The Moon Quiz

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For ages it has been Earth’s little sister. Find out just how much you know about the Moon and our relationship with it. Please post your score in the comment section.

1. Only ____ of the moon’s surface is visible from earth


2. In China, the dark shadows that are on the moon are called “the ___ in the moon”


3. The moon has no


4. About ___ moons would fit inside the Earth.


5. The first space craft to send back pictures from the moon was


6. In which mission did an astronaut perform a golf shot on the moon?


7. Which mission conducted the first manned flight test of the Lunar Module?


8. Which mission used the Lunar RV for the first time?


9. Which mission was the first night launch?


10. The moon is the second-densest body in the solar system, beaten by Jupiter’s moon ____


11. 4 total lunar eclipses that happen in a row is called


12. When both the sun and the eclipsed moon can be observed at the same time is called


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  1. Fewmet
    Fewmet says:

    I got 8 correct. Having a father who worked on building the lunar module helped a lot, although I screwed up the first test of of the LM. I am surprised by the 49 moons fitting in Earth.

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