What is pulley problem: Definition and 171 Discussions

The belt problem is a mathematics problem which requires finding the length of a crossed belt that connects two circular pulleys with radius r1 and r2 whose centers are separated by a distance P. The solution of the belt problem requires trigonometry and the concepts of the bitangent line, the vertical angle, and congruent angles.

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  1. nav888

    Pulleys and coordinates

    I'm not really struggling with the question but the coordinate systems involved more so. So due to the modelling assumptions we know that the tension will be equal throughout the rope so we can use f = ma on each particle respectively and solve the resulting equation (as acceleration will be...
  2. patric44

    3 pulley problem with attached masses

    in the opposite problem that has three pulleys and two masses, the book is asking for : 1- the tension on the string. 2- the acceleration of pulley p1. 3- the acceleration of mass m2. 4- what should the mass "m" be such that m1 does not accelerate? note : pulley p1 has mass m, in the diagram of...
  3. mcconnellmelany

    Double pulley problem using Lagrangian

    Setting up coordinates for the problem ##L=\frac{1}{2}M_1 \dot{x}^2+\frac{1}{2}M_2(\dot y-\dot x)^2+M_1gx+M_2g(l_a-x+y)## After using Euler Lagrange for x component and y component separate and substitute one to another then I get that ##\ddot{x}=\frac{M_1-2M_2}{M_1}g## whereas on the...
  4. rudransh verma

    Three weights and two pulley problem

    ##Net force=50-T2+T2-T1+T1-20=10a## ##a=3 m/s^2## I want to ask when we do this way rather than taking individual masses we can’t decide the direction of the system as we can when they are taken individually. So is it correct to just leave ##a## as it is and solve ?
  5. rudransh verma

    Two blocks and pulley problem

    ##(T-m1g)-(T-m2g)=(m1+m2)a## But I think this is wrong eqn.
  6. V

    Two masses + pulley problem

    i) I first analyzed the forces as soon as the 14 Kg is released. The aim of this step is to calculate the work done by the net force acting on the 14 kg mass to determine the change in kinetic energy. T-14g=-14a T-8g=8a T=99.7 N a=6g/22 m/s^2 Since the net force is constant and does not vary...
  7. sahilmm15

    A classic string and pulley problem

    I tried hard but was not able to make progress. Problem no 33.
  8. cwill53

    What is the relationship between weight and length in a cord and pulley problem?

    I've deduced that the weight of each weight p is half that of the weight P, and likewise P= 2p. Here's the diagram for the problem: As you can see, the length x is equal to the height of the triangle AEB. I know that if a triangle has equal sides of length ##a## and a base of length ##b##, the...
  9. kepherax

    Using Forces and Torques to solve a pulley problem

    I am able to solve this easily using energy conservation, but I'm curious how one would go about solving this using forces and torques?
  10. nuclearfireball_42

    Help with a pulley problem with 3 masses

    The figure : What I understand from the figure : T1=m1a1 T2=m2a2 T3-m3g=m3(-a3) - The three masses given all have different mass so each of them has different acceleration - How do one substitute to obtain the answer for a3? - I've tried to substitute to find the value of a3, but it seems...
  11. J

    Using conservation of energy vs. Newton's laws in a pulley problem

    The problem is attached in the photo. The correct answer, according to the teacher's solution, was obtained using conservation of energy. Initially I tried using Newton's law/kinematics and got the wrong answer. Why didn't this work? Can you ever use Newton's law/kinematics to solve pulley...
  12. E

    Basic forces question with a pulley problem

    Homework Statement A boy holds the rope so it can't move. What is the tension in point A? Homework Equations ma=F The Attempt at a Solution The answer in the book is 4N. I understand how to get it, but, I believe that the tension of S1 would be 9N (due to m1), and then the forces on m2 would...
  13. isukatphysics69

    Can I Solve This Massive Pulley Problem Without Using Energies?

    Homework Statement Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution ok so i have derived the equation T2-T1 = .5MPULLEY*atangential and stopped here because i am missing the mass of the pulley. now since the equation gives a velocity i was thinking to use energy, is this the correct approach?
  14. E

    Static Pulley Problem on an Incline

    The problem is: Two blocks of mass m and M are connected via pulley with a configuration as shown. The coefficient of static friction is 0.64, between blocks and surface. If the inclined angle is 23deg and M = 3.1kg, what is the maximum mass m so that no sliding occurs? The question is: I...
  15. K

    Pulley problem with two masses

    Homework Statement [/B]Homework Equations F = m*aThe Attempt at a Solution [/B] Hello, i think i understand d and e so only the first three tasks are important.a) a = (m2 - m1)/(m1 + m2) *g -> (5kg - 2kg)/(2kg+5kg) *10ms^-2 = 4.29 ms^-2 T = m1 (a+g) -> 2kg (4.29ms^-2 + 10ms^-2) = 28...
  16. L

    Another pulley problem (answer check)

    Homework Statement Homework Equations Shown above The Attempt at a Solution Shown above. Since the normal force is just the force opposite to the surface (gravity force) , it's just mgcos(theta). [/B]
  17. L

    Pulley Problem with External Force?

    Homework Statement Homework Equations Seen above The Attempt at a Solution Why is the force acting on block B = N + P + W =0? ? Shouldn't it be B = -P-W+N? So that P = -W+N=0
  18. EastWindBreaks

    Why is the second approach incorrect? pulley problem

    Homework Statement Homework Equations friction force = F_v m=m1 The Attempt at a Solution is method 1 correct? if so, why method 2 came out with a totally incorrect answer. I understand that you can also set up acceleration equations for m1 and m2, since their acceleration are equal, and...
  19. V

    Peculiar pulley problem

    Homework Statement All pulleys are massless and frictionless and string is massless . Find the acceleration of the two masses and the two pulleys . Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I will call the left mass A and right mass B and left pulley P and right pulley R . Acceleration...
  20. W

    Kinematics Belt and Pulley Problem

    Homework Statement I think I made a mistake somewhere.. Homework Equations T = Jα T = F*R The Attempt at a Solution A) I started with T = Jα Since there is no slip, αm = αL Thus: Tm / Jm = TL / JL Plugging in, we find TL = Tm * JL / Jm = 2560 Now use T = F*R. Tm = Fm * Rm Plugging in...
  21. soolights

    Solving a Tricky Physics Pulley Problem: Finding M2 with Tension and Mass M1

    <Mentor's note: moved from a technical section, therefore no template> hey guys, i have a question about a tricky physics 1 problem our teacher gave us today, paraphrased as follows: there is a mass M1 on a flat, frictionless horizontal table connected to a pulley, and on the other side of the...
  22. J

    Worker Sim Pulma Sheen: Solving a Pulley Problem

    Repost since it was removed from double questions. 1. Homework Statement Worker Sim Pulma Sheen uses a system of pulleys to lift a 5000 N box 2 meters while pulling on the rope with a force of 500 N. This means the worker had to pull how much rope from the pulley system? a) 0.2m. b) 2m c) 5m...
  23. C

    Energy Pulley problem. Please help

    1. The mb = 25 kg block is 2 m above the ledge. The pulley is a uniform disk with a radius of 10 cm and mass m = 4 kg. 2. (a) Find the speed of the 25 kg block just before it hits the ledge. (b) Find the angular speed of the pulley at that time. (c) Find the tensions in the strings. (d) Find...
  24. Adriano25

    Pulley Problem: Find the acceleration of M2 & M3

    1. Homework Statement Pulley is mass less accelerating downward at 2.0 m/s2. M1 = 4.0 kg M2 = 2.0 kg M3 = 3.0 kg Find the acceleration of M2 & M3. Homework Equations I made up the slope positive pointing up. Since M2 and M3 have the same acceleration, a2=a3 ⇒ a Since it's accelerating...
  25. Alexanddros81

    Related Rates of Accelerations in Pulley Problem

    Homework Statement Hi! I am new to this forum and i have problem understanding sample problem 13.5 from Vector Mechanics for Engineers 10th edition Statics and dynamics. (Beer) In particular I don't understant in part b how he comes to the assumption aC=-1/2aD If anyone can help thanks...
  26. J

    Feynman's (err, Gottlieb's) infinite pulley problem

    Homework Statement OK, I've worked up my nerve to ask a stupid question about this problem. I've read the various discussions of it, but I'm clearly missing something.2. Homework Equations [/B] The right-hand mass is 1/(1-t). The sum of the left-hand masses (an infinite series) is also...
  27. S

    Static Equilibrium Pulley Problem

    Homework Statement The attachment above contains the diagram given in the problem M1 = 25kg M2 = 35kg Friction coefficient between M1 and stucture = 0.15 Friction coefficient between M1 and M2 = 0.25 Friction on pulleys and mass on pulleys is negligible. Find the minimum mass M3 for sliding...
  28. Sahil Kukreja

    Rotational Dynamics Pulley Problem Help needed

    1.) Homework Statement A Pulley System is shown below Find the accelerations of m1, m2 and m3 (such that there is no slipping between the disk and the rope.) Assume the threads to be massless. Homework Equations The Relevant equations i think are Newtons 2nd...
  29. J

    Physics: Blocks on inclines connected by pulley problem

    Homework Statement [/B] The two blocks are moving rightward at a constant speed along their inclined surfaces. The coefficient of kinetic friction is the same for both blocks. a) Determine the coefficient of kinetic friction. b) Determine the tension in the cord that connects the blocks to one...
  30. StonedPhysicist

    Kinetic friction in a two mass, one pulley problem

    Homework Statement I have solved the problem where one mass m1 is on a horizontal frictional table connected to a mass m2 which is hanging off the table by a string over a pulley (assuming pulley massless), assuming that m2 is greater than m1 there is a net acceleration causing the mass 2 to...
  31. putongren

    Pulley problem with incline plane

    Consider two blocks connected by an ideal rope that passes through an ideal pulley fixed on the corner of the wedge as shown in the figure. The blocks have masses m1 and m2. The block of mass m1 is on the incline surface (which is frictionless) while the block of mass m2 hangs up in the air...
  32. T

    Motion of connected objects involving a pulley problem

    Homework Statement The diagram shows a particle P lying in contact with a smooth table top 1.5m above the floor. A light inextensible string of length 1m connects P to another particle Q hanging freely over a small smooth pulley at the edge of the table. The mass of each particle is 2 kg, and P...
  33. L

    Pulley problem with 2 masses and an incline

    1. A mass on a flat surface is pulled with an angled force of 200N (as shown) and is connected by a massless rope/pulley to another mass below on an incline. Find the acceleration and Tension in the rope.Homework Equations Fnet = ma Fg = mg Ff = Mu x Fn The Attempt at a Solution Had a question...
  34. J-dizzal

    Pulley problem, acceleration, angular velocity, inertia

    Homework Statement In the figure, block 1 has mass m1 = 450 g, block 2 has mass m2 = 530 g, and the pulley is on a frictionless horizontal axle and has radius R = 5.3 cm. When released from rest, block 2 falls 71 cm in 5.0 s without the cord slipping on the pulley. (a) What is the magnitude of...
  35. K

    Newton's laws Pulley Problem

    Homework Statement A monkey which has a mass of ##m## is hanging on a rope as the picture shows. Then the monkey starts to move upwards with speed ##u##. Find how the box which has a mass of ##2m## will move. Neglect friction between the rope and pulleys. Assume that pulleys are massless...
  36. Puddles

    Atwood Incline Pulley problem with two pulleys

    Homework Statement Given that a weight m1 is attached to a string going over a perfect pulley attached to another pulley suspending weight m2, and that weight m1 is on an incline with an angle of 37 degrees, find acceleration, tension, which mass hits the ground first, time needed to hit the...
  37. G

    Simple Pulley Problem With Acceleration

    Homework Statement Block A in the figure has a mass of 5.00kg , and block B has mass 12.0kg . The coefficient of kinetic friction between block B and the horizontal surface is 0.25. What is the mass of block C if block B is moving to the right and speeding up with an acceleration 3.00m/s2 ...
  38. F

    What is the solution to this pulley problem?

    Please help me with https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/i-need-an-answer-fast.799372/ [Broken]
  39. terryds

    Pulley Problem (with force upward)

    Homework Statement http://www.sumoware.com/images/temp/xzstefmnkmsctpxh.png [Broken] A man pulls up a pulley shaft with force F (see the picture above) Assume that the pulley and cord have no mass, and the mass of object 2 is bigger than the mass of object 1. a) Determine the maximum normal...
  40. J

    Pulley Problem: Keeping boxes stationary on another box

    Homework Statement Homework Equations ##F_{net} = ma## The Attempt at a Solution If ##m_2## accelerates, then the force on this box is ##m_1g## and its acceleration is ##\frac{m_1g}{m_2}##. If I disregard the presence of ##m_1## for a minute, I'll have to push on ##M## with a force such...
  41. M

    Two Masses Hanging on a Massive Pulley problem

    Homework Statement A pulley with mass Mp and a radius Rp is attached to the ceiling, in a gravity field of 9.81 m/s2 and rotates with no friction about its pivot. Mass M2 is larger than mass m1. The quantities Tn and gare magnitudes. Homework Equations (Select T-True, F-False, G-Greater than...
  42. 2

    Pulley problem: Does the third pulley move up or down?

    Homework Statement ) The pulley system in Figure 1.b consists of two pulleys of radii a and b rigidly fixed together, but free to rotate about a common horizontal axis. The weight W hangs from the axle of a freely suspended pulley P, which can rotate about its axle. If section A of a rough...
  43. BrainMan

    Torque and angular acceleration pulley problem

    Homework Statement A pulley in the shape of a cylinder of mass 5 kg and radius 0.6 m has a force of magnitude 30 N exerted tangentially on it. Find the angular acceleration of the pulley and its angular velocity after 3 s, assuming it starts from rest. Homework Equations T = Ftr T = mr^2a...
  44. I

    Two Pulley Problem: Solve & Find Correct Answer

    Tried the problem but answer is not matching with the given answer. Can you tell me what is the correct answer and how you got it? (problem is attached as image)
  45. B

    Inclined Plane Double Pulley Problem

    Homework Statement A double pulley consists of two separate pieces that are welded together; a hoop of radius 10.0 cm and a disk of radius 25.0 cm. The moment of inertia of the pulley is 0.160 kg-m^2. A 15.0 kg block (m1), on a 35.0° incline, is attached to the outer pulley by a massless...
  46. C

    A unique rope and pulley problem

    A uniform heavy rope of length 2l goes over a small smooth pulley such that the right end has length (l+a) while the left end has length (l-a). The shorter portion is held and then released. Find the time taken for the rope to slip off the pulley.
  47. F

    Pulley Problem: Speed after falling a known distance

    A 1.2·kg block is tied to a string that is wrapped around the rim of a pulley of radius 7·cm. The block is released from rest. Assuming the pulley is a uniform disk with a mass of 0.37·kg, find the speed of the block after it has fallen through a height of 0.43·m. 2. F=mrω^2 and possibly F=mg...
  48. N

    Mass on Pulley problem need to find angular acceleration

    Homework Statement A string is wrapped around a pulley of radius 3.45cm , and a weight hangs from the other end. The weight falls with a constant acceleration 3.00m/s2 . What's the angular acceleration of the pulley? Homework Equations i'm writing out the equations i would think that...