Test Your NASA Knowledge

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Since the mid 20th century NASA has been a force in aerospace research and programs. Let’s find out just how much you know about it’s history, programs and research.  Don’t forget to post your score in the forum thread. No prizes, so don’t Google it. :)

1. NASA was formed in


2. What NASA Center built the Explorer 1, spacecraft


3. Who is the only U.S. President to be present at a Shuttle Launch?


4. Only one Gemini capsule was given a name; which one.


5. How fast was the Galileo spacecraft going when it enters Jupiter’s atmosphere?


6. How many flights did Columbia make in its lifetime?


7. What is the largest interplanetary spacecraft ever built?


8. Who made the first U.S. spacewalk


9. What is NASA’s motto?


10. Who is the only astronaut to have hit a golf ball on the moon?


11. On December 4, 2006, NASA announced what?


12. Which rocket sent Skylab into space?




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