What is runaway: Definition and 16 Discussions

RunAway was a South Korean esports team, best known for their Overwatch division that competed in Overwatch Apex and Overwatch Contenders (OWC). The team was founded in 2016 by Yoon "Runner" Dae-hoon and is co-owned with his wife Lee "Flowervin" Hyun-ah. RunAway has competed in numerous major tournaments and fielded the team that would become the Vancouver Titans of the Overwatch League (OWL). The team's Overwatch division competed in the Korea region of OWC, and since inception, they won three OWC regional titles and four NetEase Esports X Tournament (NeXT) titles. They expanded into League of Legends in late 2019 before shutting down the division shortly afterwards. In June 2021, RunAway disbanded its Overwatch division.

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  1. T

    I Runaway supermassive black hole?

    There seems evidence for a runaway supermassive black hole. https://phys.org/news/2023-04-strange-streak-young-stars-evidence.html
  2. G

    A Radiation Friction: Solving Abraham-Lorentz Eq for Non-Physical Solutions

    There is a well-known Abraham-Lorentz equation describing radiative friction. Suppose a particle moves in an electromagnetic field. ma(t)=q(E+vxB) + m(tau)a’(t) By solving this equation numerically, I get non-physical solutions(runaway solutions) Although, it would seem that an electron in an...
  3. collinsmark

    Stargazing Fixing declination runaway on a Meade LX200 telescope

    Part I: Introduction to the problem. I made this thread to document and discuss the repairs I made to my 10" LX2000-ACF telescope to fix a declination runaway problem. It involves replacing an optical encoder attached to the declination/altitude motor. I expect this documentation will be broken...
  4. anorlunda

    Unsolved Engineering Problem: Runaway Anchor Drops

    I presume that numerous competent engineering organizations have addressed anchor drop brake designs many times in history. Nevertheless, runaway anchor drop accidents happen again and again. Therefore, I conclude that the general problem remains unsolved. How would our PF engineers...
  5. srallaba

    I Runaway Solutions: Unstable System Implications

    I was asked to show that a system has run away solutions, the implications of which are that it is inherently unstable.
  6. bcrowell

    Runaway solutions and the equivalence principle

    The references below describe two interrelated relativistic issues that come up when you try to describe radiation from point charges: 1. We normally expect that an accelerating charge would radiate, but this would seem to violate the equivalence principle. 2. Classical E&M can't describe point...
  7. F

    Why are startup sources typically not used in BWRs?

    Why doesn't the ceramic pellets react with each other in the fuel tube when it is being fabricated?
  8. thankz

    Thermal runaway in class AB amp biasing

    I was watching this video and I have the question, if using a bjt as a diode what is the difference (thermal characteristics) from a regular diode, I ask this because on-semi makes bjt's with diodes in them specifically for class ab amps, is their any benefit besides less thermal lag?
  9. Matt atkinson

    Excel Simulation help - Electron runaway with given frictional force (Bethe)

    Homework Statement I'm trying to create a simple excel simulation for runaway electrons using a given energy-loss per unit distance equation (Bethe formula). I'm stepping through time (pico-seconds) and giving the the electric field some initial value at a distance of 1mm and from there...
  10. K

    Runaway Electrons in Magnetic Fusion - Benefit/Cost & Energy Extraction

    Was reading about runaway electrons in magnetic fusion. Had me thinking what would be the benefit/cost of engineering a device which creates a beam of reletivistic electrons. What would be the best way to extract energy from this system and does it even matter the speed they are traveling?
  11. K

    Energy from White Dwarf Thermonuclear Runaway

    Hello! Homework Statement The question is "Calculate the energy released if a 1 solar mass white dwarf undergoes a thermonuclear runaway and converts 0.5 solar mass of carbon (A=12) to iron (A=56)." I've only ever done nuclear equations with hydrogen fusion, with four hydrogens to one...
  12. G

    Zero-point energy + Thermal runaway

    IF I am in error, forgive me. but I had this thought cross my mind today. IF absolute 0 is the stopping of all atomic (or molecular) movement. and you induce a thermal reaction, i.e. splitting the nuclei. would the reaction be slowed down at all? (to make a slow burn) Yea. I understand...
  13. E

    Energy Released in Thermonuclear Runaway of 1 Solar Mass White Dwarf

    Hi everyone, Ok this got to be a very simple question... "Calculate the energy released if a 1 solar mass white dwarf undergoes a thermonuclear runaway and converts 0.5 solar masses of carbon (A=12) to iron (A=56)." I know I'm supposed to use e=mc², but I would like to know what the reaction...
  14. L

    Runaway Truck: Energy and Work

    Truck brakes can fail if they get too hot. In some mountainous areas, ramps of loose gravel are constructed to stop runaway trucks that have lost their brakes. The combination of a slight upward slope and a large coefficient of friction in the gravel brings the truck safely to a halt. Suppose a...
  15. H

    What causes of voltage runaway in series LC resonant circuit?

    I'm trying to understand why the voltage in a series LC resonant circuit exponentially rises? Can anyone explain exactly what happens that creates the effect? I've been wonding if it the distributed capacitance of L becomes a voltage multiplier, or if it is a voltage wave reflection...
  16. S

    Runaway Solution in QED: A Discussion with Lorenzo

    HI everybody. I'm here with a question that I would like to discuss with you. As you all probably know better than I do, in classical electromagnetism there exists the so called "Runaway solution", i.e. the auto-acceleration of a charged particle. It is not clear to me how this problem can...