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What is Entropy

What Thermodynamics and Entropy Means

Introduction The student of thermodynamics, as they consider pistons and ideal gasses and such, often begin to grasp the nature of entropy only to find…

Lesson on Entanglement Entropy in Quantum Field Theory

Part 1: Quantum Mechanics[This article expects the reader to have some experience with quantum field theory and path integrals][I should also…

Learn Entanglement Entropy in Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Mechanics(QM) is one of the greatest intellectual achievements in human history. Not only because it describes the world at the microscopic level…

How to Determine the Change in Entropy

How do you determine the change in entropy for a closed system that is subjected to an irreversible process?Here are some typical questions we get…

Fun with Self-Avoiding Walks Simulations

This post is about some simulations I did of self-avoiding random walks. These are what they sound like: with each step, the position of the walk moves…
negative temperature

What are Negative Absolute Temperatures

It's a famous result in thermodynamics that you can't reach absolute zero no matter how hard you try. Also, the definition of absolute zero makes it obvious…

Understanding Entropy and the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics

Introduction The second law of thermodynamics and the associated concept of entropy have been sources of confusion to thermodynamics students for centuries.…