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    Hilbert's Grand Hotel Paradox

    Homework Statement Suppose that Hilbert's Grand HOtel is fully occupied on the day that the hotel closes all the even numbered rooms for maintenance. Show that all guests can remain at the hotel Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I am not quite sure how to solve this, my...
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    Pendulum moving with constant veloctiy

    Homework Statement Consider a pendulum that consists of a mass M hanging from a massless string of length r. The string is being pulled upward at constant velocity through a tiny hole in the ceiling, so the length of the pendulum is given by r = r0 - alpha*t, where alpha is a constant. Let...
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    Darwin and relativistic kinetic energy correction for hydrogen

    Homework Statement Combine the Darwin correction with the relativistic kinetic energy correction for l=0 to show that the fine structure formula: \DeltaE_{fs}= - \frac{(E^{(0)2}_{n})}{2mc^{2}}[\frac{4n}{j + 1/2}-3] remains valid for l=0 Homework Equations From a previous problem...
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    Undergraduate CV

    I am currently composing a CV for research positions and I have only a minimal amount research experience and I am trying to beef up my CV, and I was looking for suggestions as to what to include and what not to include. Thanks
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    Work expended moving a charge

    ok so U = kq1q2/a... correct? Or should I use the center of the rectangle as the radius?
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    Work expended moving a charge

    using V=kq1/a + kq2/a = 0... or at least I think.
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    Work expended moving a charge

    Homework Statement q3---a-----| | | | b | | q1---------q2 The figure shows three charges q1, q2 and q3 situated at corners of a rectangle of sides a = 15.0 cm and b = 6.0 cm. For q1 = 5.90 μC, q2 = -5.90 μC, and q3 = 1.60 μC find the electric...
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    Relative error definition of entropy

    Homework Statement Problem-5: In the class we saw that property of additivity of the entropy for systems in thermalcontact relies on the approximation that we compute entropy of the most probable state ln(g1g2)maxinstead of full ln g(N,U) = ln(P,U1) g(N1,U1)g(N2,U −U1)). The error made turns...
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    Electric force on a charge

    okay so then I am not sure where I am going wrong since I know that it shouldn't cancel the charges and the distances are the same for F12 and F32 so it should be 2*F12 = F2, I am not sure what I am doing wrong here this shouuld be a fairly simple problem.
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    Electric force on a charge

    F12 is negative so to the right and F32 is positive so it is to the right because Q2 is negative
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    Electric force on a charge

    Homework Statement Q1-----Q2-----Q3; Q1=1.78E-6C;Q2=Q3=-Q1, r1=r2=1.82m Calculate the total force on Q2. Give your answer with a positive number for a force directed to the right. Homework Equations F= kq1q2/r^2 The Attempt at a Solution F2 = F12+F23 F12 =...
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    Positive oscillatory solution

    Homework Statement For the oscillatory solution (+k2) solution, suppose x is restricted to 0\leqx\leqa by requiring \psi(x)=0 and \psi(a)=0, what are the restrictions on A,B and k? Homework Equations given \psi(x)=Acos(kx)+Bsin(kx) The Attempt at a Solution so, I pretty just...
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    Mass of Fuel Rods

    So i multiplied 760MW by 31536000s to get the Energy output for one year, then do I take the energy of one fission and divide by that and multiply by 0.035 and then 0.33?
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    Yield of nuclear bomb

    Nevermind I got it but thanks for the help.
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    Yield of nuclear bomb

    True I was just keeping it in to be more exact because the question is asking for how many trucks but how long the convoy is.