Ice Quiz: All About Ice Trivia

Winter is coming. First day of Winter is December 22nd. Time to learn a bit about a substance that the northern regions will encounter. Don’t forget to share your score in the comment section.

1. What is a piece of ice that breaks off from a glacier called if it’s between 1 to 5 meters above the surface?


2. The polar ice caps, glaciers and those wandering icebergs contain about ___ percent of the world’s fresh water.


3. The transition from ice to water is melting and from ice directly to water vapor is


4. Which state in 2014 had the most hail damage claims?


5. How many known solid crystalline phases of water are there


6. What is the approximate increase in volume when fresh water turns to ice?


7. Are most types of ice more or less dense than water?


8. The oldest known major ice age was called


9. What type of ice is often found in space?


10. What is the visible outgas of an ice comet called?


11. Which rover photographed the Martian polar ice caps first?


12. The polar caps of Mars have been shown to contain seasonal layers of


Ready for your next quiz? How well do you know about the ice planet Pluto?

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  1. PAllen says:

    You scored 7 points out of 12 points total.A lot of trivia here, but same for most of these quizzes (also true of TV and school quiz competitions, except for math competitions).

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