What is Conducting plate: Definition and 19 Discussions

Transconductance (for transfer conductance), also infrequently called mutual conductance, is the electrical characteristic relating the current through the output of a device to the voltage across the input of a device. Conductance is the reciprocal of resistance.
Transadmittance (or transfer admittance) is the AC equivalent of transconductance.

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  1. Pushoam

    Electric field at a point close to the centre of a conducting plate

    Since the electric field due to a conducting plate is twice the electric field due to a plastic plate having same charge density, the electric field at the point P will be twice in case of conducting plate and hence it is 20 volt per metre. Is that correct?
  2. V

    Electric field due to a charged infinite conducting plate

    As shown in figure below, the electric field E will be normal to the cylinder's cross sectional A even for distant points since the charge is distributed evenly all over the charged surface and also the surface is very large resulting in a symmetry. So the derived formula should also apply to...
  3. S

    Force on a sphere due to a conducting plate

    I tried to find the the Electric field due to the image charge. So the potential due to the image charge is V=-(pR^2)/√(4R^2-4rRcos(θ)+r^2). When I took the gradient of that in spherical coordinates, I got a mess that doesn't seem to be possible to integrate.
  4. K

    Electric field created by point charges and conducting plane

    I came upon this: http://physics.stackexchange.com/questions/174514/will-the-electrostatic-force-between-two-charges-change-if-we-place-a-metal-plat/323006#323006 question on Physics Stackexchange which I found very interesting. The configuration is basically two positive point charges q and...
  5. SunRay-dvsh

    Oscillating Electron Beam potential between metal plates

    Take the case where the electron-beam is oscillating between two parallel metal plates, there will be alternating potential developed between the plates as metal tries to negate all external electric fields. My query is, (1) How to calculate the potential developed and possible way to simulate...
  6. doktorwho

    Calculate the induced charge on a conducting surface

    Homework Statement A very thin plane of length ##2a## is placed in the air at height ##a## above the conducting surface. The plane is charged on its surface and the expression for it's surface charge density (##ρ_s##) is given by ##ρ_s=ρ_{s0}*\frac{x}{a}## and ##ρ_{s0}## is some constant. a)...
  7. T

    A Charged Conductive Plate with a Charged Plane

    Homework Statement In the "Before" scenario, there is conductive plate in electrostatic equilibrium with uniform surface charge density +η (the plate has some thickness but the width and length are significantly larger). In the "After" scenario, an infinite plane of negative charge with fixed...
  8. K

    Charge Distribution on Metal Plate: How to Find Surface Charge Density?

    Homework Statement Uncharged metal plate area S and thickness d located at a distance r from the point charge q and oriented perpendicular to the vector r, as shown below. Find the electric force between the plate and the charge. The plate thickness is less, and the distance r is much greater...
  9. Conservation

    The electric field of infinite sheets

    I am trying to understand electric fields of conductors. Say that there is an infinite sheet of uniform positive charge; parallel to it lies a infinite, uncharged conducting sheet. What would the field look like between the sheets? Beyond the sheets? I would guess that the uniformly charged...
  10. F

    A question regarding isolated charged plates vs. capacitors

    In an example in my book, the author poses the following question: Given two large plates at a distance d from each other with arbitrary charges Q' and Q" (with Q' on the bottom plate and Q" on the top plate), how are the charges distributed on the plates? The author lists the following...
  11. S

    Point charge above infinite conducting plane

    This question seems to come up often, but I cannot find a satisfying explanation. There is a point charge +Q some distance above an infinite conducting plane. Supposedly, the electric field below the plane must be zero. I have trouble understanding why this is true. The total charge on the...
  12. T

    Calculating Force on an Electron Projected Towards a Charged Conducting Plate

    Homework Statement An electron is projected from a distance d and with initial velocity u parallel to a uniformly charged flat conducting plate as shown. It strikes the plate after traveling a distance l along the direction of projection. The surface charge density of the conducting plate is...
  13. B

    Energy of a charge in between two perpendicular conducting plate .

    [b]1. Two semi infinite conducting plates at right angles to each other, we bring in a charge q from infinity to point (a,b) what is the energy involved in doing so? Homework Equations coulomb's law and method of images in griffith. The Attempt at a Solution force can be easily...
  14. D

    Magnetic Field of a Thin Conducting Plate

    A very, large, thin conducting plate lies in the x-y plane. The plate carries a current in the y direction. The current is uniformly distributed over the plate with σ amperes flowing across each meter of length perpendicular to the current. Use Ampere's Law to find the magnetic field at some...
  15. N

    Thin conducting plate boundary conditions

    Homework Statement A thin conductor plate is in free space. Its conductivity is finite and thickness is approaching zero. Relate the tangential electric field in either side of the conductor. Repeat for tangential magnetic field. How are electric and magnetic fields related. Homework...
  16. A

    Induced charge in conducting plate

    one conducting plate is at origin of xy plane. and +q is at distance of d from y-axis in the direction of z axis. then what is induced charge in conducting plate & how charge is distributed on plate?
  17. S

    Conducting Sphere and Grounded Conducting Plate

    Homework Statement A conducting sphere of radius R carries a total charge of +Q. Its center is placed a distance 2R to the right of a grounded conducting plate. What is the potential at a general point in space outside the sphere and to the right of the plane? (Carry out to at least four...
  18. L

    Comparing an infinite grounded conducting plate to a system of point charges

    A point charge q is a distance d from a grounded conducting plate of infinite extent (figure a). For this configuration the potential V is zero, both at all points infinitely far from the particle in all directions and at all points on the conducting plate. Consider a set of coordinate axes with...
  19. S

    Conducting plate question

    why do the excess changes of a thin infinite conducting plates spread out evenly on the two faces? Is that just a way to minimize charge repulsion?