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  1. Z

    Electric field direction on a grounded conducting sphere

    I am required to find the direction of the electric field on the surface of a grounded conducting sphere in the proximity of a point charge ##+q##. The distance between the center of the sphere and the point charge is ##d## and using the method of images we find that the charge of the sphere is...
  2. migueldbg

    Potential from point charge at distance ##l## from conducting sphere

    After looking around a bit, I found that, considering the polar axis to be along the direction of the point charge as suggested by the exercise, the following Legendre polynomial expansion is true: $$\begin{equation}\frac{1}{|\mathbf{r} - \mathbf{r'}|} = \sum_{n=0}^\infty...
  3. L

    B Two conductors in free space

    In free space there are two masses: - Metallic sphere of mass M, radius R and total charge equal to 0. It has also a resistivityρ. - Metallic sphere of mass m, radius r and charge q. The distance between the masses is D. We can assume r <<R<<D and m<<M. The masses start accelerating until they...
  4. lightofthemoon

    Electric Potential at Center of Sphere

    Homework Statement A solid conducting sphere of radius R and carrying charge +q is embedded in an electrically neutral nonconducting spherical shell of inner radius R and outer radius 9 R . The material of which the shell is made has a dielectric constant of 2.0. Relative to a potential of zero...