, I must admit, the wording "space is created" sounds to me rather unscientific (forgive me for being...
Nov5-11 03:58 PM
20 2,948
The origin of our Universe (i.e. the Big Bang) is often considered as an explosion in static 3D Euclidian space: ...
Nov5-11 01:50 PM
2 1,401
Introduction: The evolution of stellar objects is inherently caused by the chemical composition of the star. ...
Nov4-11 04:38 PM
0 1,147
Introduction Deep in the vastness of space, beyond our solar system, stars are born in primordial nebulae, gaseous...
Nov4-11 04:32 PM
1 1,445
I have heard it said that galaxies exist which are beyond the observable universe because the expansion causes them to...
Nov4-11 03:20 PM
8 2,102
Can anyone point me to some articles or book giving details of how the CMB data is processed to calculate the average...
Nov4-11 05:42 AM
3 1,159
mic oscillations. arXiv:1111.0520 One explanation for the acceleration of the universe's expansion ...
Nov3-11 11:38 AM
1 854
Hi I got into some thinking recently and I could really need some help unsolving these mysteries currently going on...
Nov3-11 10:09 AM
17 2,071
If the universe was smaller than a proton before the big bang, can we say that the question of the cause of bigbang is...
Nov3-11 01:05 AM
116 10,331
I do pose this question almost in sillyness, but sometimes you want to sate your passing curiosity. The end-all-be-all...
Nov2-11 10:56 AM
0 1,399
Our universe apparently has a positive cosmological constant so it will look more and more like de Sitter spacetime,...
Nov2-11 06:11 AM
15 1,926
I put the following review of Penrose's new book Cycles of Time on Amazon as "Light Pebble". Penrose puts forth an...
Nov2-11 05:19 AM
0 1,098

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