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Intro to the Big Bang and Infinity Concepts

This article is part of our student writer series. The writer Arman777, is an undergraduate physics student at METUIn the cosmology section of the…

Learn about the Big Bang and the Expansion of the Universe

The "ordinary Big Bang and expansion" (no inflation, no dark energy) Einstein's General Relativity allows a solution (FLRW metric) where an empty Universe…

LightCone8 Tutorial Part II – Charts

Part I dealt with the basic user interface of LightCone8. This part of the tutorial is about potentially useful cosmological insights to be gained from…

Could Redshifts Be Intrinsic Rather than Cosmological?

How do we know that the redshifts of galaxies and quasars are cosmological and not "intrinsic?"Evidence for the cosmological interpretation The purpose…

LightCone8 Tutorial Part I

LightCone 8 is a versatile tabulating/charting cosmological calculator, useful for understanding the expansion history of the universe (and even some future…